Sunday, 3 April 2016

Infinity - Battle at Sagres - Operation Flamestrike Campaign Game

Had my first Infinity N3 Campaign game last Friday.

I played my ALEPH force against a Haqqislam Qapu Khalqi Sectorial force. The scenario was capture the antennas and was part of the Operation Flamestrike Campaign being run by Beasts of War

>>ALEPH..[Intel Report]..Received [Indigo] level from Chandra Spec Ops. Security clearance [Omega] only for following information.<<
>>Infiltration operation success. [Sagres] Orbital Station monitored and detailed recon data confirmed [Qapu Khalqi] forces moving on area. Despised Nomad [Mobile Brigada] attachment located in formation.
Analysis==possible move to capture antenna devices around [Sagres] for info war. Intervention advised. Consider all available [S.S.S] combat ready resource priority quick reaction to repel [Haqqislam] involvement. Imminent<<

Hector called his briefing to order and the assembled possible force Lieutenants, leant forward to gain a better view of the 3D Holosphere which currently indicated the Qapu Khalqi units in an array of bright green glyphs.
The Homeride hero still in his worn battle armour was straight in from the Paradiso front where he had orchestrated a number of stunning victories with his Steel Phalanx troops against overwhelming EI Morat forces.
After pushing back Combined Army forces he was able to act now as an interdiction fire-fighter against Human Sphere encroachments. When would these petty nations realize that although they are fighting together against the alien invasion, they are not working together.....
Briefing over the ALEPH Reaction force, a mix of Steel Phalanx troops seconded to the force and normal S.S.S units, all under the leadership of a Deva LT, boarded the verti-assault boat and left for the Orbital Station.

Qapu Khalqi forces had already deployed and ALEPH quickly took up positions to oppose their raid on the Station, losing an aerial deployed netrod in the process. In position two glyphs flared on the Zayins target array indicating Djanbazan Sniper and HMG troops. Opening up in split bursts, the Zayin hits but no wounds were caused. Up steps an Agema Missile launcher in tandem with the AI Remote and looses off an AP missile directly into the HMG wielding Djanbazan, blasting him off the silo he was crouched on, leaving a smoking red jelly mess in its place.

The Sniper reacts but his shot goes well wide of the Agema and again with the target glyph glaring on its HUD the Zayin rips the sniper in half with a concentrated burst. During this deadly fusillade, a Myrmidon Hacker darts forward and programs two nearby antennas locking them in a complicated AI routine, but leaving herself semi exposed. With most of the ALEPH troops providing support the Boddivista LHOST Asura moves up directly into the central structure.

The Holovid shows a Yuan Yuan Merc suddenly deploy to the rear of central building and hug the silos for cover whilst stalking the lone Myrmidon Hacker. In range with his Chain Rifle the Hacker notices she is in trouble and tries to dodge for cover but stumbles and is hit with the small lethal projectiles putting her unconscious. The Yuan Yuan however didn’t realise he exposed himself to much in trying to rid the field of the Hacker and the Zayin and Agema take full advantage of his mistake and eliminate him so completely that not even SILK or a CUBE would bring him back.

A Ghulam link team slowly manoeuvres along the flank and its HMG trooper manages to remove the Agema and down the Zayin whilst over in the middle of the area a Camo marker reveals it’s self to be an Al Hawwa hacker who manages to pulse a sub-routine into a nearby antenna. Whilst the Ghulam HMG tries to enter cover the Asura opens up with her Spitfire and suddenly it’s a full exchange across the flanks with a Ghulam Panzerfaust aimed at the Asura as well as the HMG. Dug deep into cover though, the Asura shrugs off all hits and puts the HMG trooper unconscious.

ALPEH’s Sophotect taps her wrist device and a small Yudbot comes to life, scuttling up the side of a building it gets into contact with the Zayin and with the Sophotect’s nimble remote instructions manages to repair the downed remote. [REPORT] ++ CLASSIFIED OBJECTIVES COMPLETE+++ freshly repaired the Zayin scans for targets and a Ghulam Doctor Glyph lights up. A full burst is sent towards the poor Haqqislamite girl who deftly dodges. The Asura sets herself using her Spitfire for suppressive fire covering an antenna and the route into it possible by the Ghulams whilst a lone Myrmidon trooper charges towards the unconscious Ghulam HMG and even though he is hit by a Chain rifle the prone trooper is unhurt further.
Qapu Khalqi forces are now encroaching further into the Orbital Station and a Janissarie HMG moves out and targets the Myrmidon who easily dodges the wayward incoming fire. The Ghulam Doctor who neatly survived a full burst from the Zayim drops prone and crawls towards her comrade in arms with the HMG and manages to pump him full of stims, reviving him. Feeling renewed with the drugs and nano coursing through him and using his link bonus he lets rip against the Myrmidon and ALEPHS troublesome remote and again disables the Zayin but the Myrmidon again dodges away.

Unfortunately the poor Ghulams are straight in line of the Asuras suppressive fire and the Doc is sent on her way in a red mist. Again the Yudbot scoots up and repairs the Zayin but something must be wrong with the large remotes circuits as it goes on an offensive rampage against the Ghulams killing the HMG but ending up yet again disabled.

Watching his hologrid the Al Hawwa hacker notices that due to the Zayins rampage and subsequent disabled status there is no offensive reactive’s except the Asura, overlooking the central placed antenna. He moves into hacking range and with a sharp fast routine manages to immobilise the ALEPH HI. Gaining ground fast he readies a war worm to disable the ALEPH routine on the antenna and take control himself. Just then the Asura resets herself and pulls the trigger reactively on her Spitfire but the shot sails wide of the mark and the Qapu Khalqi hacker finally inserts his program.

With two of the antenna controlled at the end Qapu Khalqi take the scenario.

They won 6 -4 as I had one antenna and I completed my classified objective. I  made a huge mistake on my turn 3 in wasting orders on my Zayin trying to take out Ghulams which were pretty ineffective instead of moving more troops forward to cover the central antenna which only left my Asura. She was easily immobilized though by the Al Hawwa. 


  1. I don't play Infinity so I don't understand half of what you wrote - but it looks cool as hell! :)

    1. Cheers Kieron. I love it. The whole background and the game is immense.