Wednesday 11 July 2012

7TV - SPECTRUM is Green

I have had 3 days off work and with having some me time, got down to some painting as I have been struggling of late with my enthusiam for painting. I suffer from a severe spinal injury and the pain it causes ruins my ability to paint for prolonged periods.

Which as a very slow painter causes untold misery.

Anyway I have finally managed to make a start on the wonderful Not Captain Scarlet/Time Lift Security miniatures from Crooked Dice and sculpted by the marvelous Ian Mountain.

Captain Scarlet - Mr Indestructible

The start of Spectrum

Captain Scarlet, Captain Blue, Captain Grey, Captain Magenta, Captain Brown

Unfortunately at time of writing this post the individual pictures of the colour coded captains did not turn out very well. These will be re-posted along with the forthcoming other members of Spectrum as well as the ground troops and Angel Pilots.

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