Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween and book prize winners

Happy Halloween to everyone and today is the day that you lucky people get to find out who has won what set of books that I was giving away for my prize draw. Every winner has until the 10th November to leave a comment and a contact email below and I will then arrange to set the books posted.

So without further ado and with the power of

List Randomizer

There were 57 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Ray
  2. Vladd
  3. Lee
  4. Robert
  5. Fran
So Ray gets Lot 1. Vladd collects Lot 3 and Lee gets Lot 4. Robert picks up Lot 2 and Fran gets Lot 5

To explain who gets what, Ray, Fran and Vladd were all interested in Lot 1, as Ray was first he claims it. Vladd was happy to get any other books so gets Lot 3 as Robert was interested in Lot 2 and Lee wanted Lot 4. Fran at the end didnt list any other requirements so gets Lot 5.

I hope everyone is happy with what they will get and I hope you really enjoy the books. Please get in touch sharpish so I can get them posted out to you.


Monday, 28 October 2013

Dropzone Commander PHR Assets

This is here to just show the recently completed Dropships and Fighter Bomber for my Dropzone Commander PHR faction, some of which were used in the battle report that I just posted.

Now I must get on with finishing the Battle Walkers and Infantry.

Also just as a reminder - anyone who wishes to partake in my WW2 book prize draw only has till 31st October 2013 as that is when I will be drawing the few lucky winners.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Dropzone Commander PHR vs UCM Battle Report

The Comm channel activated and the War Force Leader's voice resonated from the speaker system. "Commander your new mission is to obtain valuable assests that have been located in the lower districts of Mica City situated on the Planet Siliconia. The UMC are already in a position of force on this planet as they have been seek and destroying large Scourge build ups. This is to a lightning Raid with small battlegroups. I want you in and out in six cycles with those objectives - do you understand your orders?"
The Commander aknowledged his Force Leader and immediately set about readying his battle groups for the mission.

 Last night Callum and I played the Lightning Raid scenario from the Dropzone Commander starter set. Callum took his United Colonies of Mankind troops, whilst I deployed my Post Human Republic forces.
   The scenario is balanced in that both forces have the same aim - locate objectives detected inside a group of structures. There are 3 objectives and a victory point is awarded for each one being held at the end of the game. 2 victory points are award for each one that is recovered off the table.
Table edge was determind and the UCM won initiative (a trend that would echo throughout the game) Callum elected for me to go first.

Turn 1. My PHR Immortal (Infantry) Battlegroup deployed first and its dropship screamed straight down the table to the middle objective. The UCM came in on its left flank with its Anti-Air Battlegroup. PHR then flew in its Anti-Tank group and the Ares battlewalkers were dropped.

UCM countered with its Anti-Tank group and these dropped onto the large central park. Finally the PHR zipped down the right with its Anti-Air and these stayed slung under the dropship.

Turn 2. The UCM gained the initiative again and the sabre tanks let rip with their railguns at the PHR Anti-Tank walkers. All 3 tanks hit but the PHR armour held and no damage was caused. The PHR Immortals searched for the objective but couldnt find it and their dropship made a piloting error and the UCM Anti-Air unit tooked full advantage and shot it out of the sky!

Return fire from my Ares battle walkers took out a few UCM tanks and then the UCM infantry APCS were dropped close to their nearest objective but got caught short from cover. The PHR Anti-Air was dropped and moved into position.

Turn 3. UCM took the initiative again and the Sabre tank unit scooted into cover away from my walkers murderous fire. PHR Ares walkers move up and destroy a few UCM Anti-Air tanks. UCM Condor dropships launch missiles and the centre building and a few Immortals inside are killed by falling debris.

PHR Anti-Air walkers turn their fire on the UCM Infantry group dropship and send it screaming into the ground where it explodes in a devastating fireball. In return the UCM remaining Anti-Air puts some damage on a PHR dropship. Both forces infantry are ineffective finding the relevant objectives.

Turn 4. PHR finally win the initiative and fire its Ares walkers but completely fluff their shots. UMC let rip with more missiles at the central building and manage to get debris damage on enough Immortal infantry to wipe out a stand. the PHR dropship on the right launches its missiles and takes out a Bear APC while the UCM infantry again fail to find an objective.

The PHR infantry reeling from the missile barrage fail to find anything but do combine all their small arms fire against a closing UCM dropship and manage to hit a vital component forcing the dropship to plummet into the ground. The other PHR infantry squad hurtle across open ground in their APC and garrison the right hand side structure were another objective is said to be located.

Turn 5. UCM are back with the initiative and their infantry carry out an extensive search of the building but again find nothing. The PHR troops have similar luck in both buildings they occupy but more combined small arms put damage on the last remaining UMC dropship. The opposing armour groups trade shots but although many hits are caused, armour saves the day.

Turn 6. Both sides have had a battering and its the UCM which still hold the initiative and there infantry make a concerted effort but still cant find the elusive asset! The PHR knowing that they must withdraw after this cycle make detail sweeps on both buildings and finally just as the extraction forces are inbound the remaining troops in the central structure, battered, bleeding, bruised but steadfast come across the all important asset.

The Immortals trudged wearily onto the extraction transports and the Commander hits the comm-link. The War Leaders face looms close into the screen. "Excellent work commander, at least this single asset we have gained will give us a huge insight into the Shaltari factions supplying the Resistance members in this Star system. We have our own major agenda and your work today has given us a headstart against those infernal Xenos"

A thoroughly enjoyable game, even if it was just using the starter set units. I had some great luck in that although Callum kept the initiative for most turns, his main tank unit couldnt damage me and I got free rein to control the battlefield. Some atrocious searching by all infantry units meant that we were locked down to sitting in buildings trying to find the illusive objectives.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Minion Games UK Open day & Bushido Demo's

A good friend and colleague from my local wargames club in Huntingdon has recently started his own business, in which he has commenced trading as an online Wargames Supply Webstore.

The name of this venture is Minion Games UK . Now as he has only just started the webstore has a very limited amount of stock listed but this will obviously change in due course.

Callum who runs Minion Games put on an open day to promote his business and people were able to turn up at the local club and bring and play. The majority brought board and card games and some very fun games of Spartacus, Dreadball, Bloodbowl Team manager and Zombies!! were had.

I also took the opportunity of hosting a few more Bushido demo's, below are just a few pics.


Just to add that the WW2 book prize draw is still on-going and will be drawn 31st October 2013, get commenting and advertising and you could win some really nice books. Prize Draw post

Friday, 11 October 2013

25,000 Hits WW2 Books Prize Draw

Well at this moment, this small corner of the Bloggesphere buried deep in the Tinternet has surpassed 25,000 Hits. I am just a quarter the way over reaching 100,0000! to me thats fantastic as I am not as committed or as highly skilled as some of you hard core Bloggers and mainly use this as an online diary of my stuff/games/quirky things I like and a social tool to comment on others more deserving posts.

Anyway I am greatly appreciative of all the people who take time to look at/read my Blog and especially the ones who contribute with comments.

To repay the community I would like to offer (what I think, is) a very nice prize draw for some wonderful WW2 books.

These are collected into 5 lots so hopefully will garner quite some interest and I will be able to brighten a few peoples bookshelves.

To be considered for this prize draw here are the conditions:
  • You must be a follower of my Blog
  • You must leave a comment and indicate which lot you would like - Gives 1 entry into draw.
  • You may advertise this draw on your own Blog/Website etc.. - Gives 5 entries into draw.
The Draw will take place on 31st October 2013. A post will then be submitted declaring the winners.

So here are the lots.

                                                                              Lot 1

                                                                              Lot 2

                                                                             Lot 3

                                                                             Lot 4

                                                                               Lot 5

I really hope you all enjoy this draw and hopefully there is a book or two you might like.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bloodbowl Match Karond Kar Oblivion vs Arcani All Sparkz II

Welcome again Bloodbowl fans and here we have the last divisional match before the teams go on to play cross divisional games. The Oblivion are on a pretty good streak winning their first game and pulling off a great draw against the Heartbreakers who really should have outclassed them.

Tonights game is against the All Sparkz. This Skaven team are a shadow of their former selves after getting demolished last season by the Atrocity Exhibition which saw their Star Gutter Runner, Arcani All Spark himself, killed and then raised from the dead to swell the ranks of the Exhibition.

The weather is rather nice this time of year in Naggarond and the Oblivion have the edge in fans that have turned up for the match.. All Sparkz win the toss and Oblivion are called to kick.

The teams are set up and the Oblivion kick. The Skaven manage to get an extra Re-Roll through coaching and the game is on. The All Sparkz charge upfield dodging around the Oblivion line, their Gutter Runners getting set up in the back field. The Oblivon change their positioning and a Dark Elf Lineman crunches a poor Journeyman drafted onto the Rats team and gets a CAS.

The All Sparkz respond and manage to KO an Oblivion Lineman and their Rat Ogre tries to Blitz but just stands roaring madly.

The Dark Elves manage to Blitz the All Sparkz ball carrier but the sneaky Rat manages to dodge away. The Skaven now gain momentum, piling into the Dark Elves and moving around the pitch with speed and ease. A Gutter Runner sprint s into the endzone and the All Sparkz Thrower tries a long pass....its no good! the pass sails over the waiting Gutter Runner and off the pitch. The fans enthusiastically chuck it back and it lands near an Oblivion Blitzer who smacks a near by Rat, collects the ball, hands off to another Blitzer and he's away down the pitch. The Rat Ogre in a mad frenzy blitzes a Dark Elf Lineman and causes a CAS.

The Oblivion now in control of the ball keep moving towards the endzone and KO a few Rats, the Rag Ogre again Blitzes and again causes another CAS on an Oblivion Lineman. The Oblivion respond by fouling the Rat Ogre after finally getting in down but no injury caused and the dirty Dark Elf is Sent Off!.

With so many Rats KO'd though it is easy for the Oblivion Blitzer to dance into the endzone and score TOUCHDOWN!!! 1-0

Half time and the Dark Elves have managed to turn over the Skaven thanks to a very poor pass which should have seen the All Sparkz go ahead.

The teams set up for the second half and the All Sparkz kick and the Oblivion are shocked to see the Skaven bearing down on them for a Blitz. The All Sparkz quick blitz though achieves nothing and the Oblivion collect the ball and start their drive.

As the Oblivion charge ahead a poor Skaven lineman is CAS'd SI by a Dark Elf Blitzer, in return the All Sparkz manage to get a hit on the ball carrier but fail to collect the ball which ends up free on the pitch.

The Oblivion collect the ball again and make their plays but are shocked to see the Rat Ogre CAS'ing another Dark Elf lineman. The Oblivion are losing players but fortunately nothing too serious. The remaining Dark Elves steel themselves and pile in hard and manage to KO the Rat Ogre. Not many players left on the field now from both teams, its carnage out there.

The games drawing to a close but the Oblivion take the initiative and manage to score again right at the death. TOUCHDOWN!!! 2-0 the Karond Kar Oblivion win and thats 2 wins and 1 draw, and we should see some exciting games as the team now goes into the cross divisional matches.

Good Night sports fans!

Friday, 4 October 2013

GW Screw over Beasts of War

Looks like the paranoid brain damaged legal obsessed people at Grandma Wendy's house of fail cast really don't like anyone but them advertising their next overpriced product. How dare anyone show anything new for their ranges, thats what they want in their own over hyped catalogue a la Blanc Stuntie.

Wayland Games have had to part company with Beasts if War because of pressure of GW's new trade rules.

Better information can be found