Sunday, 20 October 2013

Minion Games UK Open day & Bushido Demo's

A good friend and colleague from my local wargames club in Huntingdon has recently started his own business, in which he has commenced trading as an online Wargames Supply Webstore.

The name of this venture is Minion Games UK . Now as he has only just started the webstore has a very limited amount of stock listed but this will obviously change in due course.

Callum who runs Minion Games put on an open day to promote his business and people were able to turn up at the local club and bring and play. The majority brought board and card games and some very fun games of Spartacus, Dreadball, Bloodbowl Team manager and Zombies!! were had.

I also took the opportunity of hosting a few more Bushido demo's, below are just a few pics.


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  1. Just had a look at Minion Games. Nothing for me yet, but with luck in the future. So I wish the guy luck with the venture.

    1. Cheers for taking the time to have April at his site Clint. Fledgling at the mo I know but hopefully soon will be on a bigger scale.