Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy Easter

Now it doesnt matter what religious denomination you are or even if you dont have any religious tendancies at all (I dont) but its just damn good manners to wish you all a Happy Easter - with girls dressed (in the loosest possible sense) as bunnys !!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Infinity - Starting with Aleph.

A few years ago I got into infinity second edition and accumulated a starter Aleph force, unfortunately interest at my local club has never been great for this game and my stuff was shelved due to my butterfly attentions with other projects. 
Now with the resurgence of Infinity N3 (3rd edition) I feel the itch to get back into the game and Beasts of War have started a worldwide campaign Operation Flamestrike which I have signed up for. What also helps is Sons of War (Cambridge Wargames Club) have a few people already playing and I have been in touch to get a few games hopefully. 
ALEPH overall in Infinity really piqued my interest as I was taken by the idea of Elite AI units carrying out operations in the Human Sphere and the back story of Aleph appealed to my love of fluff, along with the fact that my favorite part of Aleph is the Greek dominated Steel Phalanx sectorial lists. 
A few of the other armies/nations etc were considered especially the Japanese sectorial of Yu Jing but as I already had a few Aleph miniatures I stuck by the AI and added more. 
Below are the miniatures I have got finished so far with more to come. 
Deva Functionaries
Agema Marksman

Garuda Tacbots
Post Humans
Dakini Tacbots
Patroclus and Achillies
Myrmidon Officer, Myrmidon Hacker and Eudoros Myrmidon Officer

Monday, 14 March 2016

Kings of War - Kingdoms of Men Project

Mantics Fantasy Mass Battle game Kings of War has taken off at my local wargames club quite spectaculary, with many club members porting over their old Grandma Wendys armies to represent the similar Kings of War variants.
It would not be like me if I didnt jump feet first into yet another games system and start another long term project (whilst trying to still continue on the many others that I have building up!!!!)

Starting my scenic bases

Anyway, not having any old Warhammer stuff I was in a quandry as what army to get and also limited for funds (Salutes coming up and Im saving for a splurge) I looked for various alternatives.
Fortunately I managed to find that I still had tons of old Lord of the Rings miniatures that I had never got round to sorting out for the skirmish game - so what to use???

Bases complete bar a few extra scenic tufts
I decided that the majority of  my miniatures were human so thought if I can find the right models I could get two armies out of one range, the armies being Kingdoms of Men and Varangur.
After emptying loads of old box files full of figures I worked out that I had enough Easterling miniatures to make up at least 2000 points with a few minor purchases (Warmachines, Large Griffin, Lycans etc)

Starting the Shieldwall Horde
Also I had enough to be able to convert as well - more on these later but they will be making my Chariots and Mounted Scouts.
Soon my small order of Warbabses MDF bases arrived and I got straight to making up scenic multibases and started on my first Horde which will be a Shieldwall unit.

One of the best things about Kings of War is that there is scope for multibasing your units using a minimum model count which is also accepted in tournaments. This makes building a unit a tadge easier as a Horde is listed at having 40 models but the minimum count is half + 1 so thats 21. My Horde and future Hordes (Heavy Pike etc) can field 25/26 models so im well in line with the accepted norm and ready for any upcoming tournaments.