Friday, 30 August 2013

Miniature Bids Wargames Auctions

Tor Gaming who produce the wonderful Relics range of miniatures are soon to launch their own Wargames Auction site. I for one am certainly looking forward to this as I have recently become very dissillusioned with Ebay and no long use Bartertown (due to the fact that its a majority is the USA and doing International trades just is not worth the increasing costs involved) I must state that there is a Bartertown UK but this is very much a fledgling site and does not meet my requirements.

Concerning which countries Miniature Bids will cover on its launch. These are the following locations:

UK, EU, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Initially, bidding will be restricted to auctions in your home country but they will be working on opening up international bidding very soon after launch.

The success of MiniatureBids will be down to people like you doing what you can to spread the word!...

Please share this post with your friends and fellow Bloggers, to any gaming FB groups you are a member of and any wargaming forums you frequent.

The more people that know about MiniatureBids, the better it will be for us all and we can all say goodbye to the (IMHO) shocking Ebay.
Free to buy and free to sell - owned by Tor Gaming

Miniature Bids - A tabletop Auction site with the aim of giving the the wargamer more bang for their bucks.


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bushido - Savage Wave Oni

The Savage Wave
More additions to my Savage Wave faction for Bushido.

The legends speak of ferocious beasts terrorizing small hamlets in the dark of night, these stories are now told with added gravitas in the remote and isolated villages of Jwar. The return of the Nian is bad enough but the affinity between them and the Oni stalking the land will inevitably be a severe blow to humanity in the dark days ahead.
The Slaver is an abomination even by the standards of his Kin. His worth to the Savage Wave is unquestionable and the constant warring for control between the twin heads; Kemono and Ushi can leave opponents struggling for a strategy to deal with the brute. Kemono’s primal desire to smash his way through an enemy force is tempered by the more considered and manipulative techniques of Ushi.
Kemono and Ushi the Slaver
Waka finds happiness in the smaller things in life. In fact nothing delights him more than lobbing his favourite toy, a huge stone Buddha head, at anyone unlucky enough to get in the way of his rampages. Those that attempt to get in close, find him just as satisfied to bring it violently, crashing down on their heads! Many foes’ last moments have been filled with the bass rumble of Waka’s chortling.
Bobata the bell ringer's awesome weapon is at the disposal of the Savage Wave. As Bobata swings the mighty bell around his head he is equally inspiring to allies as he is fear inducing to his foes.

Motley collection of Beasts and Demons

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Black Scorpion Miniatures

Just a quick post to wax lyrical at the fantastic customer care service from Adam at Black Scorpion. I had initially purchased a set of Resin Outlaw miniatures (see pic below) to use as my gang in Dead Mans Hand (see previous post about Dead Mans Hand game) but on receipt of these miniatures the quality was terrible, bad casting, brittle weapons and terrible amounts of flash.

I emailed Adam and highlighted these issues and he emailed me back fully apologising for the lapse in quality control and maybe I had received a bad batch from an old mold. He then offered to send a new pack for free or I could choose any pack from the range as he was adamant that the normal standards are very high.
So I took the very kind offer and requested the Tombstone 2 pack (see pic below) and these arrived very quickly and I am happt to say the quality is superb. Very sharp crisp casting and next to no flash at all.

Tombstone 2
Overall the service from Black Scorpion and Adam has been fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend them for your Wild West miniature needs.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dropzone Commander 2 Player Starter Set

HUGE NEWS for all you Dropzone Commander fans, and if your not already a fan you could well be after this very special new release! Hawk Wargames have now released an amazing 2 player start set for Dropzone Commander and I think you will be amazed by the value of this incredible set!

Amazing box art! and it gives you a massive clue as to what the contents are! Thats right you get TWO starter armies in this box set and they are UCM and Scourge complete with rulebook and even some terrain (full contents list is further down).

Thats a lot of stuff!

I know what your thinking, that is a hell of a lot of Dropzone stuff, it’s going to be VERY expensive…Well you couldn’t be more wrong, the value of this boxed set is silly cheap at £60 RRP or $95 (U.S.) RRP !!! Here is an actual list of the contents inside this amazing two player starter set!

Contents (Miniatures and Scenery):

United Colonies of Mankind Starter Force (Injection moulded plastic, 10mm scale)
  • 3x Sabre Main Battle Tanks
  • 3x Rapier AA Tanks
  • 2x Bear APC’s (+1 bonus spare!)
  • 30x Colonial Legionnaires (on 6 bases)
  • 3x Condor Medium Dropships (now with clear canopy and pilot!)

The Scourge Starter Force (Injection moulded plastic, 10mm scale)

  • 3x Hunter Main Grav-Tanks
  • 3x Reaper AA Grav-Tanks
  • 2x Invader APC’s (+1 bonus spare!)
  • 30x Scourge Warriors (on 6 bases)
  • 3x Marauder Medium Dropships
Starter Urban Battlefield: 2x Road Layout Posters, will join together in 4 different ways to create a 48”x33” urban road layout. Both posters feature stunning artwork on the reverse face! 10 x Pre-cut, pre-folded card buildings in 10 different designs

Contents (Other): Full sized Dropzone Commander Core Rulebook: New and revised 1.1 edition 156 Pages, A4 sized and full colour throughout Over 300 vibrant photographs Full army lists and background for 4 full factions 12 exciting scenarios with variants

Fastplay Aids:

  • UCM and Scourge reference sheets with stats, army composition and quick reference tables
    • Starter scenario and turn sequence prompt sheetGaming Accessories:
  • 10x 14mm D6 black dice
  • 1m/38” keyring tape measure
  • Full set of templates and Scenario Object tokens

So how is it so frikkin cheap?  A normal (Resin) starter box for an army is £68 RRP and in this set your getting TWO and the full rulebook and scenery and loads of accessories! Well the reason its so cheap is because its plastic, YES you read that right, its PLASTIC! I think this is fantastic, I have loved Dropzone Commander since its very first arrival on the gaming scene, but always held off because of the initial cost. But this now has made the game very affordable and I cant wait to get the set and I expect to see this game being played everywhere very soon. Just one thing I noticed is dont go thinking that, because the kits are plastic in this 2 player box set the quality of the sculpts are going to be compromised just take a look at the sprues, these 10mm scale miniatures look just as good as their resin counterparts!

Go halves with a friend and its only £30!

I could’t be more happy with this box set, the value for money is out of this world and  I would be chuffed to go halves with a friend with this set. If you wanted to get involved with this game before but wasn’t happy with how much it would cost you, then you have no excuse now, get involved, you wont regret it!

The only concession I would be making is that I would have preferred to get a PHR or a Shaltari Army but at this price UCM and Scourge to start it is then.

So when are you getting yours? The official release date is 28th September 2013 but pre orders are up now on various gaming websites.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Dead Man's Hand

Clem MacNaulty and his Black Heart Outlaws have ridden into the outlaying town of Little Prospects and came into conflict with Earl Spurle and his Cactus Desperadoes. In time honoured fashion - This town isn't big enough for the two of us!

As per Wild West law both gangs set up at the end of the main (read as only) street and preceeded to try and blow the rootin tootin heck out of each other.

The Black Hearts started well with a Dude secreted on the yellow buildings balcony, getting a good bead on a Cactus Bad Un and forcing him to take a nerve check.

The shoot out went on for a few turns before the first major casualty was caused. MacNaulty charged round the side of a building and pistol whipped Earle, nearly taking him out in one hit. The Cactus gang then managed some dead eye shootin and took out the Black Heart Dude on the balcony.

Clem MacNaulty then grabbed Earle and putting his sixgun under his chin, pulled the trigger and splattered the Desperado leaders greymatter all over the boardwalk.

The Desperadoes howled madly and sprayed lead all round Little Prospect, taking out another Black Heart. The Outlaw Gunfighter then moved into the fray and fanned his sixguns taking out another Desperado.

Blood was splattered all round Little Prospect and both sides were wavering. The Cactus gang managed to get one of their guys in good position and a lucky bullet slammed into MacNaultys chest dropping him to the ground.

Even though both gangs were ready to break because of the serious losses, they both kept blazing away, not wanting to bottle it.

The Black Hearts got the upper hand though and their Gunfighter took out the last Cactus member leaving two Black Hearts standing in the dirt and dust of Little Prospects street.

Boot Hill will have a fair new number of fresh graves!


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mike Whitaker is 50

Mr Mike Whitaker at the the cracking blog Trouble at T'Mill is having a giveaway to celebrate his 50 years on this small rock.

The prize for winning is £25 voucher towards the rather nice looking WW2 rules Chain of Command. So get yourself across to his blog. Leave a comment and maybe pimp this as well for a chance of a good freebie.

Oh and a Happy Birthday Mike.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Star Wars - Pod Racing Night.

This is Fune and Beed and welcome to the first Sullust Single Galactic Pod Race, tonights race see's the cream of this galaxies pod racers setting up for this very arduous race. Although only one lap, the pilots are going to have to manage the course, which has been set up in a long abandoned industrial area.
So with out further ado, it's RED light, GREEN light and GOOOOooooooooo.
Starting Grid
Every pod manages to start, and they hurtle off the starting line heading towards the first bend. A possibility of some carnage early on.

Turn 2. All the pods avoid any collision at the first bend and we see Callum hitting his afterburners and he screams off whilst Mike just behind him, spins out, he recovers the spin but then stalls his engine. Adrian slams into a wreck and half ruins his pod, while Nick S spins and careers into large tower ruin. Dave runs his bright orange pod into the side of a deserted bunker whilst Micheal spins in reverse back across the start line. Carl deftly manouveres his pod and zooms through the carnage into 3rd place. Nick powers through the mass of spinning pod's nearly hitting me but deftly evades.

Turn 3. Callum screams ahead in 1st place but stalls his engine. Mike restarts his engines and just powers forward. Nick S carries out a nice and easy power drive. I get a tip off about a sabotage attempt keep the info for later and power drive easy into 4th. Adrian's back up crew takes a pot shot against Mike who gets a mark of damage. Callum suddenly develops a fuel leak and Adrian then hammers forward and manages to keep his engines running. Dave extracts his pod from the bunker wall and powers forward whilst Nick finally gets to the first corner and last but not least Michael gets his pod facing the right way and makes it over the start line again!

4 turn. Callum restarts his engine, repairs the fuel leak but sustains some damage and moves further ahead. Mike moves forward easily and Adrian boosts his engine forward and Dave hammers forward zooming over Mike damaging him. Nick  S daisies forward and I skim to the edge of the track still in contention. Nick daisies forward and Michael receives a good bribe and Callums pod suddenly develops a power coupling failure, Michael then zooms close to the racing pack and stalls.
Turn 5. Callum hits his boost and slams across the ramp in the ruins and lands easily. Dave motors past the huge gothic building avoiding the stall whilst Mike scoots forward fast but stalls his engine. Adrian boosts to remain his placing avoiding the stall and Carl boost's forward hanging with the pack. Nick S boosts and joins the chasing pack but stalls. Michael restarts his engines then motors forward. Nick just powers forward easily.
Ramp it baby
Turn 6. Callum carries on powering forward in first place. Dave zooms ahead avoiding the ramp. Adrian daisies forward and causes Micheals pod to spin out. Nick S restarts his engines but gains damage and then motors forward. Carl powers ahead avoiding stalling and sneakily causes a computer glitch on Callum shutting his engines down. Mike moves forward easily and then Michael spins off towards the edge of track. Nick zooms ahead and stalls.
Turn 7. Callum moves slowly as he cant shift the glitch. Dave fails to restart his engines and I drive ahead into 2nd place. Adrian powers just behind me into 3rd. Nick S slams his accelerator and hits the ramp, landing easily but stalls. Mike boosts ahead sticking with the chasing pack and Nick restarts his engine, repairs some damage on his pod and moves easily into 6th. Micheal fed up spinning out himself, causes a mass spin out and moves his pod back on the track properly.
Turn 8. Callum just moves slowly forward. Nick  S restarts his engines and moves forward. Carl controls his spin and moves ahead. Adrian spins into a large ruin and receives huge damage again, his pod amazingly holding together. Mike controls his spin aswell and moves ahead. Nick spins out and slams across Dave causing damage to both pods. Dave restarts his engine but gains extra damage then hammers forward avoiding the stall. Michael moves forward in last place hitting the ramp but stalls.
Turn 9. Callum in first place causes a computer glitches on Nick S and moves ahead. Nick S clears the glitch and moves ahead easily. Dave boosts forward. Carl boosts forwards and sabotages Dave but Michael passes a tip off over to Daves crew and the sabotage hits me for minimal damage. Mike hammers forward and stalls whilst Adrian causes a mass spin out with myself and the close pack and powers behind us. Michael restarts his engines and powers ahead. Nick faces back onto the track and hammers ahead but stalls.

Mass Spinout

Turn 10. Callum scoots towards the back straight then Dave repairs some damage and spins but avoids hitting anything. Nick S controls his pod well and powers ahead. Mike restarts his engine and powers ahead. I spin backwards terribly but avoids the other pods by squeezing through. Adrian screams ahead but stalls and Michael zooms ahead ok. Nick restarts his engine but with damage and powers ahead.
Turn 11. Callum causes a fuel leak on Nick S and zooms near to the finish. Nick S fixes the leak and powers ahead but stalls. Mike collects some bribes, repairs damage on his pod and boosts forward. Adrian sits stationary, still stalled whilst Dave manouvers and powers on ahead. Michael boosts ahead and then stalls. Nick boosts on and stalls and I, now in last place thanks to the spin boosts ahead and stalls.
Turn 12. Callum just drives on in 1st and clears the glitch. Nick S restarts his engine and boosts forward. Mike scoots ahead nearly hitting Nick S. Michael stays stalled and Dave boosts forward but stalls. Nick restarts his engines and boosts forward whilst Adrian still stays stalled. I stay stalled as well, my race is screwed :-(
Turn 13. Callum causes a mass spin out and then boosts to the finish WINNER. Nick S spins out and exits the track whislt Mike controls his spin and powers into 2nd place. Dave restarts his engines and scoots ahead into 3rd but then stalls. Nick powers ahead and Michael restarts his engines, screams ahead but stalls again, too much stress on his engines. Adrian restarts his engines and easily powers ahead and I finally restart my engines and screams ahead trying to make up my lost places.
Finish Line

Turn 14. Mike finishes in 2nd place and Dave restarts heading towards the finish avoiding the stall. Michael restarts and boosts forward whilst Nick S causes a power coupling failure on Dave, he then boosts back onto the track but stalls. Nick boosts forward. Carl causes damage to Dave by getting his crew to take a pot shot and then boosts ahead. Adrian moves easily on ahead.
Turn 15. Dave gets to finish in 3rd while Michael spins out backwards off the track. Nick S restarts and screams in for 4th and Nick controls his spin and powers forward. Carl keeps powering on ahead and Adrian powers ahead and causes a spin out.
Turn 16. Nick spins backwards and Carl spins but avoids damage. Adrian finishes in 5th whilst Michael spawns his finish into 6th.
Turn 17. I finally finish in 7th, just out of the points and Nick finishes coming last.
So there you have it race fans, a cracking nights racing. Callum led straight from the start and never gave up his place, whilst it all went wrong for Carl in the last 3rd, spinning out straight backwards really cost him.
The teams will have some time now to work on their damaged pods and get ready for the next thrill enhanced race night.
THANKS FOR WATCHING RACE FANS!!! Fune and Beed signing off!