Thursday, 14 July 2016

Across the Dead Earth - Wonderland Gang


Once upon a time, Wonderland, the remnants of an old Theme Park on the south coast, was a well-defended place, a sanctuary for the survivors of the last war. That all changed when the State, self-professed governors of the F-UK, sent out operatives from their forward operating base situated at the old Bournemouth airport to take control of all major assets and settlements in the local areas. The State’s leader took the mantle of Queen of Hearts to infiltrate the Wonderlander’s home and then started a war in an attempt to overthrow the White Queen and take her place. The war was long, bloody, and left everyone changed. The State, of course, won. They now run a casino and leisure centre for the entertainment of rich State officials from New Venice, though they've also been doing an aggressive scourge of the local gangs along the coast. But hiding in the depths of Wonderland's lost locales, rebels are slowly coming together in hopes of overthrowing the State, and returning Wonderland to its former glory as an independent settlement.
Mad Jack Hatter
Jack is mad, not stupid but in an insane genius way. Due to some issues with the White Queens rules though, he was banished. However now he is the best hope with his small band of wonderland rebels to regain Wonderland. No one knows how Jack thinks up his ideas or plans or that sometimes he seems to know things before they happen but this has worked well so far and the Wonderland Gang has had great success against the State to date.

The White Knight
Craig Landers has hardly ever used his real name. For as long as he can remember he has been the White Knight, a member of the White Queens bodyguard. Highly trained and provided the best equipment that was available in Wonderland. After the State started the war and Wonderland was losing, he managed to get the White Queen to safety. Whilst she travelled to the Queen of the South’s domain the White Knight returned to start guerrilla actions against the State. Now he is Mad Hatters right hand man in the fight to retain their home.

Dee the brother of Dum ran a small pharmacy in Wonderland. Part of Wonderland defence force he was on a med supply run in the ruins of Southampton when the State attacked. On his return home he saw the billowing smoke plumes over the settlement and waited out in a small village a few miles away with his brother. A few days later a couple of survivors wandered into the village and Dee patched them up finding out what had happened. It was roughly the same time that Alice came across Dee and Dum and got them to join up with the Hatter.

The brother of Dee and a member of the Wonderland defence force on the same supply run. He’s so called not because he was simple but because he uses huge dum dum rounds in his combat shotgun. Dum is a solid soldier and collects any and all military/combat/tactical books and magazines he can.
Alice used to be a messenger for the White Queen, living in Wonderland. When the State invaded Alice ran and ran finally collapsing with exhaustion in a dark wooded glade. Found by Mad Jack Hatter, himself an exile from Wonderland for being completely loopy! She recounted what had happened. Jack instantly decided he would raise an army to march against the Queen of Hearts. Over the coming months, Alice gained her strength, learnt to use a gun and became quite a good scout, monitoring the State convoys and patrols.

Whyte Rabbit
Whyte was a plain simple bunny, not a care in the world and only thought about female rabbits! Then he was snatched up by a crazed scientist who carried out weird experiments on him. The result was that Whyte gained superior dexterity and an ability to walk upright. One day the scientist was brutally gunned down by raiding scavengers and Whyte escaped, coming across a young girl Alice. Now part of the Wonderland gang and trained to use his dexterity to fire a rifle, he has become a very adapt sharpshooter which scares the hell out of hunters who see a Rabbit shooting back.

The Wonderland Gang

Queen of Hearts and  her bodyguard, The Knave of Hearts


  1. Really nice work and great theme! :)

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    1. Cheers Leon. Had a blast writing up the theme.

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  3. As Michael Awdry says "That's just brilliant!" Could not agree more well painted and slightly bonkers!

    1. Kind words Clint and bonkers was definitely what I was going for. The next lot are Snow White and the seven small psychopaths.

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