Saturday, 30 November 2013

2000AD Judge Dredd Campaign Tournament Part Two

For Part 1 of this Campaign Tournament report click here

This post will see reports for Games 4 and 5 of my recent involvement in the Judge Dredd Campaign held at Mongoose Publishing.

Game 4 vs Andrew and his Citi-Def (again) - Scrawl War Scenario.

Finally a change of table. I ended up on table 3 but due to only 6 players in the tournament it was inevitable that I would end up playing a couple of people again. This game was against Andrew and his Citi-Def again. Andrew had added a Jaeger Commando Hero to his force who would be awkward to take out due to his stealth and ability to scale buildings in one move due to a sucker/grapple gun. The scenario was Scrawl War which meant each player set out a couple of objective markers and had to spend an action to "Scrawl" (or spread Propaganda) them. Players could Scrawl and Unscrawl objectives throughout the game and at the end the winner would be the one with the most scrawls.

Both sides set up and Andrew wary of my firepower due to our previous game hugged the terrain and cover. His Jaeger scaled the tallest structure, scrawled the objective and then just as I was scrawling my nearest objective he sniped me and did quite a lot of damage to my Carbine armed Judge Pulaski.

Pulaski then scrawled his nearest objective and let rip against the Citi-Def Medic and managed to wound him. From then on for the next few turns my dice went awful but I managed to manouver my forces and scrawled another objective whilst covering the last objective. As soon as a Citi-Def member would go for it, they would enter a murderous crossfire.

Pulaski got sniped by the Jaeger again and took another wound. Bleeding heavily Pulaski backs off towards cover. Judge Grigorski with his Flamer had been working his way around to the large structure and now after riding the grav-lift, surprises the Jaeger and lets loose with a gout of fire....which completely misses the Commando out on the ledge.

The commando leaps through the window and attacks Grigorski hand to hand but the Sov Judge is stubborn and puts up a strong resistance.

The melee rages on and after an epic struggle the East Meg Judge gets the better of the Citi-Def Commando and hurls him out of the window with a malicious grin as he plummets to the ground.

Senior Judge Aaronovitch manages to gun down a Citi-Def Soldier and their Officer is hit a few times but the Medic is on hand to patch him up. The Sovs have the upper hand now and Aaronovitch backed up by a comrade charges into the Mega City Officer and Medic.

The Melee is fast, furious and deadly and as the dust settles and the cries of anguish subside both Citi-Def members are left bleeding fatally on the ground.

With the Citi-Def outfit destroyed the Sovs are free to dominate the Sector. Sovs win and all my Heroes gain enough experience to go up a level. A huge amount of credits are also obtained but I was still just behind Richard and his Mega City 1 Judges.

Game 5 vs Trish and her Ape Gang - Scrawl War Scenario.

Back on table 1 and I was up against Trish ( A GIRL!!! playing wargames who ever heard of such a thing? ) Poor Trish had not been doing too well and had been beaten in every game so far. Scenario was again Scrawl War, which should give her an advantage as the Apes can climb really easily.

Both sides move into position and Pulaski takes out a Gorilla in the Mist in one high powered burst from his carbine. In answer an Orangatan sniper puts a scrawl on an objective then snipes one of my rookie Sov Judges and takes him out with a well aimed shot.

My Judges close in on the large central ruins and shoot at a lone Chimp moving across the ruins but he deftly dodges the incoming fire. Aaronvitch shows why he is the senior Judge and takes out the high positioned Orangatan sniper while the agile Chimp charges into a Rookie Judge and clouts him with a huge club.

The Rookie, dazed and head ringing from the hard crack he just received backs off and the Chimp is then unceremoniously dispatched by a flamer to the face!

Aaronvitch guns down a Gorilla bodyguard and Pulaski takes out the Ape Gang Orangatan boss and his lifeless body collapses in the ruins, leaving the Ape Gangs last sniper to turn tail and run away.

Unfortunatley my phone battery died so only took a few pics of this game as had to charge the damn piece of technology.

The Sovs take over another sector with their propaganda and again my Heroes gain levels and a huge amount of credits leaving me just slightly behind Richards Judge force again.

As Richard is the only person I have not played yet a sense of anticipation was in the air and as the results were read out Game 6 would be a re-run of the Apocalypse War - East Meg 1 vs Mega City 1.

Games 6 and 7 to be posted in Part 3.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

2000AD Judge Dredd Campaign Tournament Part 1.

One Night in Mega City One, a campaign tournament ran by Mongoose Publishing in Swindon. This was a one day affair and would be ran according to the campaign rules in the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game rulebook but simplified (no territories or rep scores etc.)

Seven games would be played and at the end of the day the force *accruing the most credits would be the winner. * This is the important bit (not actually winning every game)

Six intrepid souls arrived and each person had an unique force (some decided on that very morning by means of literally flipping a coin)

Andrew Paul - Brit Cit Justice Dept.
Andrew - Citi-Def.
Trish - Ape Gang.
Rob - Zombie Horde.
Me - East Meg Invasion Force.
Richard - Mega City 1 Justice Dept.

This first part will include my first 3 games.

My initial force consisted of Senior East Meg Judge Aaronovitch, Judge Pulaski with a Carbine, Judge Belogorka and Judge Vostok.

Game 1 vs Andrew and his Citi-Def - Demolition Scenario.

I drew table 1 and we then determined the scenario which ended up being Demolition. Andrew won the dice off and ended up the challenging player. This meant he had to get to the objective in the centre of the table and spend 8 Special Actions to blow it up.

I just had to stop him. I used my special talent of Fixer to bring in Sov Judge Stravinsky from a different Sektor (Merc) to add an extra bit of fire power. The Citi-Def moved straight towards the objective and opened fire on the East Meg forces. Suddenly Judge Stravinsky that had been drafted was peppered with rounds from a frenzied Spit gun attack taking him out of action. My Carbine armed Sov Judge Pulaski gained a bead on the celebrating Spit Gunner and sends him to Resyk with a concentrated burst.

The Citi-Def Medic manages to save his Officer after he is hit numerous times by the Sov forces whilst Rookie Sov Judge Vostok is gunned down uncerimoniously for being out of cover. The Sovs react by taking out a twin Spit Pistol armed Citi-Def soldier and finally Senior East Meg Judge Aaronvitch attacks the Citi-Def Officer in hand to hand combat and crushes his skull with a deftly aimed daystick strike.

The Medic deems running away is the better part of valour and legs it leaving the East Meg forces victorious.

After the game Judge Vostok is sent to Siberia for his useless contribution and a new Sov Judge Ivanovitch is seconded to the force.

Game 2 vs Andrew Paul and his Brit Cit Justice Dept - Heist Scenario.

Again on table 1 and this time we got the Heist scenario with my Sovs being the attacking force. My East Meg Judges set up in the middle of the table and had a number of objective counters which they
need to get of any table edge. Unfortunately the Brit Cit Judges would find it difficult to stop me as they only had 2 Judges and a Detective and decided to split up their deployment to cover as much ground as they could.

The Sovs make their move and head west, the only direction not covered by opposing forces. Whilst the majority are racing to safety, Sov Judge Pulaski guns down Brit Cit Judge Deed who broke cover and paid for it fatally.

With only two members of the Brit Cit Justice Dept left so early on they tried to make a play to stop at least a few of the Sovs and Para (Psychic) Judge Hopkirk is the next poor soul to meet his maker as Pulaski opens up again with his Carbine.

Sov Judge Belogorka charges at the lone Detective Judge Dixon who decides to run away leaving the rest of the East Meg forces an easy exit for a Sov Victory.

At the end of this game I had enough Credits to hire a new Hero, East meg Judge Grigorski armed with a Flamethrower.

Game 3 vs Rob and his Zombie Horde - Demolition Scenario.

Yet again on table 1 and this game saw Rob and his Zombies as the challenging player trying to blow up the objective. Could I really take down enough of the shambling undead before they blew it up. Rob placed down nearly 30 odd Zombies in a number of mobs all armed with explosives!!!

The Zombie Mistress controlling the horde took an early snipe at my closest Judge and with the comment of "dont worry she's crap at shooting" from Rob still echoing over the table I saw my Judge Ivanovitch summerily dispatched.

The Sovs open up with everything they have and destroyed.......2 Zombies! this game would be a test for my awful shooting dice. The Zombies slowly amble towards the objective whilst my forces continue to gun down more and more...but its never enough and eventually the Zombies swarm the objective and its blow sky high!

Zombies win as I just couldnt destroy enough of them to stop them getting all their Special Actions. Fortunately though my Judge Ivanovitch was only faking his injury and slinks back to his unit.

So at the end of Game 3 I was in second place to Richards Mega City 1 Justice Dept who had so far not lost a single character and was racking up the Credits.

Games 4 and 5 to be continued in Part 2.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Nordringen Titans

Hello Bloodbowl fans and welcome again to another report from the Astro-Granite. The Oblivion are semi reeling after their dismal last game against the Amazons even though they managed a draw and now face a very solid Human team full of experienced Guard players and a hulking Ogre.

The rain is pouring down here in the stadium, but that hasnt stopped the flood of Dark Elf fans turning up and giving their team a slight advantage. The Oblivion have also secured the services of a Mercenary Witch Elf for this game.

The Titans win the toss and the Obvlion kick. The Humans carry out a quick snap and put a huge wall of armoured Guards right across the pitch. The Oblivion, bloodlust soaring thanks to dark perverse rites carried out before the game pile into the Humans. A Blitzer KO's a Human Lineman and then another Blitzer catches another Human Lineman just right and KILL'S him!!!!!

The Humans go after the Witch Elf seeing her as more of a threat than the rampaging Blitzers, but they end up being stalled by her agile form. The rest of the Oblivion team race towards the endzone seeing as the Humans are mostly out of position and they manage to crowd the Ogre and send him to the ground.

A Dark Elf Blitzer KO's the Titans Thrower, whilst the Humans gang up on Dark Elf Lineman and KO him. A sneaky Oblivion Lineman tries putting the boot in whilst the Ref isnt looking but mistimes it and gets Sent Off!

Finally in charge of the ball the Oblivion skip across the line to score TOUCHDOWN!! 1-0 the teams set up quickly as it nears the end of the half and after a High Kick the Titans front line Badly Hurt a Dark Elf Lineman CAS.

The Second Half gets underway and the weather suddenly changes and becomes lovely blue skies with just a gentle breeze. The Titans manage to SI an Oblivion Lineman smashing his hip. The Witch Elf blitzes a Human Catcher and gets a CAS whilst both sides fail to collect the loose ball which bounces around in a crowd of players. Oblivions number #16 Blitzer puts the hurt out again and KILLS his second opposing player of the game, the Witch Elf manages to scoop up the ball then dodges away from the opposition and throws the ball up field but misses her target.

The Humans react strongly and stun Dark Elf players left, right and centre and also manage to stop the Witch Elf from dodging away, grinning as the lithe, evil Witch crashes to the floor.

The Oblivion players still on their feet surge forward and surround the Witch Elf as the Humans try and foul her. A few Blitzers race up the pitch and cover the loose ball. The ball is finally collected and is trown quickly to the waiting Dark Elf Runner who is suddenly KO'd by a rampaging Ogre.

The ball is Dumped-Off and caught by a nearby Blitzer in a commanding area. The Titans players cant reach him, the Ref is going for his whistle as its near the end of the game......just a few more yards...just a few more seconds....IT'S THERE!!! the Oblivion Blitzer smashes the last Human near the endzone out of the way and dives over the line. TOUCHDOWN!!!!! 2-0.

The Oblivion are outright winners and seem to have found their destructive form yet again.

Thanks for tuning in and look forward to the next exciting game report.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Zombicide Season 2 - Prison Outbreak

I have been waiting for this like an excited kid waiting for Christmas/Trip to Disneyland/Becoming an Astronaut all rolled into one.

I missed out on the first Season of Zombicide but was adamant I was getting this one, however I just did not have the funds to put into the Kickstater to cover the Toxic City Mall expansion as well.

But this is my haul which the very nice Mr Postie delivered today!!!

Prison Outbreak Zombicide stand-alone game.
Zombie Dogs
Dog Companions
2 different sets of coloured dice
Season 2 Survivors and Zombivor versions
3 Kickstarter Exclusive Survivor/Zombivors
Hordes of extra Zombies/Berserker and Toxic Zombs!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

2000AD East Meg 1 Judges

As a backer of the Mongoose Publishing, Judge Dredd kickstarter, I have received some damn nice models. A huge favourite of mine are the models for the East Meg Sov Judges.

These have been sculpted to match the art found in the brilliant Apocalypse War story which was first published in 1982 and featured in 2000AD Progs 245-267 and 269-270, and they even include a huge robotic Sentonoid.

I have finished these up and have done some minor conversions (arms repositioning, head swaps, added chest badges etc) and I am looking forward to fielding them at the forthcoming tournament being held at Mongoose Towers near the end of this month.

Officers and Senior East Meg 1 Judge
East Meg 1 Judges (Right hand side has a Carbine)

East Meg 1 Judges (middle has Flamethrower)

East Meg 1 Invasion Force
I have one more Sentanoid to paint up and I am thinking of converting it so it is holding a Mega City 1 Judge in its claws!!!

Monday, 11 November 2013

We Will Remember Them

November 11th 1918 - Armistace Day. The end of the 1st World War and presumedly the War to end all Wars!

No matter what your religion, colour or political opinions are, on this day extra thought should be given to the countless numbers of men and woman of the Armed Services that have paid the ultimate sacrifice over the years in numerous conflicts.

We show our respect by wearing a Red Poppy during this time and I also wish to use the Blogging Media to remember various members of my family who have served and died during the World Wars.

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
England mourns for her dead across the sea.
Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of spirit,
Fallen in the cause of the free.
Solemn the drums thrill: Death august and royal
Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres.
There is music in the midst of desolation
And a glory that shines upon our tears.
They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
They mingle not with laughing comrades again;
They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
They sleep beyond England's foam.
But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
As the stars are known to the Night;
As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain,
As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
To the end, to the end, they remain.
Stephen Coyne Royal Air Force WW2 
  620 Sqn
Age: 19
Date of Death: 28/08/1943 - Shot down over Germany.
Thomas Fazackerley Kings Liverpool Regiment WW1

7th Bn.
Age: 28
Date of Death: 16/07/1916 - Killed in Action in the Trenches
 George Peckham (KLR, KSLI) Royal Engineers
Had a weird service in WW1 then Missing believed Killied in Russia, fighting for the White Russians.
I have personally service in both the British Army and Royal Air Force for over 20 years serving in both Gulf Wars, Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Bosnia and various other trouble spots around the world, and I am extreamly proud to carry on the Military heritage that so many of my ancestors have set forth before me. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Sect of Temptation

Welcome Bloodbowl fans to another cracking game in the Old World Conference. This game tonight see's the Sect of Temptations Amazons hosting the up and coming Dark elf team Karond Kar Oblivion. The Oblivion of late have been dominating their home division but now we are onto the cross divisional matches and some tough games are coming up, especially this one as the Sect are a very experienced and established team from the steaming jungles of Lustria.
The weather is nice, just like it usually is in Lustria and the Sect have the advantage of the home fans, whilst the Oblivion have brought along a Mercenary Witch Elf. The coin is tossed and the Oblivion elect to receive the ball.
The ball is kicked high and Oblivions Runner fluffs the catch, could this be the start of things to come? The Dark Elves surge forward and collect the ball on the way but very little progress is made. The Amazons have got the Dark Elves locked down on the side in the centre of the pitch and the Oblivion just cant achive any break though.
Things go bad to worse and a Sect Blitzer takes out the Witch Elf causing a CAS. Its near the end of the first half and the Oblivion have one play left. A Blitzer dodges away from a Sect Linewoman and sprints towards the endzone on the opposite side of the field. The Runner dodges away from the mass of players and finds space for a Long Bomb pass....................IT'S GOOD! the pass is spiralled down the pitch into the waiting hands of the Blitzer who skips into the endzone to score just as the whistle goes TOUCHDOWN!!!! 1-0.
Second half and the Oblivion kick. The Amazon fans enraged that thier team is losing Throw a Rock which hits and KO's a Dark Elf Blitzer. The Oblivion try and contain the Amazons as they dart forward, but it looks like their half time Rituals have not been answered as every agility move is failed and the Sect deftly score very quickly. TOUCHDOWN!!! 1-1. The Amazons dance in the endzone and offer a Dark Elf fan to their Jungle Gods which see them set up in a Perfect Defence after the ball is kicked again.
The Oblivion collect the ball and try and gain momentum down the wing but are let down as a Dark Elf Lineman KO's himself whilst trying to dodge.
The game becomes a complete stalemate as the Oblivion try and contain the pressure they are getting from the Sect and play out a draw.
Full time and both teams go in bloody and brusied with honours even. Toughtest game so far for the Oblivion and they were lucky not to get turned over with their awful play.
They have a strong Human team up next so until then sports fans Goooooodnight!