Sunday 14 April 2024

Salute 2024

Another year and another Salute show. To tell the truth this year I have been a bit jaded over the hobby, what with the lack of being able to get to my local wargames club and a serious painting block, the black dog has been hanging off my back for a while.

However, I was persuaded to go and actually I had a good time, mainly due to the wonderful receptions I received from various friends I know in the industry and the hobby as a whole.

Notable mentions go out to Alex, Rob and Dawn at Warp Miniatures, a wonderful family with a great line of miniatures for the Arcworlde game. Karl and Helena as always at Crooked Dice are great to see and I might have spent most of my funds on stuff here. Ronnie at Mantic is always a charm to talk too - not only discussing the new Halo game they are doing but putting the world to rights over football, being mutual supports of Man City.

Michal and Jo at Oathsworn are another example of the wonderful type of people who have smaller miniature and game lines and their Burrows and Badgers line are one of my favourites. Last but not least Wayne at Tangent miniatures is a gleaming gent and there are more and apologies if they are not named in one big long list.

Onto the show - the hall was massive and always as mentioned by numerous bloggers, the light is not the best but there are a lot of great photos on various peoples blogs and on Facebook groups. This year seemed extremely well attended (7000odd I believe) with traders all seeming to be doing great business. The games on show however, in my opinion, lacked a certain something. Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of fabulous looking games on show - notably the massive 28mm scale Titan Battle by the Titan owners club, but I found maybe most were small and didn't really stand out and as much as the majority of people who host games, either demo, participation or show, there are still the odd few which seem just to be doing it for themselves and are hard to approach.

Anyway a great show hosted by the South London Warlords who do a wonderful job and I did have a good time, albeit this was the first year ever I left before the show ended.

Massive queue even 1/12 hours before doors open as usual

Star Wars Cosplay - some awesome costumes

Pirate living history and their cannons

I do like cannons

Titan Owners Club massive Titan Battle

A Small selection of the various games on show

Epic Space Marines vs Tyranids

Vietnam Skirmish

Gangs of Rome 2nd Edition

Halo from Mantic

Fallout Factions from Modiphius

This was a cracking WW1 game of Germans defending the trenches against a British Attack at night. I had a demo game near the end of the day and the guys running it were marvellous - to my shame though I cant remember the groups name that put it on.

Magrethea Builder of Worlds Burrows and Badgers Siege Game

2024 Bloggers Meet Up

Present were: Myself, Big Lee, Ray Rousell, Postie, Tamsin, Mike Whitaker, Ken Reilly, Mike Sayce, Chris and David and others.

A small haul this year



  1. Great to see you at the bloggers' meetup! :)

    The big question is - how the hell did I manage to miss that "Pirate living history" display?

    1. Aye the cannons definitely stood out lol

  2. Great to see you again Carl , there were some great games on show once again! And thanks for the team photo too!

    1. And you mate. Always a pleasure with you rejects :-)

  3. Great report Carl, and thanks for showing the photo. I only realised when I saw the caption that you 'follow' my blog, if I had known I would have said hello! Looks like you are the chap next to Ken 'Yarkshire Gamer' (blue shirt) on the right of him - I am the bloke stood just on the other side of Ken!

    1. Thanks for the comments David. No worries, we will catch up next year at the meet