Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Wreck Age - Post Apocalyptic Rules Review

Well yet more Post Apocalyptic goodness and this time its for a ruleset published by Hyacinth Games.

Matthew Sears at Hyacinth very kindly set me a PDF version of the rules and I have been avidly reading it for a couple of weeks now.

Wreck Age is a hybrid game mixing tabletop gaming and RPG elements which is set in a post apocalyptic Earth. The world was approaching an ecological meltdown so the rich and powerful gathered a fleet of ships and left Earth to its fate whilst they went onto colonize new worlds.

Obviously the less priviledged were left behind to die!!

The full background and history of how the survivors now enter the Wreck Age can be found on the Hyacinth Games website.

The book like many others of this genre is set up into sections. The first being the setting for Wreck Age. which details the history, various settlements are mentioned and other locations in the land of Merika (what used to be known and America and Mexico) are briefly discussed. The background is very detailed and as you read you feel yourself deeply immersed in the devastated world.

The book includes 10 factions fighting for survival but only 4 are mentioned in deep detail.

The Factions include:

Stakers: Stakers seem to live a simple, drab existence. They derive remarkable resilience from their lands and beliefs, defending what is theirs at all costs. Despite their stubborn refusal to accept the world’s perception of them, there is no denying the bond that evolves between those who claim stewardship over a plot of land and build their homes and lives upon it.
Drifters: The nomadic barbarians called Drifters are a diverse collection of clans and tribes who wander the Merikan Wilds, attacking stable communities and seeking challenges in battle, prey, and supplies. They have evolved from a massive convergence of prison gangs in the final days of the Big Push, into a tightly knit warrior culture of hunters and raiders. To everyone else, the Drifters are a constant danger, threatening to pour over the land like a plague of insects .

Stitchers: Stitchers (sometimes called Stitchmen) are horrifying, self-serving individuals, and predators of the highest nature. They fear nothing but time and death, which they struggle against with all the fiber of their being. Their eternal quest for immortality has led them to twist their original Hippocratic oath into something grotesque. Through organ harvesting, they are able to extend their lifespan almost indefinitely. In children’s stories, Stitchers are the creatures that go bump in the night, a well-deserved reputation. Stitchers are monstrous in appearance, like patchwork dolls thrown together by sick, demented minds.

Reclaimers: The Order of the Reclamation are devout scavengers of the old world. They are academics, engineers, scientists, and scholars who seek out the remnants of Pre-Collapse civilization, utilizing the data they collect to further their understanding of ancient technology.

The ARHK: The Autonomous Region of Hong Kong (or simply, the ARHK) see themselves as the only civilized voice left on the planet. Highly industrialized, and in constant need of raw materials, they send out expeditionary forces to many corners of the world to find and exploit natural resources, as well as ancient tech. The ARHK believes that their corporate charter gives them manifest destiny over anything still remaining in the world.

The Church of Fun: In a world filled with pain and suffering, it’s unsurprising that some people just want to let loose and forget. The Church of Fun embraces the idea that while you might live to see tomorrow, it won’t be pretty, and you won’t be thankful. For some, the chemically induced orgy of excess that the Church offers is far more enticing than the grim reality of starvation and decay.

Unicephalon: The corporate monks known as Unicephalon operate from the shadows, using their superior technology to shape current events. Their goal is to bend the course of events to their agenda, which they see as the best way to ensure the survival of the human species.

The Vale: The members of the death cult known as The Vale have rejected the premise of life after the Collapse. Instead, they hold rigid authoritarian beliefs that humanity has run its course, and that they themselves are the harbingers of the "End Times."

Caravaneers: While The Resurgence is in full swing, trade is once again flourishing. The Caravans that wander the rugged patchwork of trails and crumbling highways are an integral part of this fledgling trade network. They travel from isolated outposts to towns and cities, exchanging goods and services, entertaining, and disseminating news.

The Fringe: "The Fringes" are made up of groups of small crews that might band together for survival or out of an ideological cause are brought together for a common purpose that exists outside of the narrowly defined dynamics of the the confines of traditional Factions.
Wreck Age Communities are more than where a character comes from. They are a reflection of a character’s beliefs.

Ten factions in my opinion are a bit too much and I feel this is mainly to add more depth to the RPG element rather than the Tabletop gaming, although others may disagree.

Rules: Everything is covered in great depth even including social interactions. Combat does not seem to be fast in this game as the Tabletop and RPG element merge together. However a charater could be killed by a single shot, or the combat could be a drawn out affair. As a mainstream tabletopper I found this a bit unusal to get used to but not difficult.

Character creation: Highlighted next and this is where the RPG element comes in. players that are used to Role Playing Games using Archetypes as characters should have no problems but this area isnt that detailed and hard core RPG'ers might be a bit disappointed.

All kinds of gear, weapons, armour, faction specific equipment, and Community
enhancements are available for purchase and highlighted in the many equipment lists.

As many of other wargaming rulebooks the rear is given over to scenarios and reference charts.

The PDF was very easy to read, with great artwork and the production is of a high standard. I would have preferred more examples of play relating to tabletop gaming

Overall I found the game similar to alot of  war-band style, skirmish war games (Necromunda etc)with the added RPG element. I for one will try and stick to the Tabletop style and skip most of the RPG.

Wreck Age is a nicely put together game that will appeal to both the Tabletop and RPG crowd and even though this review is about the book I must mention that the miniatures are of a fantastic quality with very nice clean sculpts and great detail.

Definately a game for Post Apocalyptic gaming fans to pick up.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth Painted Miniatures

Well as you can see, February is turning into Post Apocalyptic month for posts. Especially covering Across the Dead Earth, which as I have mentioned before in previous posts, has really gripped my attention as a fantastic skirmish game.

Dead Earth Games have just had the first metals returned and sent them off to Articifer Painting in Wales for a bit of professional slap.

As you can see from the results they have turned out really nice, with crispt detail in the scultps making an excellent paintjob really show up well.

The models are further excentuated by the wonderful background terrain (all belonging to Articifer painting)

                                                                    Fatboy (Redclaw Gang)

Reggie (Family)

Crimson (Mercenary)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth Basic and Advanced Gameplay Video

So after the posting of my first battle report for Across the Dead Earth, Richard Chapple the madman behind the Apocalypse has posted a basic gameplay video on youtube.

Now included is the advanced gameplay clip, all gearing up to what should be a very successful Kickstarter campaign in March.



Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth - Basic Game Play Video


So after the posting of my first battle report for Across the Dead Earth, Richard Chapple the madman behind the Apocalypse has posted a basic gameplay video on youtube.

More advanced gameplay clips are in the pipeline, all gearing up to what should be a very successful Kickstarter campaign in March.


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth - AAR

Right you Yobs listen up. Im Ronnie see and I'm the leader of these Red Claws, the baddest gang in the Dead Earth this side of the old Northamptons.  Now this tale is how the Family led by that bleeding Heart Survivalist Adam sneakily got the upper hand on us, thanks to some sabotage and dodgy munitions; after we had tracked them down when they left the Bedford ruins.

We had dogged their steps all the way up what was left of the great north road into the Cambridge wastes and finally came into contact around some old industrial site around Buckden blast crater.

So pin back ya ears and pay attention cause ya might just come up against the Family y'selves!

This was a straight up grudge fight with the Red Claws Savage Gang vs the Family, a group of Survivors.

The Red Claws consisted of Ronnie (Leader) Shayman (Medic) Fatboy (Assault) Topper (Yob) Pyro with his Flamethrower and Shrimp (Scout)

L-R - Shrimp, Topper, Pyro, Fatboy, Ronnie, Shayman
The Family is made up of Adam (Leader) Ezra (Medic) Drexyl (Sharpshooter) Reggie (Assault) and Skylar (Scout)

L-R - Adam, Ezra, Sylar, Reggie, Drexyl

Both gangs set up on opposite sides of the Industrial Ruins and the Red Claws got the initiative.

Shrimp moved up on the right flank ready to take advantage on the high ruins whilst Drexyl entered the grey building opposite and hid. Topper went straight ahead into the black ruined warehouse as Reggie made counter moves into cover. Fatboy and Shayman skipped to the left of the warehouse whilst Ronnie and Pyro held back a bit waiting to see what the Family would do. At the same time the rest of the Family took advantage of the cover afforded by the Rusty factory.

The initiative was still with the Red Claws and they made more moves towards the central crossroads. Shrimp climbed higher in the ruins and took positon overlooking the oppostite grey building. Fatboy and Shayman took cover on the right whilst Topper climbed up the ruined walls of the warehouse. Ronnie and Pyro kept stock on the Families movements and edge a bit closer. The Family in respose had Ezra scoot to the edge of the grey ruins trying to get a bead on Shrimp. Drexyl stayed hiding at the top of the grey ruins and Skylar moved into cover on the road between the ruins and factory. Adam and Reggie stayed out of sight but moved closer.

The opposing gangs had manged to get themselves slightly into range of each other but all impetus was still with the Red Claws. Shrimp tried to chuck a grenade at Ezra but the damaged munition exploded in his hand Knocking him out and his unconcious form hung limply out of a damaged window. Reggie moves forward and tries to grenade Fatboy and Shayman but it explodes harmlessly between them. Another grenade comes bouncing in and the blast catches Shayman, fortunately the solid concrete wall protects him.

Adam tries to get into range to throw a grenade but is caught in the open and is Knocked out by Toppers Scattergun.

With one member each Knocked out the Red Claws keep the initiative and surge forward. Fatboy and Shayman move towards the crossroads and take cover but Fatboy is stopped by a hidden Trip Wire, whilst Topper Scatterguns the prone form of Adam but fails to finish him. Drexyl moves out of hiding and gets a bead on Pyro. Although the shot is dead on Pyro shrugs of any injury. He then shoots Topper and Knocks him out. Ronnie screams at Pyro and the crazy flamer runs towards Reggie and roasts him Kocking him out. Sylar gets a good shotgun hit on Fatboy and the shot Knocks him out.

The fight has turned the Families way now and Ezra ignores shooting Ronnie and moves to revive Adam. Ronnie machine guns Sylar who ducks behind cover and survives, Ronnie then shouts to Pyro to finish off Reggie and with a manic glint in his eye Pyro turns Reggie crispy! Drexyl shoots Topper and finally finishes him. Pyro attempts to flamer Sylar but the tank must have been damaged during the skirmish. A huge explosion happens and everyone thinks Pyro has got away with just a Flesh wound but Best laid plans show that the mad flamer is Knocked out.

The fight is getting desperate, the Family have the upper hand and both sides are hurting. Adam walks over and crunches Pyro's skull under his boot finishing him off! Ronnie lets rip with his SMG and as the clatter of machine gun finally fades Adam is well and truly finished.

Sylar and Fatboy end up in hand to hand combat after Shayman revives Fatboy. Sylar wins the contest and backs ways and then blasts Fatboy point blank with her shotgun. Thats the end of Fatboys battle as he's Knocked out. Sylar then blast Shayman and Knocks him out as well. Ronnie is shaking as his gang are falling all around him, Drexyl puts him out of his misery.

The Red Claws are left completely ineffective, bleeding and knocked out whilst the Family claim victory, scoop up their injured and move on their way.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Slaanesh Big Society

Ok sports fans, welcome to the final game to decide the divisional standings. After this the top two teams in each of the divisions will be fixtured against each other, ready for the run up to the overall League final.

Tonights match up see's the malicious Dark Elves on a good run against the Chaos horde of Slaanesh. These Chaos boys are really hard hitters although results have not often gone their way.

The weather is fine here in the stadium and the Oblivion fans just seem to have an edge over the braying beastmen.

The teams set up and it looks like the Oblivion are receiving first. The ball is kicked and....whats this ? the fans are invading the pitch already!!! Lots of Chaos players are getting pulled down and even a few Dark Elves are caught in the fans frenzy.

The fans finally clear from the pitch and Oblivion get the game under way by plowing into the Slaaneshi. The Societies Minotaur is knocked over but not injured whilst a Dark Elf Blitzer smashes into a Beastman and gets a CAS, that looks a Serious Injury and the Beastman is dragged off the pitch with a nasty Niggle.

Another Oblivion Blitzer hits a Chaos Warrior and gets a CAS. The Minotaur rises to his feet but can only Roar in Rage. The Society try to get a grip on the Oblivion but are buckling under the onslaught. The Dark Elves surge forward KO'ing a Beastman with a Blitzer and crowd the Society players whilst controlling the ball down the wing.

The Minotaur tries to Blitz but just Roars wildly. An Oblivion Blitzer gets cocky and tries to GFI to Blitz the Minotaur but loses his feet and falls over. The Chaos return is non effective and Oblivion still getting cocky try and get the Minotaur again, a Blitzer smashes into it but just bounces off and ends up smashed himself Skulling Out.

The Minotaur still Roaring but this time whilst Blitzing hits the Oblivion Runner who tries to Dump Off, unfortunately seeing a mad rampaging Minotaur puts you off a bit and the balls bounces free whilst the Runner is smashed to the ground.

A Chaos Warrior manages to KILL an Oblivion Lineman with a Mighty Blow but this doesnt stop Oblivions Blitzers collecting the ball and heading towards the endzone. A Society Beastman tries a GFI to get the ball carrier but fails and goes face first into the ground. Oblivion score TOUCHDOWN!! 1-0.

The teams set up again but only a few seconds are left of the half. A Chaos Warrior goes down with an Oblivion Lineman and manages to CAS him just as the half ends.

The teams set up for the second half and the Oblivion kick the ball and immediately Blitz the Chaos taking down a Beastman but causing no injury. The Society hit back and and CAS a Dark Elf Lineman but he manages to crawl into the Reserves box after being seen by the Apothocary. The Minotaur stands around and Roars as usual. The Oblivion are on the defensive now and back peddling due to their recent losses.

The Beastmen are cageing the ball now and driving well. The Oblivion get in a lucky Blitz on the ball carrier and KO him. The ball is loose. Good Dodging play see's the Oblivion collect and try and protect the ball. The Society return Blitz the Oblivion ball carrier now and he goes down as well releasing the ball.

A Dark Elf lineman tries to Dodge but fails and hits the ground KILLING himself. The Minotaur gets a block in but manages to stun himself whilst the Oblivion collect the ball but end up Fumbling a Pass. The half is turning into a cataloge of failures! The Chaos just cant take control and the Oblivion finally collect the ball and put in a Long Pass to the Runner who rushes in and scores TOUCHDOWN!! 2-0.

Thats it sports fans. Plenty of carnage on the pitch but a convincing win for the Karond Kar Oblivion which see's them top their Divison.