Saturday, 20 February 2016

Warploque Miniatures - Arcworlde - Albionnicans

I'm finally finished painting my main force of troops for Arcworlde. The cracking fantasy skirmish game by Warploque Miniatures.

So far I have two large blocks of troops, one with Halberds and one with Crossbows. Leading these intrepid soldiers are a Captain and rugged Sergeant accompanied by a converted Standard Bearer. 

Again the Standard Bearer is converted  from a Warploque Halberdier and an GW Empire banner. You cannot purchase it, but if your quick and go to the Boglin Bazar on Warploques website you might be able to pick up a special Standard bearer model as well as a few other specialities. I can especially recommend the Giant!

Albionnican Command Group - Captain, Sergeant and Standard.

Albionnican Halberdiers

Albionnican Crossbows

Forward for his most Albionnicanic Majesty!!