Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Roadkill Ultimate Car Combat

Roadkill Ultimate Car Combat is a small scale miniatures game that I backed on kickstarter some time ago. The game is set in the near future on a far flung planet Helen IV. The battlefield is the Steelback - a massive road system across the wastes linking the walled cities and various factions travel and fight among its many miles. The kickstarter was primarily for the multipart vehicle models as the rules as well as print and play documents can be downloaded for free and much more info can be found at Infinity Gate

This pic shows the various vehicles and weapon options ready to be built. 

I have worked out the weapon load outs on my many cars and trucks and have put these models together. Now to paint them up for the various factions I'm going to use. 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Frostgrave published by Osprey has seemed to take the gaming world by storm and as someone who loves the old games like Mordheim, Necromunda etc I instantly jumped on board and started putting together my own warband.

I have gone for a Necromancer mainly for his offensive spells and ability to raise Zombies as helpful treasure shifters. 

Also pictured are my treasure counters I have recently finished.