Monday, 20 August 2012

Dystopian Legions


Spartangames have just high-lighted on there website as well as at Gencon 2012 concepts and information for their new 28MM tabletop game.

As per their website - DYSTOPIAN LEGIONS will be a fast-paced, action-packed 28mm scale tabletop game set in the exciting world of Dystopian Wars, where Victorian super science fiction has created a fascinating and brutal arena for a deadly world war.

Having brought carnage to the Dystopian battlefields with giant tanks, massive airships and technologically advanced naval vessels it is now time to get up close and personal with your warfare. It is up to your platoons of infantry to storm enemy positions, capture towns, secure strategic objectives and devastate rival nations.

Infantry sections are stated as being the building block of Dystopian Legions, but Spartan Games have siad they will create so much more for gamers to build their armies with. Also available for battlefield commanders will be elite infantry units, section upgrades, mechanised walkers, tankettes, armoured personnel carriers and special characters, such as leaders and scientists who can inspire your men and cause fear in the enemy.

And if that isn’t enough they are going to create full scale battle tanks, stoked full of detail and delivered in glorious high quality resin.

The game will be scalable from a small number of models right the way up to a full blown company of men with armoured support. A modular approach to army building will guarantee the game embraces further new releases and game expansions. Dystopian Legions will feature a range of high quality pewter and resin models.

It will be interesting to see when they release the rules and the army building formula wether this game will run along the lines of Secrets of the Third Reich Weird World War 2 rules or the newly anticipated Warlord Games Bolt Action rules.

Another instance will be the cost. At Present the Dystopian Wars line of models is quite well costed and good value for money in my opinion, plus their resin casting is of the highest standards. Hopefully this will be transcribed across to the much larger vehicles they now plan on releasing.

Below are the four main nations of Dystopian Legions. If you click on list of nations links below they will take you to the Spartan Games page where you can see more information and concept art.

Kingdom of Britannia

Prussian Empire

Federated States of America

Empire of the Blazing Sun

Dystopian Legions Gallery


  1. The ninjas would do it for me anyway they will be certainly a must buy!

  2. Agreed.. was the first page I opened up, and jaw to ground immediately! Nice post..

  3. Interesting. Makes the Dystopian Wars world just that little more deeper.

  4. This sounds cool! I liked the look of the Dystopian thing, but not the scale. If they do it in 28mm I probably wont be able to resist...

  5. @ Scott. Dystopian Legions will be in 28mm scale.