Thursday, 14 January 2021

15mm WW2 German - O Group

So here we are - The UK's 3rd National Lockdown. Seeing as during the second I competed my 15mm British force for the forthcoming O Group ruleset by ReisswitzPress (Two Fat Lardies) I used this 3rd Lockdown to smash through my German force. 

Again I had a large amount of German 15mm Armoured vehicles already which I used for TANKS and What a Tanker so with a few more purchases (always need to buy more shineys eh?) I assembled a large force and went to work painting them. 

As stated in my post for the British - O Group works along the lines of Battalion Command and uses the Company (made up of Platoons), with Company Commanders  as the main combat element. Added to this are Battalion and Company support, i.e attached Tank Platoons, Anti Tank Guns, HMG sections etc.

I have based my efforts on various German elements used during the Normandy and beyond Campaign. 

These are the results of this second part of my frenetic project, now onto a US Airborne force!

Panzer Mk IV A, Panzer 3,s and Panzer 38t's

Marder SPG's

Sd kfz 251 Hannomags

Stug H Assault Guns

Opel Trucks and Opel Maultier's

Tiger Mk1 From 503rd heavy Panzer Battalion

Sd kfz 231 from 9th SS Recon battalion

Jadgpanther and Panther

Panzer Mk IV

Mercedes Truck, Steyr Heavy Car and Kubelwagon

Battalion HQ and Pak 40 Anti-Tank

Panzer Grenadiers Company with Company HQ and Panzerschrek

Luftwaffe Field Division Jaeger Company with HQ and Panzerschrek

Battalion Mortar, 2 x HMG Sections and FOO

The whole force