Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you all have a great time gorging on various confectionary, and if your of the religious persuasion - whatever floats your boat!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

International TableTop Day

Today is International TableTop Day. So all you people out in gaming land, get out your Board games, miniatures, cards - whatever and get your Game on!!!
All details of today can be found here at this LINK
I should be getting my Fantasy Flight Star Wars X-Wing on the go with my two Son's.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tor Gaming Britanan Relics Army Completed

Way back in December 2012 I started a paint along with Gav (The Warped mind and creator of Relics) in which we had to paint 100pts of models a month to finally complete a 400pt Army.

Well I have finished!!! yay fanfare etc... etc... I finally finished a project. I stayed focused, no wargames butterfly oops got distracted by shiny things moments.

So March saw the following updates added to the force.

1 x Company Sergeant Major @ 24pts
1 x Marksman @ 35pts
6 x Troopers @ 7pts each for 42pts overall

Total 101pts




Group Shot

Here is the whole army. It actually comes to 409pts which is not too bad and has yet to have a Colour Party added to the Troopers and a Puppet Dog Hunting Pack with handler to come also.

Mad King Jorges Royal Britanan Army

17th Dragoons
33rd Company of Foote with Grenadier detachment and Company Sergeant Major
Royal Arcanum Guard commander
Royal Rifles Marksman
8th Hargile and Stitchland Highlanders

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Mercs Miniatures - KemVar

This is my KemVar force which I have decided to use for the forthcoming Operation Paradigm Shift to be held at Tabletop Nation in April.

Assault Leader




Monkey Wrench

Caes De Guerra - Dogs of War


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

50 Followers Strong !!!

I have just got my 50th Follower to this humble little Blog. Very pleased. Next month will also be my 1st Birthday/Anniversary of the Blog and I will be doing a little prize draw for one lucky follower.

I have not decided what the winner will get yet but I hope to make it something good.

Thanks for all the followers and comments so far.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Asguard Marauders

Old World Conference Final - the unstoppable Undead Horde of Atrocity Exhibition against the Norsemen Pretenders to the crown Asguard Marauders.

The Atrocity where the obvious favourites to take the conference but the Marauders had quietly overtaken all comers this season and were a shock title conterder, especially as they had managed to hire the massive Yheti Icepelt Hammerblow for the game.

The teams took to the pitch in perfect Bloodbowl weather and as the scrying balls sweeped the howling crowds it seemed like there where more Atrocity fans (especially as a few Zombies in the south stand were muching down on some Norse Brains)

After the coin toss the Marauders allowed Atrocity to recieve, hoping that Icepelt could seriously hamstring their first half plans. The ball was kicked and it floated down on a gentle breeze and was quickly collected by a Ghoul. Atrocity slam into the Northmen and a Mummy clothlines Icepelt then piles on his prone form KO'ing the Yheti.

A Wight uppercuts a Werewolf on the line and gets a CAS, whilst Atrocity's other Wight Blitzes a Beserker and gets another CAS. The fans scream with perverted delight over the carnage so early in the game.

The Marauders try and maintain their defence but a Mummy Kills a Norse Catcher which is Raised as a Zombie and shuffles off to Atrocitys reserve box. A lone Norse Lineman draws on his Dauntlessness and hits a Mummy and Nuffle being the God he is we see the Mummy CAS'd, fortunately for Atrocity the Undead have a knack of regenerating and the Mummy shambles off to get a few more bandages!!

A Frenzied Werewolf gets a CAS on a Zombie, which again Regen's. The Ghouls camp down near the Marauders endzone, close to scoring but allowing their team-mates to rip apart the Norse for a while longer.

A Werewolf KO's a Zombie and a Mummy slams into a Marauder Lineman and gets a CAS. Just as the ref is about to blow for halftime, the Ghoul skips across the line to score TOUCHDOWN 1-0

Second Half and Atrocity kick, suddenly a Riot breaks out but is over so quickly it only held the game up for a moment. Icepelt back on the pitch after recoving from his KO Blitzes a Mummy but trips over some trailing bandages and ends up on the deck! The reanimated form of the once Star Skaven Gutter Runner Arcani Spark, throws a lucky swipe at a Werewolf and KO's the Norse Changling.

Icepelt smarting from embarrasment rises and Blitzes the Mummy again. Icepelt might be a Star Player but his Star is definately in decline as the Mummy defiantly resists his attack and actually smashes Icepelt and CAS's him instead. A Wight dodges through the Norse line and Blitzes the Marauders Thrower. A Ghoul then Leaps into collect the ball which has been loose on the pitch. A Norse Catcher unseen, Blitzes the Ghoul and knocks him down and the ball bounces free. The Marauders Thrower then dodges to collect. The Ghoul Jumps Up and Blitzes the Thrower and again the ball is knocked free. Atrocitys other Ghoul then collects to score TOUCHDOWN 2-0

With two thirds of the game gone the teams set up again and Atrocity kick High but the Marauders Thrower misses the catch. A Norse Catcher sprints down the line and the Thower moves into to take a Long Pass. The ball sails over Atrocitys line and straight into the waiting arms of a Mummy INTERCEPTION!!! with the Marauders crumbling defence the Mummy lumbers down the pitch, pushing himself those extra steps and scores right at the end of the game TOUCHDOWN 3-0


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mercs Miniatures - Operation Paradigm Shift Campaign

Mercs Miniatures is a Near Future Sci-Fi game where countries no longer exist and Mega-Corporations now rule the world. Armies are no longer huge entities with thousands of troops - the corporations now use specialised squads of MERCS (Military Economic Reconnaisance Counter Security)


On April 13th, Beasts of War in conjunction with Tabletop Nation and Merc Miniatures are holding a worldwide campaign where the results of which will actively impact in the official Mercs history.

The campaign is called Operation Paradigm Shift and you can find the PDF here.

USCR (Russian)

Tickets are free to participate at Tabletop nation and I already have mine. It looks like it should be a fantastic day!
CCC Yellow Jackets

I have recently started on two Mercs units, the CCC Yellow jackets, which are basically the East Coast of the US and have great armour abilities and Diamond tipped ammunition and KemVar, the South American faction with Stealth Armour capabilities and energy blades.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Boudica Bowl - HDWSBBL Bloodbowl Tournament

Our wargames club HDWSBBL recently held our first NAF sanctioned Bloodbowl tournament. Being in East Anglia it was decided to name it the Boudica Bowl.

For a first tournament it was a complete success and had over 20 odd coaches from around the country participating. The rule set was organisied so that you could have a 1100000 gold crown team and Star Players were allowed but only after your roster already had eleven players listed. The set up also consited of a skills package where you could take before the start - 6 normal skills, 1 double skill and 4 normal or 2 double and 2 normal skills, with another 2 normal skills to be given after game 4.

The points system for the tournament consisted of 10pts for a win, 5pts for a draw and 1pt for a loss. extra points could be earned for casualties caused and touchdowns scored each game to a maximum of 3.

I pondered long and hard over what team to take and it was serioulsy looking like it would turn into a bash heavy tournament so with fully painted miniatures limited I decided to take my Dwarfs. The Ironhill Annihlators. these hardy squats turned up with 2 Blitzers, 2 Runners, 7 Blockers and also hired Flint Churnblade and his Chainsaw. No Trollslayers were used (mainly as they werent painted and I like to try something different)

I went for a straight 6 skills on my Dwarfs and gave both Runners Block and four Blockers Guard. Not very imaginative but hey! then after Game 4 I gave both Blitzers Tackle.

The Tournament started extreamly well with copious ammounts of Tea and Doughnuts and the first round was drawn. I ended up with Humans.

So onto a quick round up of my six games:

Game 1 VS David Baker - Griffs Heroes (Humans)

David had a very nice human team which was converted from Cadian Imperial Guard figures with a very nice Ogre added. Unfortunately I steamrollered him most of the game and WON 2-1 with 4 CAS caused.

Game 2 VS Grant Botting - Iron Resolvers (High Elves)

Now I was unsure how I would fare against agility teams but I neednt have worried. The Iron Resolvers resolve completely crumbled as I continued to smack Elves about the pitch and WON 2-0 with 2 CAS caused.

Game 3 VS Thomas Culleton - Undercity Razorclaws (Skaven)

I really feel for Thomas as up till now he had been doing really well as he had a skilled up Rat Ogre and a Star Player. Then he got me! I totally raped his Rats. Firstly I got +2 FAME and then managed to slay the Skaven, stopping them from ever really getting across the half way line! I WON 2-0 with 4 CAS caused.

Game 4 VS Gav Biston - Bukaki Bandits (Amazons)

Utterly enjoyed this game, not for the fact that Dwarfs destroy Amazons but Gav was a fantastic player to play against and so sporting! Gav also had the distinction of gaining the Best Painted award as his Amazons were all converted Slannesh Deamonettes - utterly stunning. I WON 2-1 with 2 CAS caused.

Game 5 VS David Gleinster - Were Zombies Dare (Undead)

Well anyone who has read my blog will realise I know how awesome Undead are! This was a very tight game, remaining 1-1 right up until turn 16 where I had made a serious mistake on a Perfect Defence placement and then rolled a Skull rerolled Skull on a 1 die Blitz against his Ghoul. David took full advantage and managed to make a Dodge, Long Pass in a Tackle Zone followed by a Catch and a GFI to score I LOST 1-2 with 4 CAS caused.

Game 6 VS Jim BESTERs - Almost Stunties (Underworld)

Jim is a cracking player and I have had numerous good games against him over the years in different tournaments. Jim was using Underworld as he is trying to complete tournaments with every race in Bloodbowl (and he's bloody good with all of them) Jim scored pretty quickly but I couldnt capitalise on the rest of the first half. In the second half his defence was awesome and it was mainly down to a lucky mistake on his part that I managed to get a Runner break free and equalise. I DREW 1-1 with 3 CAS caused.

So at the end I had Won 4, Drew 1 and Lost 1. It was all down to points now to see if I had retained top spot as I had for most of the tournament. I must add that during all six games Flint Churnblade and his Chainsaw was utterly bloody useless and didnt contibute to anything at all!!!!!

The final standings were announced and I had won Most Casualties with 19 and even though David Gleinster and I were on equal points (73) he Won overall due to head to head results, leaving me with Runner Up.

Fully enjoyed the whole tournament and just missed out on my first NAF sanctioned Tournament win.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Bloodbowl Match Atrocity Exhibition vs Barak Varr Rebels

This match saw the Atrocity take on the Dwarven Rebels again but this time it was the Conference Semi Final.

Our gaming group has split the Bloodbowl league into two conference's, The Old World and the New World, the best teams make the conference final and the winners of each conference final then go onto the League Superbowl!!!

But first the Conference Semi-Final.

The weather was again perfect for a Bloodbowl match, Atrocity seemed to have a slight edge over the Dwarfs in baying fans and the local networks were all set up to broadcast what should be a damn good scrap...erm Bloodbowl game.

The Rebels set up their defence and kicked to the Atrocity who were suprised by a sudden Dwarf Blitz which crunched into a Wight who was too busy eying up a Banshee in the crowd! The Undead then started their merciless drive, with a Mummy KO'ing a Rebel Blocker straight away. Atrocity's Ghouls darted about the pitch, collecting the ball and passing it between them downfield.

The knocked down Wight feeling a bit peeved about being crunched in front of the delightful gaze of a Banshee stood up and Blitzed into a nearby Troll Slayer and gave him such a Serious Injury that it would be unlikely he would be returning to the game in the future, after the bedlam a few more Rebels players had been KO'd and Atrocitys Ghouls grind down the sidelines and score TOUCHDOWN 1-0 just on the stroke of halftime.

2nd Half and the disgruntled Dwarfs bring on a bloody Deathroller!!! Atrocity kick high and a Rebel Runner gets underneath the ball and collects. The Deathrolled steams into a pile of Zombies who's putrid body parts clogg up its Roller. The Rebels lose a Blocker after he is puched into the crowd but he manages to bash his way though to his reserves box.

An Atrocity Wight Blitzes another Blocker and gets a CAS and a pile of Zombies managed to knock the Deathroller over, gleefully moaning as the driver is bounced free and possibly could end up as Zombie Kibbles!!

The Rebels managed to push a Mummy out of the way who was blocking the flanks and pull of a pass action into the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN 1-1.

As the Rebels kick their portion of the fans cheer like mad appreciating that last move. Atrocity drive the ball and the crowd holds its breath (well those that do breath) as a Mummy piles on a Rebel player. as the Mummy stands a huge wet red stain is left where the Dwarf once was. The Ghouls free to use their agility due to the lack of Dwarfs on the pitch finally dance into the endzone to score TOUCHDOWN 2-1.

Atrocity win and roll forward to the Conference Final and a meeting with Norse!