Friday, 30 March 2018

Warring States 2 A Test of Honour Campaign Day - Part 1

Last October I attended the first Warring States Test of Honour event held at Warlord games and just missed out on top spot for Shogun. This time I was out conquer all. Ok not really I'm not that possessively competitive but I did hope to have four great games and most of all have fun.

I have not played Test of Honour at all since the last event so was a bit rusty. In fact with real life so hectic I didn't even get to sort out a new Force for the day, so ended up taking my Scorpion clan themed models again but just tweaked the Force list to include Masked Men groups instead of Loyal Spearmen and Renegade Groups instead of Experienced Bowmen. Hopefully this would give me a bit of a more flexible force for the scenarios. 

My force consisted of:

Samurai Hero - Bayushi Shoju - 5 points
Samurai - Bayushi Hikoku - 4 points
Masked Men Group Naginata - 2 points
Masked Men Group Yari - 2 points
Masked Men Group Yari - 2 points
Renegade Group - 3 points
Renegade Group - 3 points
Renegade - 1 point
Mounted Retainer - 2 points

Battle 1 - The Cut Off vs Scott (Crab Clan) 15 points

Darkness shrouded the temple courtyard with only the slight glimmer of illumination from a single stone lantern. Eerie shadows were cast on the cobbles from the Stone Komainu guarding the temples doors and the resident Crab troops lounged about sleepily and unaware of any possible dangers this far inside their lands.

Bayushi Shoju and his infiltrators however had other things on their mind. The resident Crab Samurai, Hida Nari had dishonoured the Scorpion in the Jade court and the matter had been glossed over. The Scorpion however were not ready to let the matter rest.

The Scorpion had sneaked into the Crab temple and under the cover of darkness were attempting to assassinate the Crab Samurai. They were aware though that if they became discovered that the Crab could escape via the temple gate so they must be silenced before any could get away.

Bayushi Shoju marshaled his forces forward through the dark, staying away from the dim illumination of the lone lantern covering the bridged koi pond. He chuckled inwardly as he observed drowsy Crab retainers mill about aimlessly thinking they were quite secure in their own lands.

A lone Scorpion maneuvered his way silently up to the temple doors and slipped inside ready to ambush any enemy troops that wandered his way.

A group of Crab suddenly walk into range of the Scorpion infiltrators and are quickly attacked. Silently the Scorpions sting and manage to kill one of the Crab. The mounted Crab troops, unaware of the Scorpions attack, trot about on patrol as normal.

Bayushi seeing his chance charges towards the Hida Nari just north of the koi pond. Hida seeing the Scorpion lord digs his spurs into the horses flanks and tries to escape via the gate. Shoju cuts him off and with a huge sweep of his Naginata he manages to cut him down off his horse just before he can get through the gate to safety.

With the Crab Samurai decapitated at the gate, the other Crab troops whirl about in disarray. Bayushi charges at a mounted bowmen whilst his Masked Men charge at another mounted retainer. With the Masked Men taking care of the retainer, Shoju fumbles his attack but fate intervenes and he recovers quickly.

Another swift attack on the mounted archer see's Bayushi's blow glance off but third time lucky and the blade of the Naginata slices deep into the neck of the Crab and he falls bleeding heavily from his mount.

The Masked Men mop up the remaining resistance and under the light of the temples lantern the blood of the fallen Crab flows across the cobbles. Not one Scorpion had been injured.

Scorpion Win. Enemy Samurai defeated. My Samurai Hero survived.

Battle 2 - Dominate the Field vs Terry (Phoenix Clan) 18 points

After avenging his honour against the Crab Hida Nari, Bayushi Shoju journeys back towards his home lands. During this he comes across a small shrine and village situated in a deep valley just inside the Phoenix Clans lands. 

The Phoenix have a small force of monks led by Asako Kinuye in residence and after a few hours of stilted negotiation Bayushi is stunned to hear that the Phoenix will not let him pray at the shrine and move through their lands towards his own - which would suitably cut down his mileage.

Offended beyond recourse, the Scorpion prepare their arms and arrange their forces ready to dominate the field and teach the Phoenix a lesson.

Both sides begin their moves and counter moves, with the Phoenix led by Kinuye moving across the bridge by the watermill and straight towards Bayushi's main line. Another monk Asako Yasu takes position with some archers by the Tori gate, unaware that Bayushi Hikoku and his Renegades are loitering near the shrine.

Yasu climbs the steps towards the shrine and Hikoku bursts from cover and rains down blows on the surprised monk. With that private contest started Shoju sneaks along a mountain path on the other side of the valley, looking at ambushing the Phoenix troops as they make their way across the field.

As the monks come level with his position, Shoju bursts forth and cuts down the monk banner bearer in one blow of his Naginata, quickly following up into the group of monks nearest to him.

Scorpion troops hurtle into the fray to help their lord whilst Shoju finishes off a few more lowly monks. With Hikoku and Yasu stepping back to gain position the Scorpion Renegades by the shrine loose of a few arrows and manage to injure the Phoenix.

Seeing his chance Hikoku slams into the wounded Yasu and sends him to his ancestors. Asako Kinuye whirls his staff above his head and rains blows upon the nearest Scorpion troops, taking a couple out of the fight.

Seeing his troops waver, Shoju challenges Kinuye and in personal combat, surrounded by both sides troops he quickly kills and takes the head of the Phoenix lord.

It only leaves a small mopping up effort from the Scorpion and the mountain pass and its shrine is secured for the Scorpion.

Scorpion Win. Enemy Samurai defeated. My Samurai Hero survived.

Continued in Part 2


  1. The more I read about this game, the more I am tempted. Looking forward to Part 2 now.

  2. Nice reports and both of them victories. Can't wait for part 2