Monday, 21 March 2016

Infinity - Starting with Aleph.

A few years ago I got into infinity second edition and accumulated a starter Aleph force, unfortunately interest at my local club has never been great for this game and my stuff was shelved due to my butterfly attentions with other projects. 
Now with the resurgence of Infinity N3 (3rd edition) I feel the itch to get back into the game and Beasts of War have started a worldwide campaign Operation Flamestrike which I have signed up for. What also helps is Sons of War (Cambridge Wargames Club) have a few people already playing and I have been in touch to get a few games hopefully. 
ALEPH overall in Infinity really piqued my interest as I was taken by the idea of Elite AI units carrying out operations in the Human Sphere and the back story of Aleph appealed to my love of fluff, along with the fact that my favorite part of Aleph is the Greek dominated Steel Phalanx sectorial lists. 
A few of the other armies/nations etc were considered especially the Japanese sectorial of Yu Jing but as I already had a few Aleph miniatures I stuck by the AI and added more. 
Below are the miniatures I have got finished so far with more to come. 
Deva Functionaries
Agema Marksman

Garuda Tacbots
Post Humans
Dakini Tacbots
Patroclus and Achillies
Myrmidon Officer, Myrmidon Hacker and Eudoros Myrmidon Officer


  1. A very nice looking force. I do love the Infinity aesthetics even though I don't play it. Well done sir. :)

    1. Cheers Leon. Don't get to play Infinity as often as I'd like but the models and fluff are fantastic.

    2. Hopefully you get more games soon mate. :)