Saturday, 21 January 2023

Xenos Rampant - First Game

 I, along with my friend Nic, just had our first game of Xenos Rampant.

 After reading some very exciting and enthusiastic reviews for this new game, set alongside the same type of rules from other Rampant series games by the Author Daniel Mersey (Published by Osprey) we were looking forward to organising our forces and getting our starter game in.

Miniature agnostic and a game that can be played in any scale really,  we went for 15mm as we had a multitude of 15mm Sci Fi miniatures that we had already got for games like Gruntz and Tomorrow's War, it gave us a depth of options for a 24 point force. 

This however didn't stop the usual butterfly shiny habit and I delved into Alternative Armies website and ordered myself a brand new Grey Alien force! 

The Alien Commander with his detachment of invasion troops had recently attacked and sacked a Federal Stats Europa (FSE) research facility to recover a horde of stolen tech from previously downed UFO strike flyers.

Whilst preparing to transfer these to the Mothership an FSE detachment attacked!

We chose to do a simple Sweep and Clear Scenario from the rulebook and although we had built our force and chose which unit would be our Commander. Before a game you roll randomly for a commander trait to be added, this can be from a number of tables to make him either a Tactical, Strategic or Warlord type etc.
Both of us rolled traits that would not really impact this first game - this is not unusual!
Another D6 roll and Nic ended up as the Attacker and I the Defender, Nic would go first after deployment.

The Battlefield - Greys bottom Right, FSE Top Left deployment

Greys spread out to defend whilst waiting on the Mothership

FSE Detachment launch their attack

FSE Infantry try to flank

Greys after taking fire and seeing some infantry retreat, send forward a UFO

After some hectic firefights the Aliens send forth their Mechanoid Dominator Spheres and Cyber Cows to draw out the FSE infantry to engage in melee which the Grey Commander thought would give him the upper hand.

However the Assault Doctrine of the FSE along with some steadfast courage, saw the Cyber Cows being moo'd (mowed) down although they did cause some casualties.

The Dominators though, smashed into the remaining FSE troops and with whirling blades of death, decimated the lightly armoured infantry.

With both detachments commanders being killed (unfortunately no pics of this course of the battle) it was left to the Armoured vehicles to take control of the battlefield.

UFO finally gets the advantage and Heat Ray's the Tank

FSE Field Laser finally takes down the UFO

With the smoking, spiralling UFO finally hitting the ground and exploding the remaining few Grey Aliens were captured and sent of to the Neu Parisian Science labs for vivisection.

A cracking fun game, a few mistakes in the beginning, mainly the interpretation of sorting hits to strength points removed and the failure of certain order tests for units can seriously derail your plan.

Really looking forward to getting some more games of Xenos Rampant and the Grey Aliens will be looking at invading the Federal Stats Europa with superior force and exacting revenge.


  1. Great looking game Carl. I like the roads.

  2. Thanks Ben. The roads are the ones available for Flames of War/Team Yankee.