Monday, 5 June 2023

UK Games Expo 2023

Well it looks like the last few years of Covid is well and truly over (or ignored) as this years UK Games Expo was absolutely jam packed with exhibitors, traders, cos players etc. 

I was working as a games demonstrator again this year, and again I had the privilege to be working for Ares Games - the last few years I have had the same gig and its testament to how well Roberto, Fabio and Christoph at Ares thinks I and the rest of the crew do that they keep requesting the same people to demo for them.

Last year it was recorded that over 35000 people had attended, but this years figures blew that out of the water - it is estimated that the weekend saw over 50000 attendees, with the organisers even considering stopping people from attending on the Saturday due to the high numbers (and H&S Fire regulations).

I really enjoy the UK Games Expo and its one of the only places I go that no one cares if you differ from the norm - everyone is accepted with no judgement -all walks of life from small children and their families to the old and bold of the hobby, race, nationality, creed, background, gender etc everything and anything goes and is celebrated without a demeaning glance, comment or objection.

All are here for the same thing, celebrate the hobby and have fun.

The photos below show the main reason I love attending this convention - friends! the amount of people that came over to see me and get friends selfies as well as the chances I got to wander the halls and meet up with people who couldn't get over to me, it is seriously humbling to know how many people from all walks of life I have in my life.

On Ares stand we demo'd a number of games ranging from a Massive Quartermaster General 1914 game on the central tables to new published games, Orcanomics, Ensemble, Cangaceiros and the Rich and the Good as wells as the War of the Ring card game.

As per last year, on the Sunday we ran a massive multiplayer Wings of Glory dogfight with around 26 players, with prizes doled out constantly by Roberto to those who shot down planes as well as monetary vouchers for those shot down (this certainly helped to clear the stock on the shelves after the event as people flocked to spend their vouchers) 

I don't know this one blokes name but Kudos to the gent who over hearing a young lad was a voucher short of buying a plane model duly handed over one of his.

Highlights of the show, seeing so many wonderful people and catching up with the boys and girls from the No Rolls Barred YouTube channel.

An amazing three days and next years event cant come quick enough.

The Crowds


Around the Show

Wings of Glory mass Dogfight







The Ares Crew

Back Row L-R
Lawrence, Chris, Chris, Tim, Roger, Craig, Alex, Ed
Front Row L-R
Chris, Aggie, Carl, Roberto, Hannah, Fabio, Christoph

The Haul


  1. Looks a fun event Carl. By the looks of it you had a great time.

  2. Looks like a great event! I can tell by the smile on your face you had a great time.