Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Games Workshop Shadow War Armageddon - Skitarii

Games Workshop recently released Shadow War: Armageddon
This is a narrative skirmish game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe based on the brilliant Specialist Games classic Necromunda.  

A huge surprise hit for GW in my opinion which saw the box set 
which included some wonderful terrain, selling out very fast and now going for ££££££,s in the secondary market. An online community for the game has sprung up and seems to growing expenontially.  

However successful this game has been on release, some complaints have been filtering through the most ardent fans and these are mostly about balance. Certain factions are seen as over powered etc.

Well have you seen what a Harlequin trooper can do against an Imperial Guard squad or the Grey Knights that can waste a whole underhive full of Orcs. 

Balance shmalance this game is bloody fun and after years of critism GW have seemed to have given us that back. 
I have jumped in with something completely different to the Space Marines/Eldar/Necrobs etc and chosen to put together a Skitarii kill team. 


Not knowing anything about these Adeptus Mechanicus troops led to lots of reading of 40K fluff and it's stirred my interest in the whole 40K universe again. 

Now to start building and no doubt collecting other kill teams. 


  1. Great posting Carl, as I too have acquired something of a "Shadow War" bug too - doing old skool Necron Raiders. Plenty of subsequent posts as to how the Skitarii builds, rules and fluff would be greatly appreciated, as I know little about them :-)

    1. Will be putting these together over the weekend and definitely doing a bit more research on these bio mech enhanced troopers.

  2. Nice! Very tempted by SWA ATM...

    1. Be tempted. I stopped all GW stuff for years and this has brought me back. Damn them, damn them all to hell!! 😆