Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Test of Honour Campaign Day at Warlord Games - Part 2

Part 2 of the Warring States Campaign Day. Part 1 can be found here.

Battle 3 - Vital Ground vs Terry (Brotherhood of Shinsei) 21 Points

With the increase of conflict between the Clans of Rokugan, it is vital to control as much territory as possible. More territory equals more koku to recruit more Ashigaru leading to more forces to attack your enemies and gain more territory - a deadly, bloody carousel of manoeuvre and death. With this, the Scorpion Champion moves against the Brotherhood of Shinsei a militant sect of Monks bordering on the northern Scorpion Provinces.
After destroying the Pheonix in its mountain lair, Bayushi Shoju gathers his increased forces and moves to remove the Brotherhood of Shinei. Hizuka - Defender of Temples and Norio, the two prominent monks in the region gain information of Bayushi's intent and arrange their defence, ready for the coming storm.
Entering the outskirts of the small hamlet, the Scorpions take up a perfect position and Shoju's Yumi Ashigaru let fly with a couple of volleys against the monks archers causing bloody wounds against them.

With Fate intervening a short lull in the conflict occurs and both sides look to gaining a better advantage with positioning and cover. A small skirmish occurs on the Scorpions left flank but although its brief and frenzied it results in no injuries as both sides blows are only glancing.

Hizuka orders his archers to sneak around a thick bamboo grove to ambush the oncoming Scorpion forces but Bayushi spots the crouching Shinsei hidden archers. Leaping a border fence the screaming Samurai hero lowers his Naginata and charges the archers. In a devastating martial display, Shoju slaughters the archers to a man, leaving a bloody, dismembered scene in his wake. On the left, Scorpion Masked Men and Hikoku move up to engage Norio and his Naginata support troops.
 With bloodlust glinting in their eyes the skirmish is swift and decisive. Norio is cut down and the Naginata armed monks forced to retire. Bayushi, still high on adrenalin after decimating the archers, notices the Nobori (Large Banner) of the Shinsei trying to rally the monks.
Not concerned about being ahead of his own troops and with no support, Bayushi rampages across the field cutting down the banner bearer and howls into another group of monk archers that suddenly become a viable target. Their hastily loosed arrows rain down around the Scorpion, some bouncing of his ornate armour, but none finding their mark.

With attention again turning to the skirmish on the left flank, the Naginata armed group of monks attack Hikoku with zeal but Kikoku quickly counter-strikes blooding the wavering monks. In the middle of the battlefield Bayushi Shoju carries on his one Samurai wrecking spree, hacking down monks with a perverse glee usually only seen in the corrupted denizens of the Shadowlands.
Hizuka finally falls to the gore striken blades of the Scorpion as Bayushi's forces dominate the field of battle.

Scorpion Win. Enemy Samurai Hero defeated. My Samurai Hero survived.

Battle 4 - The Battle at Uedahara vs Martin (Crab Clan) 24 Points

As the Warring Clans conflict intensifies, the battle lines have been drawn and the rituals of war completed. Battle poems are written by Samurai on the eve of battle and now only one thing remains - to take the heads of your opponents and bask in the glory of victory or lose your own and be respected as a valiant foe.

The Scorpion have dominated during the Rokugan war's and only one major Clan remains as a viable enemy that needs forcing into submission - The Crab! Usually the Crab wouldn't leave their Kaiu wall, defending against Fu-Leng and his Shadowlands incursions. However under pressure and insecurity from the Emperor Hantei and his Seppun Guard they have been forced to move against the Scorpion.

However, the Jade magistrates of the region, torn between Imperial occupation and Clan loyaltyiu, have sent word to the Scorpion Daimyo and they have mobilised their forces to attack the invading Crab.

Hida Utaemon and Hiruma Aikoto under instruction from Hida Kisada have garnered their troops and invaded the western province of the Scorpion Lands. With the Scorpion warned by the local Jade Magistates though the Crab are soon looking like more the defenders than the Invaders.

The Scorpion attack with none of the usual Samurai posturing or protocol. Mounted Retainers fly up the left looking to flank the surprised Crab archers and Teppo troops. Both sides archers exchange fire with casualties light on each.

Bayushi notices the Crab Samurai marching down the right towards the small buildings and moves to intercept with Hikoku and his Masked Men.

The battle progress in intensity but suddenly a rider is seen galloping towards Hida Utaemon. A brief exchange of words is observed and once completed Hida turns and orders his troops to withdraw from the field.

A messenger is sent to Bayushi under a truce banner and its found that the Shadowlands have launched a huge offensive against a breach in the Kaiu wall in the Crabs Ishigaki Province. All available Crab forces have been called back to the wall to defend Rokugan from the demon hordes.

(In real life, Martin had a phone call from home with a personal issue. This forced him to concede the win to me as he had to leave)

An unfortunate way to win what looked like was going to be a great last game.

Scorpion Win. Enemy Samurai Hero survived. My Samurai Hero survived.


So after 4 great games I had won all of them and it came to the presentations. Keiran announced who had won best painted, most honourable and most dishonourable along with the overall winner.

I came Third with only 1 or 2 points between places. An absolute blast, great day, great organisation and cant wait for the next one.


  1. I've always like the Far East as a setting for a game. Someway between classic Samurai films and Journey To The West (summed up in the TV show Monkey). You might just have given me the push to do this.

    1. I would be very pleased if my humble ramblings have inspired you to take up this era of gaming.

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