Thursday, 26 July 2012

7TV - More colours of SPECTRUM (plus a re-base)

More colours of the SPECTRUM as promised, plus a little re-basing.

As much as I like the Micro Art Infinity bases that I started to base my SPECTRUM miniatures on, I did wonder if they were a bit too much. The majority of my 7TV/Spy Fi stuff is being based simply so it will all match, but I fancied doing something a bit different with the Captain Scarlet stuff.

Trouble was getting hold of extra bases as I have about 30 Spectrum miniatures and not enough bases. Antenocitisworkshop used to sell them and even though they are listed on the web site, are no longer in stock and wont be ordered. Maelstrom dont stock them either, and they are a pain to order from bloody Poland.

That coupled with the fact I had a nightmare over Captain Ochre and Orange bases I threw a girly tantrum and in the fit of pique went sod it and rebased the lot. You know what? I am happier now they are on plain bases  :)

Anyway here is the update. Captains Ochre/Orange and Indigo. I have gone with a Female Ochre as per the newer animated series (quite good in my opinion and shame was cancelled after 2 series) as well as Orange who was only shown holding a rifle (hence the conversion) at Blacks funeral and Indigo as a black, bearded agent again as per the animated series (as in the origional Indigo was shown only in civilian clothing.

 Captain Ochre                    Captain Orange                      Captain Indigo
And just to show the the others rebased.

Captain Grey                      Captain Magenta                         Captain Brown

Captain Scarlet                                   Captain Blue
Next in line are Colonel White, Captain Black, Dr Fawn and Lieutenant Green.


  1. Stunning work mate great job on the converions!

  2. Lovely work, can't wait to see them in action.