Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Welcome to the ring! The spotlights are on, the confetti cannons are loaded, and the mages have had their staffs taken away. The world of RUMBLESLAM awaits!
The original game of fantasy wrestling is here. Join in on fast paced high action gaming as Goblins jump off the turnbuckles, Dark Elves bounce from the ropes, and Dwarfs pick up Werewolves to throw out of the ring!*

*Original txt from the TTcombat website.

Rumbleslam is the fantastic fantasy wrestling game from TT Combat.

Here are my Rumbleslam teams (painted by the amazing Littleninjapainting)

Stomp Nation
Brimstone Chokers
Bad Moon Bruisers
The Ref!


  1. Nice figures. But the whole sports wargame is not for me.

  2. Fabulous painting by Little Ninja they look great dude enjoy gaming with them.

    1. Yeh they look smashing. Im struggling recently with issues in my hands so painting stuff myself isnt an option at the mo. So much fun playing this game with such visually striking minis.