Wednesday, 17 July 2013

7TV at Huntingdon Wargames Club - AAR

7TV – An exciting adventure with SPECTRUM

Episode 1 – “Holding Out”

SPECTRUM Agents have been led by World Army intelligence to the small town of Little Warbling on the Wold to investigate the reports that Universal Exports had been taken over by Mysteron's

The Prologue...
Penetrating deep into the centre of Little Warbling, SPECTRUM have completed the main mission at the Universal Exports main depot, but have now been pinned down by superior enemy numbers before they can make their escape. They must hold out until the imminent relief force arrives.......if they can!

Roll Title Sequence...

All is quiet on the streets of Little Warbling. (Terraced houses by Warbases)

The Universal Exports compound (Warehouse by Sarissa)

SPECTRUM have set up in a 12" square in the centre of the board with the Mysteron forces surrounding them on all sides, setting up within 4" of a table edge.

The attacking Mysterons have in the end phase a chance to Retrometabolise and return to play any one lost model, with no more than 1 Hit in the end phase on a 4+

From turn 4 onwards SPECTRUM must determine if Cloudbase has sent their relief force signalling the end of the game. On Turn 4 this will occur on a 1D6 roll of 6, if the relief force does not show up you must play another turn. Each additional turn the target number will reduce by 1.

And Action...

The Mysterons charge forward on all sides of Little Warbling hoping to quickly get the drop on  the SPECTRUM agents, fortunately for Captain Scarlet and his commrades they have managed to secrete themselves in the row of terraced houses and fortified the local pub.

After the mad rush of the Mysteron goons, Captain Scarlet exits the pub by the rear and takes cover in the car park, getting range on a goon who is just in the open accros the street he fires and takes him out. SPECTRUM have employed their Anti-Mysteron weaponry and no one is brought back.

Captain Orange stealthily moves towards the large bank of hedgerow and trees near the south of Little Warbling hoping to snipe the Mysteron commander.

More Mysteron goons move towards the main street and a few let rip with their SMG's at the pub windows, fortunately the pub is well made and the SPECTRUM agents inside or suitably protected. Captain Ochre sights a goon hiding behind a post box and using her telescopic sight takes him out easily enough.

The Mysteron's on the north side of Little Warbling ignoring their casualties press on against the Agents in the pub whilst their Commander takes position in the house opposite. The south side Mysteron forces charge across the street taking position at the corner of the post office whilst a few let rip at Captain Orange with a lucky shot being soaked up by his body armour.

From behind the church of St Mondas more Mysteron forces appear with a pack of slavering hounds.

Captain Orange sights his rifle and takes a goon out whilst Captain Ochre bursts out of the pubs main enterance and wings the Mysteron Commander hiding next to the telephone box at the end of the street. Again thanks to their Anti-Mysteron weapons, no goons were retrometabolised.

The dog handlers release their hounds and they hurtle snarling towards the unprotected rear of Captain Orange. With 3 snarling snapping attack dogs lurching at him, Captain Orange reverses his rifle and starts laying about the dogs with its butt. At the end of the swirling melee Orange is still bleeding heavily....but standling, whilst prone dogs lie at his feet.

The Mysteron Commander returns fire on Captain Ochre and wounds her whislt Captain Magenta and Scarlet charge over to the north side Mysterons and engage in combat.

Suddenly a roar of SPV engines are heard on the outskirts of town and Angel Interceptors fly over head. The relief force has arrived and the remaining Mysterons quickly disappate with the forboding words....We kow you can hear us Eathmen, you may have defeated us this time but the War of Nerves against you will continue!!!

Roll Credits...

SPECTRUM: Captains Scarlet, Blue, Ochre, Magenta and Orange.

MYSTERON's: Retrometabolised members of Universal Exports.

(I apologise for the attrocious photos)


  1. Universal Exports - thats a bit cheeky LoL

    1. It was actually Universe Imports but as I typed it up I kept doing UE without thinking, though ah sod it cant be bothered re-editing haha.

  2. Thoughouly enjoyable. I will definitely tune in again for the next episode. And I know all the boys at school will be talking about it tomorrow it is very likely to become "must watch TV"

  3. Cheers Clint, might be a few scheduling problems due to a new forthcoming Oriental Fantasy series (alot of Bushido games planned) but the 7TV episode will be back soon this summer.

  4. Sweet great batrep, makes me want to get some TLS now :D