Saturday, 23 May 2020

Completed Project - 15mm Gruntz NAC Force

Well I say a completed project. I have finished my 15mm New Anglian Confederation force for Gruntz but I also have an opposing force of Federal Stats Europa sitting in a box waiting to be started.

These actually might not get touched for some time as my friend Nic is using FSE when we finally get to meet up and play some games again after these unusual times.

So here are the completed units for the:

 NAC 47th (Lancs) Mechanised Infantry Regiment, A Company

Platoon - Phalanx/C APC
Platoon - Phalanx APC

2nd Platoon Capt
Infantry Section
SAW Gunner
Platoon Medic
Platoon Engineer
Platoon Scout Section 
Platoon Scout Section Heavy Gunner

1st Platoon Power Armour Section
Support Coy - Heavy Weapon Attachments

 Bobcat Armoured Cars - 18th NAC Reconnaissance Regiment - Manitoba Dragoons

Paladin II Tanks - 22nd NAC Tank Regiment - Cheshire Lancers

 HAVOCK Class Mech - 9th NAC Hussars - Mech Regiment

The Whole Force

Friday, 8 May 2020

VE Day 75th Anniversay 2020

In these weird unprecedented times of a Worldwide Pandemic, people have tried their best and risen to the occasion to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe.

Today marks 75 years since VE day and as the United Kingdom and its Allies remember the end of the war it is usually celebrated with street parties, community gatherings and acknowledgement from the Armed Forces.

The outbreak of Covid-19 Corona Virus across the world has meant that there wont be street parties as we know them, no parades and no concerts. However there will be plenty going on.

On Facebook and other social media platforms - communities have posted how they will celebrate - with houses decked out in Patriotic livery, flags and bunting, cream teas held in back gardens in what has recently been fantastic weather and other imaginative ways and means.

A 2 minutes silence will/has took place at 11am and the Red Arrows will/Have been flying across parts of the UK in a special flypast.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be addressing the nation at 9pm and then a singalong will take place of Vera Lynn's We'll meet again, which has once again become an anthem of hope and as ingrained into the British physche as the regular Thursday night clap for the NHS/Keyworkers during this Pandemic.

Stay Safe, Stay Home, And we will meet again friends.