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7TV - 7tar Wars Game -These are the Droids your looking for.

The other night at my local wargaming club I hosted a 7TV game which I had adapted so I could use my collection of Wizards of the Coast Star Wars collectible pre-painted miniatures.

The majority of the miniatures I was going to use came from the very first set: Rebel Storm, which was of the hightest quality and the pre-paint work was extreamly good. Unfortunately as sets went on the quality, sculpts and painting became considerabley worse (although the price went up!!!)

After deciding I was going to run a 7tar Wars scenario, I got to work on thinking what I could put together and what the setting would be. I chose two fairly equal generic forces, one a Rebel Trooper Platoon led by two Heroic Co-Stars, reinforced with a Rebel Trooper section with Speeder Bike and a Rebel Alien contingent.

The other Force were ubiqutous Stark White Armoured Stormtoopers, led by a Imperial General Star, reinforced by a Scout Trooper section with Speeder Bike as well as some Imperial Army troops.

The Rebels although having no Star, had the advantage in numbers.

So with the forces worked out, I set down to design some stats: Every miniature had either a Blaster Pistol, Blaster Carbine or a Blaster Rifle. I used the stats from the main rulebook for the High Calibre Pistol/Rifle and SMG but kept everything at single shot, 4+ to hit and St 4. One miniature in the Rebel Commandos and Imperial Scouts also had Sniper Rifle at 32" Range, single shot 3+ hit St4.

Speeder Bikes acted as per Motorbikes in the main rules but were armed with Blaster Cannon, stats as per SMG. All basic troops had Defence 4, however Stormtroopers had Body Armour. Rebel Scouts had Concealment and Infiltrate, whilst the Star and Co-Stars were worked out as per main rules.

The Rebel Aliens had normal stats then I worked in a few foilibles. The Mon Calamari had Aquatic, the Wookie could move quicker and was stronger and the Sullustran being short and techy moved 5 but had repair.

Now onto the game. I designed a scenario which added elements of a Gather and a Raid Scenario - so we had the 6 six numbered objective counters to be placed, along with two Astromech Droids that needed to be found.

Hence the Scenario - These are the Droids your looking for.

Both players starter with placing the numbered objective counters, 3 each in each others deployment area and then set up their battle line. Turn 1 and the Imperials won the initiative and started their activations. Four Stormtrooper ran from the woods and jumped down the hill onto the nearest objective marker, unfortunately two of them failed their Agility rolls and ended up stunned (for the whole game as they never got to remove the status!!!)
The Scout Troopers and other Troops made their moves and the Imperial General Meers gained the first Objective and imediately found a wayward Astromech. Now all he had to do was determine the extent of any damage, re-program the droid and get it of the board.
The Rebels activated for their turn one and it only consisted of movement, although the Commando section and Speeder Bike rushed forward to take the central wood.

Turn Two and again the Imperials gained the initiative. General Meers passes his Intelligence check and determines that the Astromech has some damaged servos. The Scouttrooper descend the hill  and Stormtroopers take up advantages positions to start firing upon the Rebels. The Scout Trooper Sniper did manage to take a shot at a forward advancing Rebel Trooper but the shot only managed to hit a rock.

Rebel Commandos advance again into and around the central wood with the Speeder bike opening fire, trying to take out the stunned Stormtroopers but to no avail. Rebel Troopers move forward on the right and look towards flanking the Scout Troopers. A few loose shots were exchanged this turn and both The Imperials and Rebels lost a Trooper.

Turn Three.  Initiative to the Imperials. General Meers gets the Astromech repaired and re-programmed and looks to recovering it in the following turns. Both sides take the remaining objectives, although the actual outcome of these still remains unknown.

As both the Imperials and Rebels have closed the gap, deadly laser fire lit up the battlefield with numerous Rebel Troopers mown down in a hail of Blaster fire. Both Stormtroopers and Scout Troopers lost a few men but their Blast Proof armour kept many in the fight.

Turn 4. Rebels win the Initiative and the Troopers on the right start to overwhelm the Scout Troopers. The Scout on the Speeder Bike is blasted from the saddle and the Bike careers into the hillside to explode magnificently.

A few of the Commandos along with a howling Wookie assault the central bunker complex, but the Stormtroopers and Imperial Troops in residence remain resolute.

The Rebels at this time find the second absconded Astromech and determine that it has no damage at all.

Turn 5. Imperials win initiative and open fire. Murderous blaster fire rips down the hill and decimates the Rebel Troops. One of the Rebel Co-Stars is slain and the other is wounded. The remaining Rebels remain unshaken and respond. General Meers is wounded even though he was scuttleing away with Astromech in tow.

The Droid found by the Rebels is swiftly re-progammed and made ready to move to the waiting transports.

Turn 6. Last turn and again the Imperials win initiative. General Meers exits the field of battle with the Astromech and sends it via Lambada Shuttle back to Lord Vader. The Wookie in the woods is swiftly despatched by numerous shots from the remaining Imperial troops and a Stormtrooper takes a wild shot at the Rebel with the Droid, trying to stop him from gaining what could be vital information. He missed!

The Rebels retreat and the Droid is recovered.

At the end of the game both sides gained VP's for recovering a Droid. The Rebels had lost a Co-Star and had one injured whilst the Imperials had their Star injured giving them a slight edge. Totalling up the objective points, both sides were equal but in the end the Imperials controlled more of the table and had forced the Rebels to take a Morale check so the Imperials won.

Both sides had great fun and I really enjoyed running the game. Next time I am going to do a few story linked Scenarios based on Tatooine.



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  1. LMAO Brilliant use of the 7TV rules and it shows how versatile they really are superb!