Thursday, 21 September 2017

Test of Honour - Legend of the 5 Rings Scorpion Clan Force

Test of Honour by Warlord Games is a skirmish game played with roughly 5 - 20 models on each side (although it is possible and feasible to upscale to larger battles) Players start with a Samurai Hero and can add upto 2 extra Samurai and a number of troops from a large pool of available types. these include Ashigaru Spearmen, Archers and Teppo (musket) soldiers, Mounted warriors, Ronin, Renegades and Masked Men to name a few.

Battles are swift and bloody as players alternate acting with one of their warriors - moving and fighting to achieve the objective of the scenario, whether that may be cutting down the enemy, defending an outpost or finding and protective a spy.

As you play through the scenarios your Samurai will use new skills, and perhaps even take the shameful path of deceit and trickery to gain victory - such choices are the ultimate Test of Honour.
*txt borrowed from Warlord Games Website.

I have been massively interested in Japanese history and Samurai warfare,and was in two minds to make my own foray into Test of Honour along the historical lines. However I also love the Legend of the 5 Rings background and thought this game and its small model count would be ideal for the warring Clans.

So which Clan to do. I debated between Dragon, Crane and Scorpion but what swung my decision was the Ltd Ed Geisha miniature you received via pre-ordering the game deal. This mini would make a perfect Scorpion spy - so Scorpion Clan it was.

Now my hobby time has taken a serious hit lately due to real life constraints and health issues which mean I cant paint as much as I would like and recently I have sent some stuff to the very talented Littleninjapainting, so I sent off my force and below are the results. All painting of miniatures by Littleninjapainting. All scenery, Sashimono/Nobori banner decals and basing by myself.

I am really looking forward to getting this force on the table at the end of the month at the Warring States tournament being held at Warlord Games.

Scorpion Samurai

Mounted Retainer

Nobori, Ashigaru Gunso and Musician

Geisha Spy

Ashigaru Bowmen and Archery Gunso

Masked Men

Ashigaru Yari

Scorpion Clan