Friday, 30 January 2015

Across the Dead Earth Scenic Additions

Finally getting back into my Post Apocalyptic gaming and especially Across the Dead Earth. So I though I would have a bash at putting some terrain/scenic pieces together as I am seriously lacking at the moment, only having the usual crates, barrels and sandbag type scatter terrain.

So what to do? the odd piece here and there or start a full project? Well I have plumped to try and get enough bits done to make a Post Apoc/rundown old airfield. This will have a Control Tower, additional buildings in various states of repair, Security fences, abandoned/rusty vehicles, crashed helicopter and a large transport aricraft as a centre piece.

Here are the first additions (as I had them to hand straight away)

A few rusty abandoned military vehicles, these came from Poundland as a set of 3 Police 4x4's and after a quick respray and rusting up, I think they look quite the part. They were sprayed black as an undercoat then the wreck was given a basecoat of GW Tin Bits after which GW Rust was applied with the stipple method. The other two were basecoated with a spray of olive drab then patches of GW Tin Bits applied followed by more Rust stippling.

My crashed helicopter (also useful for them Zombie games) another Poundland special. This was pull cord motorised toy and needed the large workings removed from underneath the fuselage. No problem, a quick hack job and instant crashed damaged chopper! The helicopter was not repainted in anyway, only a wash of GW Rinox Hide and Agrax Earthshade was applied to dirty it up.


The base is made from a GW forest base, with an added skeleton body from my bits box.