Friday, 18 June 2021

7TV Spy-Fi Day - Board in Brum

After what seems a complete age, I was able to game face to face at an event. This was at the cracking establishment, Board in Brum and the organisation of the 7TV event by Mike and Simon was fantastic. 

It felt a very safe environment and considering the weird times we are living in, it was nearly a little bit of normal.

What was also great, apart from being able to game and roll dice with other people, was the chance to catch up with some really nice friends I have in the community - Simon and Wayne.

The event was setup for 3 games throughout the day and centred on the forces of Order trying to stop the evil machinations of Dr Argo and his robotic legions from completing his evil world dominating scheme.

Casts for the day would be made up from 40 ratings and could only be made up from the Spy-Fi set, no Pulp or Apocalypse archetypes for this event.

I put together my SPECTRUM cast - I have had these ever since 7TV was released but have never actually had them on the table for an event.

Captain Scarlet (Action Hero) headed the cast
Capt Blue (Dependable deputy)
Captain Magenta (Angel of Justice)
Captain Orange (Marksman)
Colonel White (VIP)
Half Dozen SPECTRUM (Security) Guards led by a Commander

Game 1

SPECTRUM vs Davros and his Daleks and Robomen - Peter.

First game up against Peter and the dastardly Davros and his Daleks and Robomen. As the games would run as a story driven campaign with the the overall winners being either Dr Argo or the forces of Order, this first game had the added condition of which ever faction got the most wins, they would control a special device with would give opportunities in game two.

We set up the objectives and who would be attacker or defender and right from the start It looked like I was in a better position. Peters Dalek's were quite slow and even though they had extra armour, Capt Orange was in a perfect vantage spot to snipe away.

Seriously wounding Davros's administrator which upset the robomens co-ordination, Davros had no choice but to go up the middle to try and gain objective points.

Capt Scarlet, however backed up by the withering fire of the SPECTRUM guards whittled down the enemy relentlessly.

After picking up the McGuffin and Capt Magenta taking down a Dalek in hand to hand combat, Davros retreated with what was left of his forces.

Win for the SPECTRUM and the Forces of Order.

Game 2

SPECTRUM vs The Southern Gentleman and WestWorld Minions - Shaun.

So with the majority of first games wins by the Forces of Order we had the an advantage over Dr Argo and started to put a dent in his evil plans.

Again the faction which got the majority of wins in this second game would give an advantage in the third game - now this game was using the Race scenario and basically it was fixed in Argo's favour - as long as the Dr Argo cast got to steal the scene they would technically win. Shaun must have misheard or misunderstood the instructions as he never stole the scene.

The game started with both sides setting up with SPECTRUM suddenly realising one of their CO-Stars was in the wrong mark and swapped Capt Magenta with the opposing Fembot Madam (practically negating her for the whole game)

The Southern Gentleman was also out of position now and the car he was using for cover wasn't as advantageous as Capt Magenta opened fire and wounded him.

Suddenly a sneaky Robo pup started nipping at the heels of Capt Orange, but it was eventually sent slinking off (cause we don't want to think of puppies being gunned down) by the weight of fire it was attracting. 

With the WestWorld posse creeping into position by the rail cars they were soon soon rounded up and dispatched by the efforts of Capt Scarlet, Blue and Orange.

The Southern Gentleman charged forward with nothing to lose except the chance to pick up the McGuffin but was soon sent to the great plantation in the sky by Capt Scarlet and Blue.

Win for SPECTRUM and the only win this round by the Forces of Order.

Game 3 

SPECTRUM vs Different Davros and his Dalek's - Tavis

So one round all with the last round to see whether Order would prevail or Dr Argo would complete his evil plans.

With Dr Argo's faction winning the last round, its reward basically gave those casts double plot points for the first round of the game - this would prove very advantageous for Tavis as Davros can spend a plot point to stop a Dalek from being destroyed if he is in range.

After my first two games where I had basically had all the dice rolls and gunned down my enemies, this game went completely the other way.

I set up Capt Orange on a rooftop to snipe away at Dalek's but even though he could hide, the Daleks managed to close the range with Davros repairing them and completely negated that threat. 

Captain Scarlet had Jet-Packed onto the roof as well to lend his strength to the flank but heavy Dalek fire sent him tumbling from the roof - but thankfully he's indestructible !!

The SPECTRUM guards apart from gaining the McGuffun, were unceremoniously gunned down by the weight of Dalek's surrounding Davros apart from one lone Dalek that was charged by Capt Magenta and destroyed.

Colonel White seeing no way to stop the relentless advance of the Dalek's ordered the retreat.

My cast was axed due to losing most of my guards and I rolled a six which meant the rest of my cast was removed.

Apart from gaining all but one of the objective token's including the McGuffin, I had only destroyed one Dalek and a small repair drone. Toting up Victory Points I had just missed out on a draw by one point.

Minor (but still a) Loss for SPECTRUM and the Forces of Order.

However this round went to Dr Argo meaning they had overall won the day.

Some of the Casts of the Day


  1. Fab report of the day. Always good to see you as well mate. Hope to see you at the next one!

  2. Grumble, grumble...couldn't go...grumble, grumble...