Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Chain of Command - WW2 British Infantry Platoon

After a long hiatus of only painting the odd miniature here and there or small projects like my Gangs of War figures, I have finally finished a large (for me) force of WW2 British Infantry. These are to make a Platoon with a few added attachments for Chain of Command by Two Fat Lardies.

All models are Warlord with a mix of plastic and metal. The plastics were very fiddly and annoying to build but eventually after doing so many it started to get quite enjoyable seeing each complete built figure sitting there ready for paint. I was surprised with the lack of mold lines on the plastics and didn't have much clean up on the metals either - so happy with that. 

Only thing left now is to add decals. I'm basing these on the 4th Batt Kings Shropshire Light Infantry who were part of the 11th Armoured Brigade. No Infantry decals exist in 28mm so I will be making my own. Hopefully I should have these sorted soon.

Lieutenant and Sergeant  

Adjutant and Medic

2 x PIAT Teams and a 2" Mortar Team

Royal Engineers and Flamethrower

A Section

B Section

C Section

1st Platoon, B Coy, 4th KSLI
Next up should be Universal Carriers, a Sherman Tank and a Churchill Tank.


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    1. Cheers Tamsin. Enjoyed putting these together.

  2. I should be painting a German C of C platoon but I just can't get around to it. So it is very nice to see that some one can get around to it. Bravo sir.

    1. Thanks Clint. I took a while to get the motivation to crank these out in one go but I waited and put all other projects aside and concentrated just on these. Im quite proud of the results.

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    1. Cheers Simon. Appreciate the kind comments.