Thursday, 20 September 2018

Adeptus Titanicus 2018

I grew up in the golden age of Games Workshop Specialist games. Those were the heady days of Man O War, Necromunda, Epic Space Marine, Gorkamorka and many others. One game I absolutely loved was Adeptus Titanicus and Epic Titan Legions. 

Unfortunately in the years gone by with house moves and life etc I have lost/mislaid all my old original stuff which is rather upsetting (I know they are only toys but it's still gut wrenching to have some of your old collection gone)

However. Salvation of a sort. Games Workshop have reintroduced the game. Albeit slightly changed from the original and in a WAY larger scale and also a WAY higher cost point. 

Now I'm not going to go into the cost. Some people are put off by it as was I to begin with. However I was in a position to get a discounted Grand Master Started set so didn't think twice. 

Adeptus Titanicus Grand Master Set

THESE are some DAMN fine TITAN models!!!

So far I have built the scenery (see pic below) these are great multi part buildings that you can build on a number of configurations and even stack on top of each other to raise the height of buildings. I will be looking at getting a few more sprues but I also have some old Dropzone Commander Card building which will work extreamly well for a city fight. 

I have also built and magnetised the two Warlord Titans. These have been done with 5mm x 1mm disc magnets and will allow me to exchange the weapon configurations when the release the new upgrades. 

Both Warlords have been sprayed with Leadbelcher and washed liberally with Nuln Oil before some small bits picked out with Balthasar Gold. 

Warlord Skeleton in its assembled bits.
Warlord Torso's Glued on, Weapons and Hardpoints Magnatized.
Very nice modular Scenery assembly

Next update will be after more painting on the skeletons before I then go onto the mass of armour panels that will be attached. 


  1. Replies
    1. Yes I know it's a tadge expensive but considering how much you can spend on a 40k army. Like I said some people might have issues with the cost but I was in a position to treat myself and got a discount.

  2. I too used to have the originals and I still have some epic stuff around here somewhere, would love to get back in to it, the new stuff looks the business!

    1. Just got a new Reaver Titan kit and it's bloody awesome. Loving the new larger scale.

  3. I have NEVER played "Epic" at all. I do like 6mm sci fi though so it may be for me. But then I do not like GW or the universe they have, So maybe not. I am at present undecided.

    1. If your undecided I'd say leave it. There is another company that do 6mm large titanesque models but I can't remember the name of them.

  4. Vanguard do both 3mm and 6mm Titan type units: Food for thought for those on a budget maybe? The AT rules are apparently sold separately too. Good luck with yours :)