Monday, 18 February 2019

Warlords of Erehwon & Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

Warlord Games have recently published a new set of Fantasy Battle Rules called Warlords of Erehwon, written by the rather impressive Rick Priestly. These rules (based similarly on the Gates of Antares rules) give fantasy players a chance to game openly with any make/model/range of fantasy miniatures available.

With no direct fluff (apart from a few generic stories here and there) players are able to play their game in any setting they please using such forces as Undead, Orcs, Goblins, Elves, Dwarves, Olympians, Knights and Beastmen to name a few.

I was struggling to think of an army to use with these rules as a few members of my wargames club are looking at gaming the rules, as I don't really have any large scale fantasy armies (never really playing Warhammer Fantasy or Kings of War - and then I had a light-bulb moment!!! Lord of the Rings!

I have hundreds of old Lord of the Rings miniatures in boxes that I have not used for nearly 10 years. So off to the garage I went and after about 3 days of sorting, fixing (so many broken spears, swords etc) I have managed to put together enough forces to field.

Orcs (using Mordor/Morranon and Isengard)
Knights (using Dol Amroth and Gondor)
Barbarians (using Easterlings)
Barbarians (using Rohan)
Elves (using Rivendell and Galadhrim)

After seeing the range of miniatures I had (which include Ring Wraiths, Dol Guldor, Arnor and more) I also decided to purchase the new Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game rules and the Battle Companies rules. I am now seriously looking to immerse myself back into some Tolkien lore and gaming.

I decided I will be putting an Elven army together for Warlords of Erehwon and Lord of the Rings first. I have pretty much everything I need with a few bits on the way - which includes a Rivendell Captain, Banner Bearer and Armoured Glorfindel.

The only miniatures I am struggling to get hold of are the Rivendell Knights as they are out of production at Games Workshop and any available on Ebay and the like are going for silly money.

Also for Rivendell I also have not bothered getting Elladan and Elrohir foot and mounted in armour yet as I have the unarmoured versions which will suffice and I have no Arwen miniature but she can wait.

For the Galadhrim, all I need really is an Armoured version of Celeborn and I think I'm good. Maybe an Ent (but that is a a way off yet)

Galadhrim Elves for Middle Earth SBG

Rivendell Elves for Middle Earth SBG

Elven Host for Warlords of Erehwon

Sunday, 13 January 2019


I played my first proper game of Carnevale against my friend Mark last Thursday and ran my Patricians vs Marks Guild in a Headhunter Scenario.

Building our Carnevale Gangs with 75 Ducats each.  The Scenario  – Headhunter had simple rules – basically you would score 3VP for kiling a leader, 2VP for a Hero and 1VP for killing a henchman. The game would last 5 turns.

My Patricians Gang:                                          
Noble – Giovanni Sliplotti Barbarigo                       
Foreign Noble – Vicomte Charles de Chartres          
Spy – Meredith Wake                                                
Barnabotti – Zilia Dandolo                                        
Butler – Niccolo Barozzi      

The Guild:
Capodecina - Leader
Baba Yaga - Bloodwitch Hero
Butcher - Hero
Male Citizen - Henchman
Female Citizen - Henchmen

"The Guild are attempting a raid on a Nobles Casa, Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto, when the Noble and his Masacarata return from a nights debauchery. Suddenly seeing themselves possibly trapped the Guild must fight to the death to escape, hopefully taking down a few of the hated Patrician Psychopaths"

Turn 1.

The Patricians advance with De Chartres and Ms Wake flanking from the east to take position on the lion bridge. To the north, Giovanni Barbarigo and his butler climb to the top of a small house, preparing to jump over to his casa. Giovanni fails first dex roll but finally gets into position with the rest of his actions. (failed dex rolls will feature a lot!!!)

The Barnabotti, Zilia Dandolo skips across the narrow bridge looking at flanking on the west side of plaza. Meanwhile the Guild all move up across the bridge to the north, moving quickly south. Making all their dex rolls, even the blood witch nimbly jumps forward. Not much action takes place as both sides try to get an advantage of position.

Turn 2. 

The Patricians claim the initiative and Meredith shoots the female citizen at long range with her rifle, quickly reloading and slyly smiling as she she's the citizen stagger backwards, bleeding.

Preparing the way for his master, Barozzi prepares to jump the gap over to a balcony on the casa. Failing the jump he hits the plaza floor heavily and screams in pain. Baba Yaga casts blood-lust on the Butcher as the Barnabotti chain jumps up to the roof of a house west of the casa.
Seeing the Barnabotti up above, the Butcher under command from the Blood Witch attacks and manages to hurl her from the roof. Clearly unable to use her billowing silk shirts as a parachute Zilia falls 5 inches to the plaza floor landing in a bleeding heap. Giovanni, seeing his favourite get cast from the rooftops leaps towards his casa ready to take the fight to the nearest enemy. 

Again the Patricians leader fails his dex and he falls but manages to tuck and roll hitting the ground and is able to stave of any damage. Recovering quickly the Noble snaps off a pistol shot at the Butcher, but at the maximum range the small pistol ball can't penetrate the Butchers thick leather apron.

Seeing the Barnabotti crumpled on the ground in the alley near him the Capodecina darts forward and quickly dispatches her before skipping back into the shadows. 

Turn 3. 

Gaining the initiative the Guild surge forward. Baba casts Abyssal Mist close to the Lions bridge blocking the Ms Wake's line of sight and then casts blood-lust on the Capo before using her unnatural abilities to drain blood from a nearby male citizen to heal herself after the strain of casting her blood magic.

Taking command from de Chartres, Meredith shoots, reloads and fires again at the Butcher. Again the thick apron of the Butcher helps in protecting him but he still staggers back bleeding as a round takes him high in the shoulder.

Both citizens move to guard the Blood Witch whilst Giovanni climbs up and around the outside of his casa using the overhanging balconies. The Capo sensing an opportunity rushes to meet him and the Patrician leader is impaled on the Capos blade making him bleed heavily.

However the Capo hadn’t noticed the trap – Giovanni had lured the Capo away from his support and now he was vulnerable. Charles de Chartres clambers up to the balcony and with deft swordplay seriously injures the Capo.

Turn 4

With the Patricians surge they gain the initiative and Giovanni in a frenzy of savage blows cuts down the Capo mercilessly. During this deadly exchange the Butcher had circled around the west of the casa and again under command from Baba Yaga manages to catch up to Meredith Wake and wounds her significantly.

Baba seeing both nobles recovering from the brutal fight against the Capo casts Kraken's Breath. Catching the pair of nobles with her devastating spell it causes hideous damage. 

In a rage from his wounds de Chartres leaps down onto the Butcher hoping to take him out before he succumbs to the agonising pain of the Kraken's Breaths affects.

The Butcher survives this vicious attack, just (1 life point remaining)

Turn 5. 

Still with the initiative Giovanni tries to climb down his house away from the cackling Blood Witch, however with the debilitating wounds taken from Kraken's Breath he cant hold his grip against the crumbling walls of his once opulent abode. 

Flailing like mad for any type of handhold, which he cant get he crashes to the bloodstained flagstones below and doesn’t move again.

Regaining his composure after such a viscous attack from above, the Butcher wields his huge cleaver and cuts down the French dandy de Chartres, leaving a mass of bloodstained fine silks and carved flesh on the plaza.

Recovering her wits after seeing her patron cut down Meredith aims and shoots the Butcher finally dropping the huge brute. Occupied with reloading her rifle Ms Wake doesn’t see a ragged citizen sneak up behind and never has time to register the club cracking her skull before losing consciousness.
Seeing his masters company falling the Butler Niccolo decides discretion is the better part of valour and retreats away from the remaining Guild members. A citizen suddenly dashes from the alleys and lunges at him but the wild attack only glances him and the Butler manages to get away from his opponent.

"With the coming dawn, the Watch can be heard approaching and both sides withdraw. Baba Yaga surveyed the carnage around her. Her pawn was dead, but no matter – plenty more pieces left to play. The Patrician was no longer a problem in her plans, lying broken and and smouldering on the plaza floor, barely alive. however his Butler was attempting to drag the wretched noble into the house.

The Spy, sent to investigate the rumours of a powerful Witch aiding the Guild was dead and now unable to report back to her foreign masters…whoever they were. One thing was certain though, after tonight's raid a clear message had been sent – don’t cross the Blood Witch."

Drawn game 5VPs each.

The Guild killed: Foreign Noble 2vps
                            Spy 2vps 
                            Barnabotti 1vp
                            Patrician Noble was taken out by falling and was ruled as not giving the guild vps.

Patricians killed: Butcher 2vps 
                            Capodecina 3vps.

Monday, 31 December 2018

Adeptus Titanicus - Legio Gryphonicus

Well it's nearly the end of 2018 and I haven't posted much for the last few months due to one things and another.

However I have finally finished my first few God Engines for Adeptus Titanicus - The Horus Heresy

All my Titans are liveried up as Legio Gryphonicus (Loyalists during the Horus Heresy) and i have built two Warlord Titans and one Reaver Titan. I have two Warhound Scout Titans ready to be completed in the beginning of the New Year.

They as basic paint jobs and no weathering or battle damage has been applied but I'm happy with them.

Warlord Titan One

Warlord Titan Two

Reaver Titan

Gryphonicus Walks!!

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, Holidays or whatever your preference is. 

Anyway enjoy this time and I hope it's filled with fun, food, family and most importantly new figures !!

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Cruel Seas - Warlords new Naval Game

Warlord Games WW2 Coastal Naval Game - Cruel Seas.

As mentioned in my previous post, I attended Warlord Games open day and played a game of their forthcoming WW2 Coastal Naval Game - Cruel Seas.

Mostly set around Motor Torpedo Boat actions and releasing in December with a starter set then six resin starter fleets all in 1/300 scale for the following forces:

Royal Navy
Regia Marina (Italians)
Imperial Japanese Navy 
US Navy
Russian Navy

Another thing that was mentioned was that once stuff is released, crew miniatures might be made available for the vessels.

As well as demonstrating the game, they also had first production runs of the plastic sprues for the boats included in the starter set. These were for the Royal Navy's Vosper Class MTB's and the Kriegsmarine S-Boats. 

Two boats per sprue and you can make two different class boats each. 

These however were first production runs and not the finished product. The S-Boat sprue was missing a forward deck gun and even though the Vospers were complete every boat had a small issue with the pilot house not lining up or sitting flush. 

But with a little bit of file work I don't think they have turned out too bad. Really like the look of this and will be seriously looking at picking it up in December. 

Sprues. Vospers at bottom. S-Boats on top. 

Early War RN Vosper MTB

Late War RN Vosper MTB

Kriegsmarine S-100 Schnellboot

Kriegsmarine S-38 Schnellboot

Monday, 24 September 2018

Warlord Games Open Day 2018

Last Saturday I attended my first Warlord Games Open day. I was looking forward to seeing what they put on as well as the glut of impressive demo games for their different ranges.

On arriving (early as usual) I got my name down straight away for the first tour around their manufacturing areas.

The doors opened at 10:00am and the first tour started at 10:30 so I hung around the shop and managed to resist the temptation of the 50% off deal on all the Test of Honour range.

It was a tadge annoying as I already own the whole range! So onto the tour. A member of Warlord staff gave us a brief history of the building (Raleigh Bicycle HQ) that Warlord now occupy and also told us about all the extra units that the company now has as well. Its in these extra units that most of the manufacturing facilities are housed.

First off was the mould making room. The very nice gent told us how moulds have evolved from the old black rubber type to the versatile pink silicon that is now used. Different temperatures and pressing times are used on different moulds depending on the type of figure being used.

After that it was onto the casting room. Again in here they showed us the process of casting miniatures using the previously mentioned moulds produced. You can see from the picture that this room is teeming with moulds for all the various ranges. whilst explaining the process they did an example spin of a miniature showing the liquid metal being transferred from the crucible straight into the casting machine and about a minute or so later take out the mould and there is the perfectly formed and cast mini - the process is really quick and the metal solidifies ridiculously quickly.

The last bit of the tour then took us to the resin room, with the lovely Rachel. In here Rachel explained the process on how the moulds are made to produce the resin miniatures - tanks, ships etc.  The carving process is a real art form and I have a new appreciation for how large scale resin miniatures are produced and the pitfalls involved with the while process ie air bubbles and miscasts due to flow rate and misaligned moulds etc...

After the tour concluded I made my way upstairs in the main building to have a look round the many games and displays on show. Some of the tables and scenery Warlord manage to put together is fabulous. Pays to have your own company eh!

One of the new things on show and was attracting a lot of interest were two tables showing of Warlords new forthcoming (December) WW2 Coastal Naval Game - Cruel seas. This game is mainly going to be centred around Motor Torpedo Boat actions with Merchant Ships, F-Lighters and other vessels of similar scale. The largest vessel probably on the table will be Corvette size and possibly a small Destroyer (but that possibly only as scenario specific item)

six fleets will be produced covering the Royal Navy, Kriegsmarine, Regia Marina (Italians) US Navy, IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) and the Russian Navy.

A starter box is due possibly December in time for Xmas and should include (due to info from John Stallard) 6 RN MTB's and 4 Kriegsmarine S-Boats as well as dice, tokens, rules, card terrain (sandbanks and the like) etc. approx £50

Also produced will be fleets sets for the 6 nations with the RN and Kriegsmarine first. See pics of the models in the display cabinet for the miniatures possibly to be included (these are resin - the starter set models will be plastic)

Talking of plastic, available as a gizzit where two sets of sprue's - one ser for RN Vosper Class MTB's and one set for S-100/38 Kriegsmarine S-Boats. Now these were superb but the first print run and had a few issues so the finished product would be better tooled etc. (see separate post for details on these plastic boats)

Display case for Cruel Seas

Notice the plastic sprue's of boats 
Also on display and taking part was a small tourney for Blood Red Skies. This is a cracking game of WW2 fighter combat. The new RAF Hurricane and Mosquito were on show as well as the new metal USN Wildcat miniature.

Finally, throughout the day seminars took place for the the various ranges and games that Warlord produce. I attended the Blood Red Skies seminar with game designer Andy Chambers, which highlighted the way the game was developed and the direction it was going. Its nice to hear this game is going strong and will be consistant in its releases to bring in new fighter aircraft (as well as some other types as already seen) to move forwards in different periods of the war.

The Cruel Seas seminar with Paul Sawyer and game designer and Warlord Owner John Stallard was really interesting and informative and gave quite a lot of information about the release of the game, what will be included and how it was developed.

Finally I went to the Stontium Dog seminar, another game designed by Andy Chambers and now Warlord have the 2000AD license I was interested to hear what else was in the pipeline. Unfortunately hardly anyone turned up for this chat but as im a huge Strontium Dog and 2000AD fan I didnt mind as it ended up as my own personal chat with Paul and Andy. Great way to end a cracking day.

Oh and Paul I still want an Egghead miniature!!!