Saturday, 31 March 2018

Warring States 2 A Test of Honour Campaign Day - Part 2

Precluded in Part One.

Part 2 of the Campaign day held at Warlord Games and covers games three and four of the day.

Battle 3 - Village Supplies vs Scott (another one) 24 points

Bayushi Shoju after defeating the Phoenix and gaining a shorter route back to his own lands has been thwarted by the weather. With heavy snows covering the passes through the mountains, Shoju has been forced to find other paths.
Now finally out of the worst and on the descent towards Scorpion lands he has another issue, not enough supplies to complete the final journey. Fortunately the Scorpion lord has come across a bandit camp full of the devious Ronin's spoils.

Readying himself for combat Bayushi attacks.

Spotting a number of  objectives which could give the supplies needed, Bayushi maneuvers his troops towards them. Scorpion archers let fly stinged barbs and cause wounds on the Ronin defenders.

The Bandits and Ronin charge forward to force the Scorpion back but Bayushi storms forward and cuts down their Lieutenant, causing the bandits to waver. Bayushi follows on and starts to cleave through the bandit forces and then comes face to face with Chobei the bandits leader.

With swift attacks and the martial skill of a Samurai lord, Bayushi wounds Chobei whilst his troops dodge the multitude of arrows raining down from renegade bowmen. With the two leaders exchanging blows in the middle of the snow covered field, opposing archers trade shots, with the Scorpion gaining the upper hand.

Bayushi hacks down Chobei and his forces crumble. The Scorpion ransack the camp and gather up the much needed supplies without interruption.

Scorpion Win. Enemy Samurai defeated (well technically I defeated him as he wasnt taken off the board as we both didn't realise when I killed Chobei and he passed his test of honour that when I killed him again he passed again - you can only take one test of honour, after that your dead jim!)

My Samurai Hero survived.

Battle 4 - The Battle vs Paul (Spider Clan) 24 points

Well supplied after defeating the bandits, Bayushi Shoju is close to home. However in a small village on the border of the Scorpion lands, the dark warriors of the Spider Clan ambush the Scorpion. The Spider had taken advantage of Shojus absence and were raiding indiscriminately across Scorpion territory.

Shoju incensed at this invasion of his lands screams out at the Spider and hurtles headlong into the fray.

Straight away Scorpion attacks bear fruit and their arrows cut down Spider archers, whilst their Masked Men move further into the town. More arrows pierce Spider yari troops, but suddenly the remaining Spider archers find their mark and start causing casualties on the Scorpion.

Bayushi Hikoku suddenly see's a Spider Samurai and bellows a challenge whilst charging towards him. The fight is brief and Shoju's cousin stands victorious over the prone Spider. More Spider troops try and avenge their Lieutenant but Hikoku starts to cut through them as well.

Seeing his forces fall the Spider Leader calls out Hikoku and with a dishonorable actions manages to cut down the Scorpion. On the other side of town Bayushi Shoju decimates Spider troops and dispatches their sergeant as well, then out of the corner of his eyes see's Hikoku fall.

Distraught with losing his cousin Shoju flails wildly at any and all Spider troops near him. Whilst the Scorpion archers cause wounds on the Spider leader, Shoju chases down and kills the remaining Spider bowmen before, exhausted and arms aching from cleaving though enemy troops, being  cut down himself.

However the Spider Clan leader like all despicable, dishonorable raiders, seeing his remaining troops melt away at the fury of the Scorpion, makes his retreat. Bayushi Shoju is retrieved by his troops and his travelling Shugenja notices his very slight heartbeat.

The Scorpion will recover.

Scorpion Win. Enemy Samurai survived. My Samurai hero was defeated.

So four great games and amazingly four wins. Looking at the points tally I had earned throughout the day I thought I might be in with a shout of winning. Last year I had missed out by a few points.

Keiran and Jez the organizers (of a fantastic event) started to announce the winners of various awards. Best painted, best sportsman like etc... and then it came to the overall winner.

It was me!!! I had won Warring States SHOGUN 2018. Absolutely chuffed to say the least and cant wait for the next event.

Shogun (clear acrylic trophy!!)

A few of the amazing tables we got to play on


  1. Congratulations and well done! Great looking tables dude.

  2. Well done. Looks like a great day.