Sunday, 22 November 2020

15mm WW2 British - O Group

So to make this Second National Lockdown a bit more bareable I thought I would try and complete a full 15mm WW2 force for the forthcoming ruleset - O Group by ReisswitzPress (Two Fat Lardies)

I had a large amount of British 15mm Armoured vehicles already which I used for TANKS and What a Tanker so with a few more purchases (always need to buy more shineys eh?) I assembled a large force and went to work painting them. 

O Group works along the lines of Battalion Command and uses the Company (made up of Platoons), with Company Commanders  as the main combat element. Added to this are Battalion and Company support, i.e attached Tank Platoons, Anti Tank Guns, HMG sections etc.

I have based my efforts on elements of the 11th Armoured Division and although my infantry will depict the 4th Battalion Kings Shropshire Light Infantry of 159th Infantry Brigade, in game they could be used to depict any Battalion from any Brigade/Division.

These are the results of this frenetic project, now onto a German force!

2 x Churchill Tank (6th Guards Armd Bde)  and Achilles (75th Anti-Tank Regt RA) 

6 Pounder Anti-Tank Guns and Carden Lloyd Carriers (4th KSLI Support Coy)

Universal carrier Platoon (4th KSLI Support Coy) HMG Carriers (Independent MG Coy) and RA FOO

RA FOO, (4th KSLI) Battalion Command, Battalion Mortar and HMG Stands

Infantry Company x 3 (4th KSLI) with Company Command and PIAT stand

Sherman Troop with Firefly (23rd Hussars)

Sherman Troop with Firefly (3rd RTR)

2 x Cromwell and 2 x Comets (2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry)

11th Armoured Division elements
The whole force