Thursday, 29 April 2021

Blood Bowl Ogre Team

So after a long hiatus due to mostly chasing the black dog around and been maxed out with real life and the military, I have finally sat down and completed my Ogre Blood Bowl team. 

Took me a while longer than I’d liked and still not 100% happy as my eyes are getting worse since turning 50, and painting Gnoblars was a struggle. 

However here they are. 

The Ash Mountain Stormers


  1. They look great. Are you using magnifying glasses? My painting took a step up one I got some and could actually see what I was doing.

    In other news, I once won a league with an Ogre team. It wasn't easy, as the first few games are really hard work, but I found that opponents often overlook the little guys and focus on the Ogres, which is something you can use against them

    Scoring with Gnoblars from inside and Ogre cage really annoys people.