Monday, 7 August 2017

Imperial Skies - Regia Marina vs Royal Navy

I had my first game of Imperial Skies a few nights ago and absolutely loved it. It was really simple getting to grips with the basic rules (we didnt use altitude etc) and the combat resolution mechanics.

My Italians                                             Nic's British

Battleship - re d'Italia                            HMS Benbow with attached Sopwith fighter wing
Battleship - Guilo Cesare                       2 x Wings of Sopwith fighters
Cruiser - Amalfi                                     5 x Steadfast, HMS Steadfast, Sturdy, Solid  
Cruiser - Pisa                                        Staunch, Steady              
Cruiser - Georgios Averof                       HMS Exeter - Cruiser
Blimp Cruiser - Florentina                       HMS Cambridge - Destroyer                 
Frigate - Palestro                                    2 x Arethusa, HMS Arathusa, Aphrodite
Frigate - Confienza
Frigate - San Martino
Frigate - Solferino 
2 x Wings of Seaplane fighters

Turn 1.
Playing a straight fleet action we deployed our forces opposite each other. The Royal Navy gained first initiative and sent its fleet forward and its Sopwith squadrons to antagonise the Seaplanes of the Regia Marina. The Italians responded by moving their fleet to engage and the Blimp Florentina floated up the middle and lay a broadside against HMS Solid. The resulting cannonade downed the light RN vessel.

On the left the Battleship Guilo Cesare also opened up with a huge salvo which blew HMS Aphrodite out of the sky. First blood to the Regia Marina and the Royal Navy's Fleet commander muttered something about their being something wrong with his bloody ships!!

Turn 2.
Gaining the upper hand the Italian Admiral issued his orders and the fleet advanced into better range. re d'Italia downed HMS Arathusa on the left whilst San Martino with some pinpoint gunnery took HMS Sturdy down. With the ranges reduced it was now time for the Royal navy's famous gunnery skills to reply and they did just that, quickly destroying Confienza whilst HMS Benbows Sopwith CAP dived upon Pisa severely damaging her.

All the time the fleets were engaged the opposed a huge dogfight was taking place on the flanks of the battle.

Turn 3.
Now it was time for the British to take control of the skies. HMS Benbow let rip and a fusillade of massive proportions lit up the sky, disintegrating the unfortunate frigate Solferino. In return Guilo Cesare mauls HMS Benbow with some raking fire. HMS Exeter surges across the sky into the path of Georgios Averof and destroys her. The Battleship re d'Italia exacts some revenge and nearly destroys HMS Exeter, leaving the British Cruiser crippled.

Turn 4.
With the battle swinging each way, the Italian Navy makes a push forward to capitalise. The Blimp Florentina finishes off the Exeter but HMS Steadfast screams past and with a deft broadside, downs the Blimp in return.

San Martino then moves alongside HMS Steadfast and sends her crashing into the ground. The swirling dogfight continues with planes dropping out the sky on both sides but slowly the Italian pilots gain the upper hand over the RFC.

In the failing light both fleets look at disengaging but the parting shots are particularly devastating resulting in Pisa being downed on the Italian side and HMS Staunch, Steady and Cambridge, destroyed on the British.

The Royal Navy stoked their boilers and headed away leaving the skies in Italian hands.


  1. A very enjoyable report and terrific pics
    I shall look forward to another bat rep with even more pics.
    You have me hooked.

    Now to paint up my fleet!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Clint. Definitely make it so, paint that fleet and play. My next game should be against Austrians so see how I fare.

    2. Started and an easy paint (SO FAR). Should finish them tonight and have a fleet all ready by the weekend at the latest. All depends on Rigging them! (If I bother or not!)

  2. I should give Imperial Skies a try...I have a couple of Aeronef fleets gathering dust already.

    1. The game is well worth a try. I hadnt heard of it till one of my friends introduced me to it, but I am really glad he did.

  3. Cheers for commenting. It's a smashing simple system. Get them fleets flying.

  4. Nice report and superb looking game chaps!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for commenting.

  5. Nice batrep mate and looks fab. Look forward to more :)

    1. Cant wait to get more games in myself mate.