Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Open Combat Battle Night

Last Thursday at Huntingdon games club 4 brave warbands squared off against each other in Open Combat.

We used 150pt Warbands and everyone played everyone else once for 3 games total. 

I had a Samurai warband made up of a Samurai hero with a bow a Ninja, another Samurai and some Ashigaru Spearmen and archers. 

Alex had put together a 100 years war miniature based warband focusing on double handed axes and pole arms with a couple of longbow men. 

Nic had his ubiquitous Halfling warband with a couple of bowmen. 

Mike ran his trollslayer Dwarves with no ranged weapons but with massive axes and enragement abilities. 

1st game was against Mike on my Japanese themed board. Mikes Dwarves charged towards me as fast as they could, enraging themselves for extra attack and damage abilities but reducing their defence. I quite happily shot his flame haired Stunties to death with my archers before overwhelming him with my spearmen who could attack without getting into bases to base. Then I followed with my hero who cut a swath in the Dwarf ranks. 

1st game win to me and I hadn't lost a model in the whole fight.

Game 2 against Alex and his 100 year medieval Force. Again I used the same tactics as the first game but Alex did have a couple of archers that started to cause some damage to my troops. 

I soon negated these and gained the upper hand, whittling his warband down until I summarily despatched his leader with my double Katana armed Samurai. 

2nd game win and again I didn't lose a single model. 

Game 3 against Nic and his annoyingly mighty Halflings. His archers opened the account with fantastic shooting taking out one of mine and his sword armed menaces took out my Ninja (he was stated up pretty rubbish though but I just wanted an extra figure and he looked cool) 

The Flings were doing well but a run of bad dice allowed me back into it and my Samurai soon got the small fellows to hit their break point winning me the third game. 

This was the toughest out of the 3 games but a cracking nights battle was had by all. 

Open Combat is a quick, fun, easy system with quite a bit of depth to the game. Looking forward to the night lot of fights. 


  1. That looks like tremendous fun Carl, I really love the table set up too.

  2. Sounds like a good time was had by all. I am toying with Open Combat or the LOTR SBG as my Fantasy ruleset. Open combat seems more creative though.