Sunday, 25 September 2022

Burrows and Badgers Knight Retinue

This is my recently completed Royalist Knight Retinue for Burrows and Badgers.

Duke Otto commands the Iron Wall, a dedicated veteran bunch of Knights, operating out of Crake Castle against the marauding bands of Rats from the Ironstone Hills.

Duke Otto Sternjaw (Bulldog Knight)

Ser Geralt Longshanks (Hare Knight)

Ser Kennith Shadforth (Border Terrier Knight)

Ser Cornelius Stoutwhiskers (Mouse Knight)

Madam Dorethea (Badger Maid of Eoferwic)

SternJaw's Iron Wall

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Fighting Fantasy Fest 4

Saturday 3rd September saw me attending Fighting Fantasy Fest 4 for the first time. Due to work/life etc I have never been able to attend the first three of this event and was absolutely over the moon on managing to get a ticket, as they sell out rather fast due to the event being limited to 400 people.

Fighting Fantasy Fest 4 held at the University of West London in Ealing, this year was celebrating 40 years of the release of the first Fighting Fantasy book - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

Featuring as honoured guests the two men who started it all off - Steve Jackson and Sir Ian Livingstone numerous other authors and artists who have wrote and illustrated the various gamebooks and other material were also in attendance and would be holding talks and signing sessions.

Also in attendance was Rhianna Pratchett, daughter of Sir Terry Pratchett of Discworld fame, who had recently lent her talents to writing a Fighting Fantasy gamebook. As a massive fan of the Discworld series and Pratchett's work as a whole, it would be interesting to listen to her talk and hopefully meet her and have a chat.

For anyone who is new to Fighting Fantasy and would like to know more about what the gamebooks are or the history of how they came about click this link: YOU ARE THE HERO.

Kicking up a Storm - Rhianna Pratchett talks to Johnathon Green about her Fighting Fantasy book - Crystal of Storms.

From Lizard King to Allansian Assassins - Fighting Fantasy Artists Tony Hough, Duncan Smith and Alan Langford talk about their work.

Meet and Greet the Artists

Mike McCarthy, Cover Artist on Shadow of the Giants (and Fable the computer game, along with the new forthcoming Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy game)

Duncan Smith, Cover Artist on Scorpion Swamp

Magehunters - Fighting Fantasy Gamebook Authors talk about their contributions.

Marc Gascoigne, writer on Titan-The Fighting Fantasy World Source Book

Steve Jackson and Sir Ian Livingstone talk about their new books, Steven Jacksons - Secrets of Salamonis and Sir Ian Livingstone's - Shadow of the Giants, with artist Mick McCarthy.

Packed auditorium

Fighting Fantasy Fest Auction - Every event always has an auction hosted this year by Sir Ian Livingstone, with all proceeds going to a nominated charity.

Sir Ian, brought a host of items including various issues of Warlock Magazine, a number of gamebooks as well as some old Fighting Fantasy computer games, Forest of Doom, Deathtrap Dungeon etc as well as a couple of items that went for a considerable sum, pictured below.

Zagor the Warlock of Firetop Mountain illustration, signed by Steve Jackson, Sir Ian Livingstone and Artist Russ Nicholson - went for £310

Solution book for Tasks of Tanthalon - went for £300

Fighting Fantasy map - went for £60 odd

And finally old man geek moment, as I had started reading Fighting Fantasy books when they very first started in 1982, 40 years!

Sir Ian Livingstone

Steve Jackson

Saturday, 20 August 2022

Warmaster - Bretonnia marches to war


I should have posted these army pictures first before the post about my first Warmaster game, but hey ho, here they are anyway. I have based my Bretonnian Warmaster army on Sir Redemond of Parravon's Knights retinue. This high profile Knight musters his forces in response to the increasing incursions of Dwarfs from the Grey Mountains and the restless dead sent forth from Castle Dracenfels.

As one of the heroes of Parravon, Sir Redemond is able to call upon a notable amount of household troops as well Grail Knights and a large contingent of Elite Pegasus Knights. Also on occasion his army has also been honoured by the prescence of the Green Knight mostly thanks to the many Damsels of the Lady.

Painting these 10mm Warmaster miniatures from Forest Dragon proved a challenge for my old eyes and I didnt do myself any favours in deciding to paint every Knight (Normal, Grail, Pegasus and Hero) in their own livery!

Sir Redemond of Parravons Retinue

Sir Redemond and the Green Knight

Sir Redemond, Green Knight and Damsels

Men at Arms


Grail Knights and Knights of Parravon

Grail Knights and Knights of Parravon

Pegasus Knights and Damsel on Pegasus

Mounted Squires

Grail Peasants

The Great Trebuchet

Sir Redemonds Retinue