Monday, 8 January 2018

Panzerfauste - Dwarf Grenadier Infantry Force

Hysterical Games produce some wonderful fantasy miniatures depicting WW1/WW2 tendencies. These include Orc's (British) Gnomes (French) Troglodytes (Polish) and Dwarves (German).

These are for the aforementioned Panzerfauste skirmish game and are produced in resin and are multipart miniatures, which go together very easily with little to no clean up or gapping.

I took advantage of a nice offer at Warfare wargames show and bought up a few sections of Dwarves which included the Command and Support units.

Below is a full section of infantry accompanied by some command models and support unit in the guise of a HMG and crew.
All painted by the rather good Little Ninja Painting but basing and terrain by myself.

Hauptman, Radio Op and Medic


Feldwebels with SMG

Sniper and Panzerfaustes

Grenadier Section

LMG and Ammo carrier

The Whole Force