Sunday, 27 December 2015

Christmas Loot


Well Christmas has come and gone. I hope everyone had a wonderful time with friends and family. 

This is my haul. As you can see I am mostly going for the Flames of War Cold War variant Team Yankee. 


Included are:

Team Yankee Rulebook
U.S. Starter force
U.S. M113s
U.S. VADs and ITVs
Soviet Starter force
Soviet BMPs
Imperial Assault Stormtroop box
Imperial Assault Hired Guns box
Not pictured:
Osprey New Vanguard BMP
Osprey T64
Osprey M1 vs T72

Well pleased. 


  1. As I am about to embark on Arab Israeli FOW. Team Yankee holds a lot of interest for me. SO I shall look to see what you make of it eagerly! A VERY Good Haul.

  2. Great loot, and I'll be especially interested to see your thoughts on "Team Yankee".

  3. That's a fine haul there Carl, nice one!

    1. You were obviously very good this year, unlike some of us!

  4. Very impressive mate! Job well done by Santa and his helpers :)