Wednesday, 1 July 2020

All for One and One for All

These are the very first 40mm miniatures I have painted in all my time of wargaming, and I must say I really enjoyed it. I was concerned that my basic painting skills would look a bit lacklustre on larger models – but not to be too modest, I think they turned out rather well.

Porthos, Aramis, Athos, D'Artagnan

Rochefort and the Cardinal's Guards
The models are Eureka Miniatures 40mm All for One line and modelled on characters and clothingstyles of Richard Lesters Three Musketeers and Four Musketeers movie’s from the 1970’s.
The miniatures obviously include the 4 Musketeers – Athos, Aramis, Porthos, D’Artangnan and his servant Planchet as well as the Cardinals Guards and his pitbull: Count Rochefort. Other characters include Constance Bonacieux and her husband (who could also be just a plain bartender type) as well as two serving wenches and some very angry geese!

The range has a fantastic set of scenery with a very ornamental well as well as tables, chairs, plates, candlesticks etc and even the obligatory baguette.
One miniature I am missing is the Hired Blade who is a mercenary type character and I will be getting him shortly as well as a couple of extra Cardinal Guard miniatures which will be painted up blue for Kings Musketeers – just to vary up scenarios.

2 Pints and a Bageutter please

Water from the well

Plancet scares the Geese
Eureka have their own set of quick skirmish rules for these miniatures and you can find these here.


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    1. Thanks. Really enjoyed painting these.

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