Thursday, 20 June 2013

Blog Prize Winner

Last month I started commenting on the very good Blog Exiles Painting Blog run by James, as he was doing a prize givaway for celebrating his 3rd blogging anniversay.

Now there have been quite a few of these givaways floating around lately and I even did one of my own for my 1st Anniversay which was very well received. However I have never really been in the running to win anything as its amazing how some people can comment indefinately !!!

But..........the prize gods have finally smiled upon me, the draw was concluded on the 12th June and I have won first prize/grab/gimme lots on James blog.

I have a choice of:

  • 15mm SYW Prussian Cav (I dont play 15mm anything)
  • 10mm Sudan, Britsh and Sudan miniatures (a fantastic amount but again not a scale or period I play)
  •  6mm ACW and British Napoleonic Armies (again cracking amounts of lead but of no use to me)
  • 10 28mm IDaleks and 10 28mm Swat with Dr miniature. (I already have tons of Dr Who Black Tree stuff)
  • 15mm FOW Germans (Another game I dont play)
  • 28mm Rorkes Drift Characters - brilliant painted models but of no use.
  • Painting service for 20 x 28mm miniatures.

Oh yes I hear the wife cry! your picking the painting service. No more bloomin lead you wont use, get some of your pile painted. So SWMBO is, and I like many other husbands who may say they dont, does as he's told - That was actually what I was going to pick anyway but dont tell the wife - let her think shes in control ;-)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Liberation of the Falkland Islands 14th June 1982

I apologise for not actually posting this yesterday (family, real life issues prevented online access) but the 14th June 2013 celebrated the 31st Anniversary of the Liberation of the Falkland Islands.

14 June 1982: Ceasefire agreed in Falklands
A ceasefire between British and Argentine forces on the Falkland Islands has been agreed, the prime minister has announced.
Margaret Thatcher made the statement to a packed House of Commons. The news was cheered by MPs from all parties. More than 800 people have died since the first British warships reached the remote UK territory on 22 April, 20 days after Argentina invaded South Georgia. BBC correspondent Brian Hanrahan reported at 1530 local time (2030 BST) that British troops had been ordered not to use their weapons except in self-defence.
Negotiations for the surrender of the Junta's army on the islands are now being held between their commander, General Mario Menendez, and British second-in-command Brigadier John Waters.

It is hoped the documents will be signed within the next 24 hours.
Mrs Thatcher told the Commons land forces commander Major-General Jeremy Moore had decided to press forward to the capital last night after a series of successful attacks on enemy troops.
"Large numbers of Argentine soldiers threw down their weapons - there are reported to be flying white flags over Port Stanley," she said.

British control

The prime minister was welcomed outside Downing Street by a jubilant crowd cheering and singing when she returned from Westminster. Mr Hanrahan - who is with the UK troops close to the frontline - said the Falklands felt strangely quiet after weeks listening to the noise of war.
"The sound of the heavy guns, the bombs, the machine-gunning is gone. The island is still and once again Stanley is under British control," he said.

The Falklands War was the result of years of disputed ownership of the islands.
Argentina says it inherited the Islas Malvinas from the Spanish crown in the early 19th century. The country also bases its claim on the islands' proximity to the South American mainland.
The UK argues that most of the British-descended islanders want to stay British. Its case also rests on the country's long-term administration of the territory.
In Context
Hostilities officially ceased on 20th June 1982. The war cost the lives of 655 Argentine and 255 British servivemen. The victory greatly boosted the popularity of Thatcher's government which went on to win the next general election. Argentine president General Leopold Galtieri was deposed and served three years in prison for military incompetence.
In 1983 Argentina returned to civilian rule but it was 1990 before full diplomatic relations with Britain were restored.

Wargaming the Falklands War

Pendraken do a very nice range in 10mm Pendraken

Gripping Beast do a good range in 28mm Gripping Beast

There do not seem to be any specific rule sets for gamining the Falklands War. Mt preference would be addaptations to Crossfire or Force on Force.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Bushido - Savage Wave

My Savage Wave faction starter from GCT Studios for the immense Oriental fantasy skirmish game Bushido.

Here we have a rather nasty Oni demon with his goblinesque Bakemono's.

Zuba, Oni Demon

Bakemono Archers



Savage Wave
These can now go up against my Prefecture of Ryu Samurai faction that if completed some time ago. Link to Ryu post -Prefecture of Ryu

Monday, 10 June 2013

7th Voyage Terrain Project Completed.

In my last post I showcased the stock terrain that I would be using for my Crooked Dice 7th Voyage games, primarily Jason and the Argonaut themed but I might even get use out of them for a few other eras and possibly they would fit for Godslayer (new fantasy skirmish game by Megalith Games)

I have 3 pieces that I have completed. The first two are by Scotia Grendel and the last is by an Ebay seller (I cannot remember who)

Large Greek Temple


Small Temple

Small Ruins

Temple Complex

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Crooked Dice 7th Voyage, Terrain Update

I have been incredibly busy recently and not been around to blog much. My wife had a full week nearly to celebrate her 40th Birthday and then the Military decided I shouldnt have any time off and needed to do something more dangerous but completely unproductive instead.

Added to that our horse decided to go lame and nearly give us a heart attack with the vet bill! fortunately it wasnt too sever.

Anyway below are two stock pictures on what I am currently working on. I dont really like posting WIP as am too self critical, but am nearly finished, so another post shortly will show the completed terrain.

King Aeetes and Colchis Warriors also still WIP.