Thursday, 20 June 2013

Blog Prize Winner

Last month I started commenting on the very good Blog Exiles Painting Blog run by James, as he was doing a prize givaway for celebrating his 3rd blogging anniversay.

Now there have been quite a few of these givaways floating around lately and I even did one of my own for my 1st Anniversay which was very well received. However I have never really been in the running to win anything as its amazing how some people can comment indefinately !!!

But..........the prize gods have finally smiled upon me, the draw was concluded on the 12th June and I have won first prize/grab/gimme lots on James blog.

I have a choice of:

  • 15mm SYW Prussian Cav (I dont play 15mm anything)
  • 10mm Sudan, Britsh and Sudan miniatures (a fantastic amount but again not a scale or period I play)
  •  6mm ACW and British Napoleonic Armies (again cracking amounts of lead but of no use to me)
  • 10 28mm IDaleks and 10 28mm Swat with Dr miniature. (I already have tons of Dr Who Black Tree stuff)
  • 15mm FOW Germans (Another game I dont play)
  • 28mm Rorkes Drift Characters - brilliant painted models but of no use.
  • Painting service for 20 x 28mm miniatures.

Oh yes I hear the wife cry! your picking the painting service. No more bloomin lead you wont use, get some of your pile painted. So SWMBO is, and I like many other husbands who may say they dont, does as he's told - That was actually what I was going to pick anyway but dont tell the wife - let her think shes in control ;-)


  1. Congratulations and well deserved too

  2. Well done. All the prizes are very nice but having something painted is always a lovely thing!

  3. Congratulations mate. Its cool to have painted stuff by somebody else. Specially somebody you know online.