Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Welcome to the ring! The spotlights are on, the confetti cannons are loaded, and the mages have had their staffs taken away. The world of RUMBLESLAM awaits!
The original game of fantasy wrestling is here. Join in on fast paced high action gaming as Goblins jump off the turnbuckles, Dark Elves bounce from the ropes, and Dwarfs pick up Werewolves to throw out of the ring!*

*Original txt from the TTcombat website.

Rumbleslam is the fantastic fantasy wrestling game from TT Combat.

Here are my Rumbleslam teams (painted by the amazing Littleninjapainting)

Stomp Nation
Brimstone Chokers
Bad Moon Bruisers
The Ref!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Imperial Skies - Regia Marina vs Royal Navy

I had my first game of Imperial Skies a few nights ago and absolutely loved it. It was really simple getting to grips with the basic rules (we didnt use altitude etc) and the combat resolution mechanics.

My Italians                                             Nic's British

Battleship - re d'Italia                            HMS Benbow with attached Sopwith fighter wing
Battleship - Guilo Cesare                       2 x Wings of Sopwith fighters
Cruiser - Amalfi                                     5 x Steadfast, HMS Steadfast, Sturdy, Solid  
Cruiser - Pisa                                        Staunch, Steady              
Cruiser - Georgios Averof                       HMS Exeter - Cruiser
Blimp Cruiser - Florentina                       HMS Cambridge - Destroyer                 
Frigate - Palestro                                    2 x Arethusa, HMS Arathusa, Aphrodite
Frigate - Confienza
Frigate - San Martino
Frigate - Solferino 
2 x Wings of Seaplane fighters

Turn 1.
Playing a straight fleet action we deployed our forces opposite each other. The Royal Navy gained first initiative and sent its fleet forward and its Sopwith squadrons to antagonise the Seaplanes of the Regia Marina. The Italians responded by moving their fleet to engage and the Blimp Florentina floated up the middle and lay a broadside against HMS Solid. The resulting cannonade downed the light RN vessel.

On the left the Battleship Guilo Cesare also opened up with a huge salvo which blew HMS Aphrodite out of the sky. First blood to the Regia Marina and the Royal Navy's Fleet commander muttered something about their being something wrong with his bloody ships!!

Turn 2.
Gaining the upper hand the Italian Admiral issued his orders and the fleet advanced into better range. re d'Italia downed HMS Arathusa on the left whilst San Martino with some pinpoint gunnery took HMS Sturdy down. With the ranges reduced it was now time for the Royal navy's famous gunnery skills to reply and they did just that, quickly destroying Confienza whilst HMS Benbows Sopwith CAP dived upon Pisa severely damaging her.

All the time the fleets were engaged the opposed a huge dogfight was taking place on the flanks of the battle.

Turn 3.
Now it was time for the British to take control of the skies. HMS Benbow let rip and a fusillade of massive proportions lit up the sky, disintegrating the unfortunate frigate Solferino. In return Guilo Cesare mauls HMS Benbow with some raking fire. HMS Exeter surges across the sky into the path of Georgios Averof and destroys her. The Battleship re d'Italia exacts some revenge and nearly destroys HMS Exeter, leaving the British Cruiser crippled.

Turn 4.
With the battle swinging each way, the Italian Navy makes a push forward to capitalise. The Blimp Florentina finishes off the Exeter but HMS Steadfast screams past and with a deft broadside, downs the Blimp in return.

San Martino then moves alongside HMS Steadfast and sends her crashing into the ground. The swirling dogfight continues with planes dropping out the sky on both sides but slowly the Italian pilots gain the upper hand over the RFC.

In the failing light both fleets look at disengaging but the parting shots are particularly devastating resulting in Pisa being downed on the Italian side and HMS Staunch, Steady and Cambridge, destroyed on the British.

The Royal Navy stoked their boilers and headed away leaving the skies in Italian hands.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Brigade Models Imperial Skies Italian Fleet

Imperial Skies is a table top wargame of lighter-than-air ship battles, played out over the land and sea of the early 20th Century.

Fleets of flying ships are pitted against each other in fast-paced aerial tactical combat. Gather powerful fleets of your favourite nation including Battleships, Dreadnoughts, Cruisers, Destroyers, Aircraft, Bombers and Patrol Boats. (From Brigade Models website)

This is the start of my Italian Forces for Imperial Skies. It consists of 2 x Re d'Italia Class Battleships, 1 x Giulo Cesare Class Light Battleship, 2 x Pisa Class Cruisers and 3 x Rosatelli BR-88 Seaplane Bombers.

Next additions will be flights of Seaplane Fighters, 4 x Frigates and a large Dirigible. I have my first game against a friends British fleet beginning of August so look out for the upcoming battle report.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

UK Games Expo 2017

I recently attended this years Games Expo in Birmingham and yet again it was a fantastic show. I could only make one day however and this year it was the Sunday. 

Apart from being quieter than I usually know it too be I did find that I had a better, easier time walking around and finding great new games to play. 

Meeting up with friends new and old is also a cracking part of attending these shows and I got to say hallo to Karl and Helena from Crooked Dice, Jason (Tritex) of Tritex games and Laurence from Wotan. 

Wotan are currently running a Kickstarter for their brilliant Norse mythology boardgame - War of the 9 Realms and I managed to get a couple of games in, winning a nice new mug!

I bumped into Jason Frowde of Painting Knights and was really pleased to express my delight in the commission work he did on my Star Wars Imperial Assault stuff. 

So onto the games I got to play. As mentioned I had a couple of War of the 9 Realms. A cracking introduction to Warhammer 40K 8th Edition. I have never played 40K but love the background and was suitably impressed with the game I had. 

I joined in with a game of Adrenelin (boardgame) Ore-Some (fun mining cart family game by One Free Elephant) Cash for Guns, The Lost Expedition by Osprey Games and also joined in on a game of the forthcoming Batman boardgame. 

Amongst all these I also got to shop a bit and picked up new Star Wars Imperial Assault Jabbas Palace, Carentan for Heroes of Normandie and a load of new Bloodbowl stuff. 

Another highlight was also watching the cos play parade. See pics below.

Cracking day out and next year so look forward to attending the show the whole weekend. 

The Swag. 

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Games Workshop Shadow War Armageddon - Skitarii

Games Workshop recently released Shadow War: Armageddon
This is a narrative skirmish game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe based on the brilliant Specialist Games classic Necromunda.  

A huge surprise hit for GW in my opinion which saw the box set 
which included some wonderful terrain, selling out very fast and now going for ££££££,s in the secondary market. An online community for the game has sprung up and seems to growing expenontially.  

However successful this game has been on release, some complaints have been filtering through the most ardent fans and these are mostly about balance. Certain factions are seen as over powered etc.

Well have you seen what a Harlequin trooper can do against an Imperial Guard squad or the Grey Knights that can waste a whole underhive full of Orcs. 

Balance shmalance this game is bloody fun and after years of critism GW have seemed to have given us that back. 
I have jumped in with something completely different to the Space Marines/Eldar/Necrobs etc and chosen to put together a Skitarii kill team. 


Not knowing anything about these Adeptus Mechanicus troops led to lots of reading of 40K fluff and it's stirred my interest in the whole 40K universe again. 

Now to start building and no doubt collecting other kill teams. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

May the 4th be with you. Happy Star Wars Day.

Happy Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you always.

Whatever your doing today, have a great time doing it. 


Sunday, 30 April 2017

New Plastic Dwarves from Osprey/Northstar

one exciting thing I managed to pick up at Salute, were a couple of sprue's of Northstar's new plastic fantasy Dwarves. Stoutly sculpted in the same vein as their Frostgrave figures and Gripping Beasts Vikings and with a Tolkienesque style these Dwarves will allow you to field characterful skirmish warbands or mass armies.

Northstar and Osprey have stated that these will be the first additions to a forthcoming fantasy game which will also include new plastic Goblins and Elves (amongst others I would surmise) but they would be suitable for any fantasy setting, Frostgrave, Song of Blades and Heroes, Open Combat etc..

Each Sprue contains enough bits to make 5 miniatures with a mixture of weapons including bows, spears and hand weapons. Also you can make a leader and standard bearer if desired. Buying a couple of sprues meant I could make 10 minis.

My only criticism at the moment is that there were no crossbow weapon additions on the sprue but I have heard that their will be extra dwarves released including these.


Top image credited to Wargames Illustrated*