Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dystopian Wars - Reichsflotte Circa 1888

Well with the weather being awful here at the moment and having a few spare days, I thought I would start on the Naval contingient of my Prussian Dystopian Wars fleet.

This fleet is comprised of the Prussian starter box set as pictured on the left. I also have the Imperium Sky Fortress as pictured along with 2 x Pflicht small Zeppelins and 3 x Jager small fliers. I have just order a Rhine Carrier a Blucher Dreadnought and a Gewitterwolk Zeppelin to add to the fleet.

So after nearly 2 days solid painting here are the finished ships so far.

Emperor Class Battleship

Reiver Class Cruisers

Arminius Class Frigates (3 squadrons of 4 ships)

Combined Fleet

I will be starting the Dreadnought and the Carrier as soon as they arrive and then next in the painting queue is the whole Air element of the fleet.

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  1. Nice looking fleet. They look marvellous.