Monday, 23 May 2016

Mantic Open Day

Saturday just gone saw me attend Mantics open day. This was the first of these events I had attended and as the majority of my friends were at Warhammer World on a Blood Bowl Tourney I was on my own (que sympathy) anyway I arrived nice and early and ended up chatting to Ronnie Renton about the Walking Dead miniatures gave over a bacon butty! Ronnie also ran back inside and got some of the production plastics of the miniatures that will be released and I have to say they are immense. I am a huge fan of the comic book and these minis are just the perfect embodiment of the comic characters. 
The doors finally opened and somehow I was lucky enough to receive 2 of the exclusive Teraton Shock Trooper minis for Deadzone - which the open day was primarily showing off in its second edition. 
I bought Deadzone first time round but wasn't that've enamoured with it but I got to play a couple of demos which led to me buying the new box set (just can't resist the shiny)
I took part in the painting comp, speed painting a stage 3A plague troop thingy. Not a bad result I think but nothing compared to a few other of the entries. 
A couple of Mantic pathfinders were running a Deadzone scenery contest where you got a bag full of bits and had to build something cool. This was tons of fun and the amount of different builds were superb. Unfortunately I forgot to take pics. Even better though is that you got to keep the scenery you built. Cheers Mantic. 
After a demo of the Walking Dead (brilliant game and can't wait to get my Kickstarter stuff) I sat in on a seminar/Q & A session about the Walking Dead game and got to find out about the production details and spoke with Mark Latham about how the rules were put together. 
Overall a very good day out. 
Deadzone Diorama
Kings of War
Dungeon Quest

Deadzone Demo Board

Deadzone Demo Board 2
My Painting Comp Entry
Painted versions of the Walking Dead Miniatures

The Walking Dead Plastic Minis - these are identical to what will be retail


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Infinity - Operation Flamestrike - Aleph vs Combined Army

>>ALEPH..[Intel Report]..Received [Indigo] levelData packet 100100 from Chandra Spec Ops. Security clearance [Zeta] for following information.<>Infiltration operation success. [AgogeCenter monitored and detailed recon data confirmed [Combined Army] forces located in area<>O-12 MAYA ID Descriptor…Shavasti Gwailo leading# Analysis==Dominate all Sectors a priority to maintain control [Agoge]. Terrain: Jungle..high consideration on force composition. Intervention advised. OP Lycurgus initiated=Achillies Command asset activated=Stell Phalanx combat ready>> Combined Army [Morat] involvement. Imminent<<
Learning that Combined Army forces had started to moved in Agoge Centre, Achillies and his Steel Phalanx Cohort mobilized, ready to repulse the alien menace. Agoge Center was a high density urbanised area deep with Jungle terrain. 
Sat in his command bunker, The Myrmidon leader brought up a 3D map of the city and outlined the sectors that they would need to dominate to contain the Morat Agressors.
Air Deployed AI Beacons had already been dropped around the city and the Steel Phalanx troops moved directly forward against the entrenched EI soldiers. Achillies, outraged at the alien invaders stormed ahead leaving his Myrmidons and Thorakites in position to react, taking the fight directly to the Morat troops in view.

Flanking the right hand side of a large L-shaped apartment block Achillies lets rip with his Spitfire, easily taking down a couple of Morats who were hugging an adjacent balcony and  and shrugging off the return fire from a Yaogat Panzerfaust and Charontid’s HMG. ODD holding up and confusing the Morats targeting locators.

Seeing the Yaogat stand up from his prone position, the Thorakite Engineer engages his targeter pad and sends an aiming routine directly to the Zayin. The Rebot opens up with a full burst but the Yaogat weathers the hail of rounds and looses of another Panzerfaust shot which immobilises the Zayin. Straight away the Engineer commands his Yudbot to attend to the Rebot and its quickly repaired and back in the fight. However activating again against the Yaogat the Zayin is completely destroyed with reactive fire even though he takes down the hulking alien.

On the opposite flank a couple of Thorakitesmove forward towards the central sector.
The Combined Army respond to the Steel Phalanxs onslaught with the Charontid opening up on Achillies and wounding him. Suddenly a Rasyat descends from the sky to the rear of Achillies and the Hero turns in respose just as the alien charges into him. A frenzied melee takes place, both forces pause slightly as they observe the whirling blades and bodies of the two combatants. Achillies graceful and quiet as he swings his blade, concussion sounds as the explosives react with the Raysats armour, the Morat raging and roaring as his dual action CCW slices into the ALEPH commander. 
As suddenly as the fight started it ends and both sides are bewildered as the smoke clears and the Raysat, bloodied but still standing has bested Achillies!!

Sensing a huge shift in the battle the Shavasti Gwailo orders a Daturazi forward but the Impetuous alien charges directly into the range of the Thorakites and is quickly put down.
Losing their Lieutenant the Steel Phalanx try to gain an advantage quickly. Using advanced command routies for orders,  the  Agema marksman moves onto the blacony of the building he was in but the Charontid reacts quickly and the Agema is suddenly a red mess against the door he has just exited.
With the Thorakites on the left out of sight of any possible targets and Achillies down on the right, everything else acting Irregular, the ALEPH troops hold fast and hope to react to the Combined Armies advance.

Howling with Bloodlust after dowing Achillies the Rasyat moves under the L-Shaped building and pops smoke, but the canister must be a dud and hes suddenly driectly in line of fire of the Thorakites Engineer who puts a well aimed combi rifle shot straight into his head. That’s the last air drop that alien will make!

A Yaogat with a Spitfire, hiding in the backfield until now sprints towards to the two Thorakites on the walkways but is summimarily put down even though he takes out one of the Thorakites troopers.
With the Combined Army command exhausted, Steel Phalanx now with a newly gazetted Lieutenant takes control and the Myrmidon link team climbs from behind a guard tower and the Spitfire armed trooper opens up three times directly at the Charontid, resulting in the huge alien disintergrating into hundreds of pieces of obliterated flesh and armour.

The Gwailo even though he is bunkered down behind his nanoscreen looks increasingly distressed as again the Myrmidons use all their remaining commands to finally silence the EI threat. 
<<STEEL PHALANX>> AAR: Agoge Center: Sectors secured=EI threat neutralized….Achillies down…Cube secured…request new Lhost upload immediately. [Violet] code command protocal – Myrmidon Officer Helena<<