Thursday, 20 August 2015

Pulp City - Jade Cult

Faction: Jade Cult

Code-name: Green Emperor
Full Name: Green Emperor
Faction: Jade Cult

The story was always the same; hatching from a jade egg deep within the heart of a sacred mountain, far away from the dread touch of fire. The hatchling slithering out into darkness and waiting months until scales begin to shed and a human form took shape. Soon, there was a visit from a shadow Oni who brought naga milk to bind the reptilian with human. Then, the first guttural words of command would be uttered to demonic minions: “Bring me my sword and armor.”
What was to follow would ever be a cycle of conquest and bloodshed. And in the end, it always culminated with the same fiery defeat.
This time would be different.
The shadow milk was strong, stronger than ever. This oni was different too; there was something very powerful about the way it moved. This time, it was the oni who spoke first.
“We will break the cycle. No longer will you defeat the Tiger only to fall at the hands of some peasant that wields the Phoenix power. You will command the other shijin as the Dragon should. The new Oni Queen will lend you her resources to conquer this plane. Times have changed and gods no longer deal with mortal affairs. The world is yours.”
“For a price?”, were the first words of the Dragon this time. The oni grinned at him.
”Yes, for a price.”

Code-name: Green Serpent
Full Name: Chiyoko
Faction: Jade Cult, The Way

Her father was different now, reborn but still the Green Emperor. His demeanour was changed, and the Oni Queen had gained his favour, sitting at his right hand. He had gathered new recruits with talents to compete with hers, and worse than that, there was the dog he had bequeathed the title Shadow Mask to.
She had dutifully followed his instructions, establishing a headquarters in Pulp City to suit his plans. But while she was her father’s daughter, he had changed. And so had she. Amid a brutal and brutalised childhood, she had slowly earned her father’s respect. This Green Emperor was different. She did not command the same respect from her new ‘father’. The cycle had been changed. Her position had changed. And with that she knew his power could become hers. She would one day become the Green Empress.

Full Name: Terror Cotta Warriors
Allegiance: Jade Cult

Dr. Takahashi’s lab-complex was home to not just the acquired technologies that allowed it to undertake the research and development demanded by the Green Emperor, but it also served as a small-scale production facility for the creation of the Green Emperor’s fearsome Terror Cotta Warriors.
The best and brightest minds selected to serve the Jade Cult saw to their primary task: scientists and engineers designing and building new Terror Cotta Warriors through a melding of ancient relics and bleeding edge technology. An army of the robot-soldiers had been amassed under the aegis of the Green Emperor, to be dispatched in unobtrusive shipping containers to ports worldwide where the tendrils of the Green Emperor’s influence could be felt when the time was right. The Warriors were his foot soldiers, the armored fist of the Jade Cult. They represented his unrelenting, unflinching might; a networked phalanx to crush his enemies. The scope of the Green Emperor’s ambitions was vast – far beyond the understanding or realizations of a scientist such as Takahashi – but a general needed his soldiers, even a general as powerful as the Green Emperor, and that is what the Terror Cotta Warriors provided.

Code-name: Shadow Mask
Full Name: Unknown
Allegiance: Jade Cult
The creature wore a mask that resembled nothing so much as an ornate muzzle, a stark contrast to its simple vestments, its beastly nature defined and displayed through that adornment. The thing’s cell was not locked, since its occupant lived only to serve its master, and would not seek to be elsewhere unless commanded. A cold stone corridor led from the cell into one of the meeting chambers of the man-creature’s master, the Green Emperor.
Shadow Mask is a killer without distraction, without weakness. He is one with thoughts that race bloodily as he seeks only to serve, to mete out death at his masters command. He has a singular purpose and in that he is magnificent, a perfect instrument.

Code-name: Tanuki
Full Name: Tanuki
Allegiance: Jade Cult

Outside of the closed ranks of the Jade Cult, Tanuki’s origin is veiled in secrecy, and even within that terrible society few know the truth. One of the Jade Cult’s mysterious spirit-onis, Tanuki is probably the least loyal of that kind, even if ultimately he is the only one that recognizes that fact.
As the Green Emperor has extended his reach beyond Japanese shores and turned his attention to the West in general, and Pulp City in particular, Tanuki has been an instrumental agent of the Jade Cult. Tanuki has found great pleasure in all that the modern world has to offer, and especially the liberty he has seen first-hand in Pulp City, once described as a decadent cesspit by his master. Cesspit or not, Tanuki loves what Pulp City has to offer – he just enjoys being unleashed in the world!

Jade Cult

Text and info borrowed from Pulp Citys website. No offence or personal gain is to be achieved by using this.


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Pulp City - Ape Revolution Committee

Further to my terrain post that I have started for Pulp City here is my first action.

Faction: Ape Revolution Committee

Code-name: Dr. Red
Full Name: Dr. Red/Red Alpha

Some beings are born to lead. The problem for the Ape Revolution Committee is that they have a few too many alpha-primates in their ranks.
When the bravado of A.R.C is mentioned, Guerilla is usually the one most mentioned. However, only a few outsiders to the A.R.C. are aware that most of the progress made by the primate Supremes in the last few years was sparked by the twisted mind of their alpha Orang-utan; the self-proclaimed Dr. Red. Although his first attempt to take over the group ended up with Guerilla beating him to a bloody pulp, Red has since plotted his ultimate rise to power, mastering the art of patience.

Code-name: Howler
Full Name: Howler

Howler – the poster-boy gun-ape of the Ape Revolutionary Committee.
Many would probably call him an ‘early adopter’ since while his Team-mates have more recently begun appreciating the convenience of wearing clothing, as well as using guns and explosives; Howler truly enjoys life as it comes. Guerilla has turned a blind eye on Howler’s new Walkman, fancy shades and other such distractions, but his absolute love for action movies and human damsels in distress has placed the revolutionaries in frequent danger.
Howler could easily be the role model for all those teenagers whose mothers constantly complain that watching TV and mindless movie violence gets you nowhere and nothing. In his case, it got him cool guns, cool Ray Ban sunglasses and other cool things. When watching Howler fight alongside his A.R.C. comrades, viewers can pretty much tell what was on the TV or in the local movie-house the previous night.
This, possibly coolest primate in Pulp City loves high-octane action-filled TV shows and blockbuster movies, and all of the twisted creations in them, with a special place in his heart reserved for the biggest action heroes.

Code-name: Guerilla
Full Name: Guerilla

While Guerilla’s position as head of the A.R.C. has more recently been challenged, first by Red Alpha, and later the presence of Red Bella and the avatars of the Ape Spirit, for many who look on he is the figurehead of the primate revolution.
Guerilla quickly became one of the most dangerous mercenaries in town, and his plan to make his manifesto: play both sides off against the other! Combining human intelligence with a powerful frame (and a deadly minigun!), Guerilla is not a typical hit man: when he hits, it is hard and loud and bloody. Hitting only where it hurts the most, Guerilla will pound and pound his target, until the only thing left is a red smear on Pulp City’s sidewalks.

Code-name: Chimp Chi
Full Name: Chimp Chi

The teams solitary and reclusive martial artist, this ninja chimp harnessed his chi during his training during his years in Tibet. he studied the world's most accomplished martial artists and learnt from them how to become almost invisible.

Code-name: Red Bella
Full Name: Red Bella

Bella was part of the second installment of the Apes in Space experiment, and her ship and crew crashed in Asia. Her awakening at the gates of an ancient temple made her much more attuned to mysticism and all things supernatural. She truely believes that there is a greater purpose in the primate awakening and that all trails lead to the Hanuman temple in the Himalayas.

Code-name: Robo Chimp
Full Name: Robo Chimp

Designed by A.R.Cs techno wizard Virus, Robo Chimp is an exclusive minion, able to be recruited by certain members of A.R.C to help on their missions.

The Ape Revolution Committee

Text and info borrowed from Pulp Citys website. No offence or personal gain is to be achieved by using this.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pulp City Terrain Starter

After a very busy July with not alot of blogging or gaming going on I have recently just finished my first lot of buildings which will be being used for my Pulp City superhero games. Now all I need to do is sort a 3'x3' board to place them on.

Not great pics as my camera has died completely after my Waterloo trip so im left with the dismal Iphone camera to snap away with.

I also have a number of Pulp City Supremes nearly finished and these will be posted up this month.

So, to the buildings.

Timeline Miniatures Pub

This is a great (although a little small on scale compared to the other Sarissa buildings) building with a large ground floor interior and an upper floor divided into a couple of rooms.

Sarissa Precision City Block Buildings


Sarissa Precision City Block Police Station (well thats what I am using it as)

Extra terrain details include phone booths by Knights Models, various resin rooftop bits by Ainsty Casting and Fire Hydrants, garbage bins, Skips etc by Fenris Games. Not sure what make the Lampposts are.