Friday, 25 October 2013

Dropzone Commander PHR vs UCM Battle Report

The Comm channel activated and the War Force Leader's voice resonated from the speaker system. "Commander your new mission is to obtain valuable assests that have been located in the lower districts of Mica City situated on the Planet Siliconia. The UMC are already in a position of force on this planet as they have been seek and destroying large Scourge build ups. This is to a lightning Raid with small battlegroups. I want you in and out in six cycles with those objectives - do you understand your orders?"
The Commander aknowledged his Force Leader and immediately set about readying his battle groups for the mission.

 Last night Callum and I played the Lightning Raid scenario from the Dropzone Commander starter set. Callum took his United Colonies of Mankind troops, whilst I deployed my Post Human Republic forces.
   The scenario is balanced in that both forces have the same aim - locate objectives detected inside a group of structures. There are 3 objectives and a victory point is awarded for each one being held at the end of the game. 2 victory points are award for each one that is recovered off the table.
Table edge was determind and the UCM won initiative (a trend that would echo throughout the game) Callum elected for me to go first.

Turn 1. My PHR Immortal (Infantry) Battlegroup deployed first and its dropship screamed straight down the table to the middle objective. The UCM came in on its left flank with its Anti-Air Battlegroup. PHR then flew in its Anti-Tank group and the Ares battlewalkers were dropped.

UCM countered with its Anti-Tank group and these dropped onto the large central park. Finally the PHR zipped down the right with its Anti-Air and these stayed slung under the dropship.

Turn 2. The UCM gained the initiative again and the sabre tanks let rip with their railguns at the PHR Anti-Tank walkers. All 3 tanks hit but the PHR armour held and no damage was caused. The PHR Immortals searched for the objective but couldnt find it and their dropship made a piloting error and the UCM Anti-Air unit tooked full advantage and shot it out of the sky!

Return fire from my Ares battle walkers took out a few UCM tanks and then the UCM infantry APCS were dropped close to their nearest objective but got caught short from cover. The PHR Anti-Air was dropped and moved into position.

Turn 3. UCM took the initiative again and the Sabre tank unit scooted into cover away from my walkers murderous fire. PHR Ares walkers move up and destroy a few UCM Anti-Air tanks. UCM Condor dropships launch missiles and the centre building and a few Immortals inside are killed by falling debris.

PHR Anti-Air walkers turn their fire on the UCM Infantry group dropship and send it screaming into the ground where it explodes in a devastating fireball. In return the UCM remaining Anti-Air puts some damage on a PHR dropship. Both forces infantry are ineffective finding the relevant objectives.

Turn 4. PHR finally win the initiative and fire its Ares walkers but completely fluff their shots. UMC let rip with more missiles at the central building and manage to get debris damage on enough Immortal infantry to wipe out a stand. the PHR dropship on the right launches its missiles and takes out a Bear APC while the UCM infantry again fail to find an objective.

The PHR infantry reeling from the missile barrage fail to find anything but do combine all their small arms fire against a closing UCM dropship and manage to hit a vital component forcing the dropship to plummet into the ground. The other PHR infantry squad hurtle across open ground in their APC and garrison the right hand side structure were another objective is said to be located.

Turn 5. UCM are back with the initiative and their infantry carry out an extensive search of the building but again find nothing. The PHR troops have similar luck in both buildings they occupy but more combined small arms put damage on the last remaining UMC dropship. The opposing armour groups trade shots but although many hits are caused, armour saves the day.

Turn 6. Both sides have had a battering and its the UCM which still hold the initiative and there infantry make a concerted effort but still cant find the elusive asset! The PHR knowing that they must withdraw after this cycle make detail sweeps on both buildings and finally just as the extraction forces are inbound the remaining troops in the central structure, battered, bleeding, bruised but steadfast come across the all important asset.

The Immortals trudged wearily onto the extraction transports and the Commander hits the comm-link. The War Leaders face looms close into the screen. "Excellent work commander, at least this single asset we have gained will give us a huge insight into the Shaltari factions supplying the Resistance members in this Star system. We have our own major agenda and your work today has given us a headstart against those infernal Xenos"

A thoroughly enjoyable game, even if it was just using the starter set units. I had some great luck in that although Callum kept the initiative for most turns, his main tank unit couldnt damage me and I got free rein to control the battlefield. Some atrocious searching by all infantry units meant that we were locked down to sitting in buildings trying to find the illusive objectives.


  1. Nice report the table and miniatures look great.

  2. The miniatures and table are especially cool, good batrep Carl.

  3. Cheers Fran. The card terrain set from Hawk Wargames is brilliant.

  4. Great game and +1 on the cool table count!

    1. Thanks Paul. Easy to make a cool table with such great designed terrain.

  5. Beautiful town, really impressive...

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Phil.

  6. DZC does look good if it plays as well as it looks I could be swayed into getting it. I am tempted the more I see it. Nice report it makes it seem very accessible.