Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Cruel Seas - Warlords new Naval Game

Warlord Games WW2 Coastal Naval Game - Cruel Seas.

As mentioned in my previous post, I attended Warlord Games open day and played a game of their forthcoming WW2 Coastal Naval Game - Cruel Seas.

Mostly set around Motor Torpedo Boat actions and releasing in December with a starter set then six resin starter fleets all in 1/300 scale for the following forces:

Royal Navy
Regia Marina (Italians)
Imperial Japanese Navy 
US Navy
Russian Navy

Another thing that was mentioned was that once stuff is released, crew miniatures might be made available for the vessels.

As well as demonstrating the game, they also had first production runs of the plastic sprues for the boats included in the starter set. These were for the Royal Navy's Vosper Class MTB's and the Kriegsmarine S-Boats. 

Two boats per sprue and you can make two different class boats each. 

These however were first production runs and not the finished product. The S-Boat sprue was missing a forward deck gun and even though the Vospers were complete every boat had a small issue with the pilot house not lining up or sitting flush. 

But with a little bit of file work I don't think they have turned out too bad. Really like the look of this and will be seriously looking at picking it up in December. 

Sprues. Vospers at bottom. S-Boats on top. 

Early War RN Vosper MTB

Late War RN Vosper MTB

Kriegsmarine S-100 Schnellboot

Kriegsmarine S-38 Schnellboot


  1. Did anyone mention size, could these be 1/300 - 1/285 scale?
    If so they cry out for a crew

    1. Yes. Sorry I'll edit the post. The scale is 1/300 and yes crew will be available.

  2. Bugger...I've already got boats in 1:600 & 1:1200...I'm going to end up getting these in 1:300 as well, aren't I!! :)

    1. Yes. Yes you are. Just like the rest of us haha

  3. Ditto Alastair, I suspect I'll succumb to at least the Germans and Russians

    1. And the Italians and the Japanese just cause they'll have saipans.

  4. Replies
    1. Yep. These and the resin ships are getting lots of attention.

  5. Replies
    1. And they are just the first print runs. Will be amazing tidied up.

  6. Oh dear, I foresee a heavy Christmas hit on my wallet

  7. Painted mine that came with the magazine, but Oh Oh My... I have got to do something about the awful masts on the Vospers, who on earth sculpted those!