Tuesday, 19 August 2014

DUST Tactics starter game

My friend Callum recently aquired a load of DUST Tactics models, rules and accessories and was asking around for some one to try it out.

I had the first starter set by Fantasy Flight tucked away in a cupboard and have not played DUST for donkeys years so said I would have him round my house for a kitchen table bash.

Now I am not sure what it is about DUST Tactics but its a game that seems to never have hit it off fully in the UK, but the few games I played I have enjoyed it.

Anyway Callum arrived, we set the board up and let rip. Callum took the Axis and I had the Allies.

Axis Army

Lara (Sniper Hero)
Angela (Armoured Hero)
Tank Killers Unit
Ghosts (Scout Unit)
Command Unit
Stormtrooper Unit
Hans (Walker with Rockets)
Lothar (Nebelwerfer Walker)
Heinrich (Quad Gun Walker)
Ludwig (Big Gun Walker)

Allied Army
Bazooka Joe (Hero)
The Chef (Hero)
Gunners Unit
Recon Scout Unit
Tank Busters Unit
Command Unit
Honey (Phaser Light Walker)
Wildfire (Quad Gun Light Walker)
Pounder (Heavy Gun Walker)
Hotdog (Flamer Walker)

The game was set up with minimal scenery and cover tiles as we both went through the rules slow time to get a good grip of the game (the rules have changed slightly since the first edition - the small dots on the board tiles are now no longer used to mark LOS etc)

Units start of the board and come on in on the first turn they are activated. Its an Igo Ugo system and soon we both had our forces on the table and were knocking lumps out of each other. Little by little though my Allies gained the upper hand as Callums Axis Walkers were hitting me hard but my defence was just that little bit spawnier!!

With some excellent use of my Tank Busters and using my Command Actions to recall eliminated units I got the other hand and quickly destroyed the Axis army.

Overall a very fun game and I look forward to getting some extra units giving different force options.


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  1. Looks like a fun game. If you're after more Dust units, I'm looking to get rid of my horde as I just don't play it