Thursday, 8 February 2018

Gangs of Rome

Gangs of Rome is a new skirmish game recently released from Warbanner. These are a some of my miniatures just recently built. Miniatures come in 10 different packs, 5 male bodies and 5 female bodies. Added to this are numerous different head and weapon sprues, making the opportunities for different looking fighters endless.

I will be painting these whilst they are glued to the jigsaw type bases supplied in the blisters but will be looking to move them onto resin/custom bases.

Gladiator Ally, Tisiphone, Barca and Mastiff

Male Fighters

Male Fighters, Spearman converted with spare head from Gladiator Ally pack

Female Fighters

Female Fighters


  1. Lovely looking models, can't wait to get painting some of these myself, look forward to seeing how they come out.

    1. Thanks Darryl. I have just started painting although it takes me ages as I'm not very good and such a slow painter.

  2. Cheers Ray. Try the game it's brill.