Monday 26 February 2024

Lunar - Defend the Settlement

I finally managed to get Lunar on the table for a game. My friend Nic had been looking forward to trying it out and I had just finished building the Lunar Base Module which I had ordered a few months ago.

I set up the game for the defend the settlement - literally picked to use the newly built terrain and Nic took NASA who would be the defenders, my Cosmonauts would be attacking.

The main objective would be to have more of my Cosmonauts in a certain radius around the settlement than the NASA crew at the end of the game.

Straight from the off NASA won initiative and their Combat Specialist moved forward and took a shot at my Cosmonaut leader with his Mass Shotgun - a solid beanbag slammed into the bulky Soviet and forced him back into his comrade behind and knocked both Cosmonauts prone.

Picking himself up the Soviet leader slowly bounced over towards the cover of some Solar Panels, whilst the Russian Combat Specialist took a shot at an exposed NASA  Astronaut on the right. Using a more deadly type rifle, the NASA opponent was hit and seriously injured with the projectile ripping though his suit.

The NASA crew manoeuvred and tried to take what cover their was and numerous close combat grappling matches between the opposing forces, saw Americans and Russians thrown around the moon, with the NASA crew coming off worse, incurring numerous injuries.

The first major casualty came when the Soviet Combat Specialist opened fire again on the injured NASA Generalist who their medic just couldn't reach in time and took him out ( in game terms the character goes out of action and could recover if a medic helps otherwise they are then removed from play)

On the left a keystone astronaut moment took place with a Cosmonaut throwing moon rocks at the nearest Astronaut which just bounced off his space suit - the NASA crewmember then picked the rock up and threw it back, knocking the Russian of his rocky perch.

More grappling matches took place with the Russians advancing closer and closer towards the base and after another Astronaut was seriously injured and taken out, the American Crew decided to vacate the Lunar Base, leaving it in the hands of the Cosmonauts - all glory to the Motherland!

 A great game, but unfortunately for Nic, the dice rolls for his injuries were the deciding factor.

However as we are going to run these games as an ongoing campaign, we rolled to see what happened to his Astronauts and nothing too sever was recorded, one was slightly traumatised by the conflict and if he receives this result again he will leave the crew.

Looking forward to the next game and adding in a few extra bits like environmental hazards, remote units and some more equipment now we have both received some credits.

Saturday 23 December 2023

Xmas - that time of year again

To all of those that enjoy and celebrate this time of year, I hope you enjoy it and you and yours are safe and well in all that you do. 

Monday 11 December 2023

Lunar - Blacksite Studios


After having this game and it’s wonderful Astronaut miniatures for quite some time, I have finally finished two factions. 

Below are NASA’s All American hero’s full of the ‘Right Stuff’ with a Lunar Rover to get them around and a few remote vehicles. 

Next up are the antagonistic Communist Cosmonauts, in this games alternate history, Russia landed a man on the moon first, and they will fight to keep the moon for Mother Russia. 

And finally, a couple of Hero’s. One for NASA, one for the Soviets and the one with blue banding is a Mercenary/Corporate agent. 

Friday 17 November 2023

Blood Red Skies New Aircraft

Boulton Paul Defiants - RAF 264 Squadron. I split the 6 aircraft that came in the squadron box so I would have one vic (3 aircraft) of night fighters and one vic of day fighters as the squadron alternated throughout the Battle of Britain. 

Spitfire Mk II - RAF 74 Squadron. Battle of Britain squadron led by Sqd Ldr Adolf ‘Sailor’ Malan

Messerschmidt BF 109E - Luftwaffe JG 26. Battle of Britain. Half Staffle led by JG commander Adolf Galland. 


Thursday 19 October 2023

Battletech - Federated Suns - 4th Deneb Light Cavalry



The unit was originally a Rapid Deployment Mixed Arm Force (RDMAF) of the Star League Defence Force, Headquartered on the planet Deneb Kaitos. When General Aleksandr Kerensky launched Operation EXODUS and led the bulk of the surviving SLDF out of the Inner |Sphere in the wake of the Amaris Civil War, to eventually become the Clans, only one surviving RDMAF chose to remain behind.

This unit joined the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns accordingly and became the Fourth Deneb Light Cavalry with enough personnel to facilitate a number of other regiments.

4th Deneb Light Cavalry


Monday 2 October 2023

Battletech - St Ives Compact - 1st St Ives Lancers

The First St Ives Lancers are an Elite unit of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces, that also briefly served under St Ives Compact Military Command during the 4th Succession war, when the Compact seceded against the Confederation, also allying themselves with the Federated Commonwealth to stop the CCAF from retaking their planets. In 3060 what was termed by most as a civil war, broke out between the Compact and the Confederation resulting in the Compact being absorbed back into the Confederation.

I have painted my units and will use them as they were in the 4th Succession War - independent from the Capellans!

1st St Ives Lancers

Saturday 9 September 2023

Battletech - Clan Ghost Bear


Clan Ghost Bear

Powerful Clansmen, Clan Ghost Bear is one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky and one of the four original Clans to participate in the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere in 3050. Following the Clan's defeat at the Battle of Tukayyid, their philosophy changed towards becoming Wardens and since then the Clan has moved wholesale into the Inner Sphere where they renamed their realm the Ghost Bear Dominion.